Andre Sharon, Ph.D.

Photo of Andre Sharon

Professor, Director, Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation

PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

phone: (617) 353-1888
office: 15 St. Mary’s Street, EMB 101

Research Interests

Electromechanical machine design, controls, automation, biotech/biomedical instrumentation, devices, & rapid micro-diagnostics platforms

Prof. Andre Sharon has accumulated over 20 years of experience, both academic and industrial, conducting research, developing, and deploying computer-controlled automation systems, devices and instruments for several industries, ranging from sub-micron, high-precision machinery for optoelectronics, biotech/biomedical, and semiconductor fabrication to high-speed assembly of consumer products. As Director of the Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University, Prof. Sharon works closely with faculty, students and engineers to develop next-generation technologies for local and international companies. Drawing upon Fraunhofer’s and Boston University’s vast research base and working closely with industry, the Center goes beyond the scope of traditional academic research to develop and deploy actual working technologies all the way to deployment. These emerging technologies are incorporated into Prof. Sharon’s courses in Engineering, educating a cadre of future engineers with proficiency in high-precision machine design and instrumentation.

 Selected Publications

  • A.K. Boardman, S. Allison, A. Sharon, A.F. Sauer-Budge. “Comparison of anti-fouling surface coatings for applications in bacteremia diagnostics,” Analytical Methods, 2013; 5(1):273-80.
  •  L.E. Goldstein, A.M. Fisher, …, A. Sharon, …, A.C. McKee,  “Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Blast-Exposed Military Veterans and a Blast Neurotrauma Mouse Model,”  Science Translational Medicine, 2012; 4(134):134ra60. PubMed PMID: 22593173.
  • M. Kalashnikov, J.C. Lee, J. Campbell, A. Sharon, A.F. Sauer-Budge, “A Microfluidic Platform for Rapid, Stress-Induced Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing of Staphylococcus aureus,” Lab Chip, 2012;12(21):4523-32. PubMed PMID: 22968495.
  • H. Wirz, A.F. Sauer-Budge, J. Briggs, A. Sharpe, S. Shu, A. Sharon, “Automated Production of Plant-Based Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals,” J. Lab Automation, 2012;17(6). PubMed PMID: 23015521.
  • P. Mirsky, A. Chatterjee, A.F. Sauer-Budge, A. Sharon, “An Automated, Parallel Processing Approach to Biomolecular Sample Preparation,” J. Lab Autom, 2012;17(2):116-24. PubMed PMID: 22357555.
  • A.F. Sauer-Budge, P. Mirer, A. Chatterjee, C. Klapperich, D. Chargin, A. Sharon, “Low cost and manufacturable complete microTAS for detecting bacteria,” Lab Chip, 2009. 9(19): pp. 2803-10
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  • B. Li, Y. Zhu, A. Sharon, “Quasipassive positioning platform for nanoscale management of in-plane motion”, Applied Physics Letters, 89 (4): Art. No. 043110 July 24 2006
  • A. Sharon and S. Lin, “Development of an Automated Fiber Optic Winding Machine for Gyroscope Production,”  International Journal of Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Volume 17,  No. 3, pp. 223-231, June 2001.