Circulation Services: Interlibrary Loan


The Law School Interlibrary Loan Department provides interlibrary loan service for educational purposes to current members of the BU Law School Community. *

If the University does not own a particular title or our copy is missing, we can attempt to borrow it from another library through interlibrary loan.

When materials listed as Available are not on the shelf, we encourage you to request a search. Materials which are listed in the catalog as Due can be recalled for your use.

Library staff are committed to making materials available to our patrons in the speediest manner possible. We may recommend alternative sources for materials missing or not held by the law library, including other campus libraries or PDFs from reliable sources.

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The Boston University Law Library (OCLC:BOP) lends/photocopies without charge to other BLC and NELLCO libraries. The library is also a member of SHARES. Academic libraries who are not affiliated with BLC, NELLCO, or SHARES should check our fee schedule. Libraries may request items through WorldCat Resource Sharing or fax us a completed ALA form at (617) 353-5995.

We also lend items in our circulating collections to non-academic libraries. In addition we will photocopy articles or chapters from our non-circulating collections. Please check our guidelines and fee schedule.

*Current BU students and faculty who are not members of the law school community should consult with Mugar Library's ILL Department.

Updated: August 2015