Computer Services: Wireless Network

The Law School wireless network provides access to the Internet from laptops with speeds that are comparable to our wired lab computers.

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Wireless network access is available throughout most of the Law Tower and in the Law Annex. In addition you can access the wireless network from outside the tower on the patio located off the first floor and in the area outside the main entrance on the ground floor.

Connecting via 802.1x (most users)

The Office of Systems and Technology recommends that most users connect to the BU wireless network using 802.1X authentication. Users with older computers may need to use VPN software to connect.

For information on configuring your computer to use 802.1x wireless, please follow the appropriate instructions for your operating system:

Windows 7 wireless configuration
Windows Vista wireless configuration
Windows XP wireless configuration
Mac OS X wireless configuration

The IT Help Center page on connecting to the BU network using 802.1x authentication also provides configuration instructions for various mobile devices.

Connecting via VPN

Users with computers unable to connect via 802.1x authentication will need to first download the VPN client, then configure their computers to use VPN to connect to the wireless network. The IT Help Center provides detailed information on Connecting to the BU Network using the Cisco VPN.


See our page on printing for information about printing wirelessly.


Wireless configuration assistance is available in the SysTech Office, room 1770 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.