Computer Services: Law School MyPrint Policies

Use of MyPrint at the law school is governed by the following policies:

  • Only BU law school students may use the law school MyPrint printers, as use of the law school's third floor is restricted to BU law students and BU law alumni.
  • MyPrint at BULaw is available from 8am to 10pm only. Print jobs released to the Law printers outside these hours will be held until the facility reopens. We recommend sending jobs outside of BULaw MyPrint hours to the BUCommon @ Mugar Library or you may buy a print/copy card and print to the card printer.
  • There is a 2 copy per document limit on all MyPrint printers. MyPrint may not be used as a substitute for Fed/Ex Office to produce flyers or other documents for mass distribution.
  • Printouts should be retrieved as soon as possible, but no later than 2 days after they are printed. Any printouts that are more than 2 days old will be recycled.
  • Please do not resend your jobs. The MyPrint queue may be rearranged to allow shorter jobs to print first (see a Student Help Desk attendant in room 320). Longer jobs may be delayed. Note that once a job has been released, it cannot be cancelled.

The above policies have been implemented to ensure equal access for all law students.