Featured New Books - October 2012

evolution and morality - fleming

Evolution and morality / edited by James E. Fleming and Sanford Levinson. New York : NYU Press, 2012.
JA80 .E85 2012 Annex

Can theories of evolution explain the development of our capacity for moral judgment and the content of morality itself? If bad behavior punished by the criminal law is attributable to physical causes, rather than being intentional or voluntary as traditionally assumed, what are the implications for rethinking the criminal justice system? Is evolutionary theory and “nature talk,” at least as practiced to date, inherently conservative and resistant to progressive and feminist proposals for social changes to counter subordination and secure equality? In Evolution and Morality, a group of contributors from philosophy, law, political science, history, and genetics address many of the philosophical, legal, and political issues raised by such questions. This insightful interdisciplinary volume examines the possibilities of a naturalistic ethics, the implications of behavioral morality for reform of the criminal law, the prospects for a bio-political science, and the relationship between nature, culture, and social engineering.

language of sexual misconduct - shuy

The language of sexual misconduct cases / Roger W. Shuy. New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.
KF9325.A52 S58 2012 Annex

The Language of Sexual Misconduct Cases analyzes the many ways in which language plays a crucial role in sexual misconduct cases. Roger W. Shuy describes eleven court cases for which he served as an expert witness or consultant, and explains the issues at stake in each case for both lawyers and linguists. The book focuses on aspects of sexual misconduct that have not previously received the attention they deserve, such as: the language evidence of sexual misconduct in the workplace; cases of adult-to-child sexual misconduct with the family; and adult-adult sexual misconduct cases. Shuy explores the often-used linguistic analytical tools that are available to both the prosecution and the defense, including speech events, schemas, conversational strategies, and the resolution of strategic ambiguity. His work stresses the advantage of examining the larger contexts before making conclusions about the smaller linguistic units that are often called 'smoking guns.' The Language of Sexual Misconduct Cases will appeal to students and scholars of applied linguistics and forensic linguistics, and to lawyers working on sexual misconduct cases.

laws of spaceflight - kleiman

The laws of spaceflight : a guidebook for new space lawyers / Matt Kleiman, Jenifer Lamie, and Maria-Vittoria "Giugi" Carminati ; foreword by Marc Holzapfel. Chicago : American Bar Association, Section of Science & Technology Law, c2012.
KZD1146.U6 K58 2012 Annex

The space industry is in a period of transition and we stand on the threshold of a new era in spaceflight. For the last half century, most space operations were conducted by government agencies. With the retirement of the Space Shuttle in 2011, private companies are preparing to assume many of the missions traditionally undertaken by governments and to open outer space to the general public. In the midst of this transition, the spaceflight industry faces many challenges. The purpose of the guidebook is to introduce lawyers new to the space industry, either at private space companies, in government, or at law firms with space industry clients, to the laws that govern activities in outer space. It is not a treatise on space law, but a practical guidebook. It is meant to help attorneys quickly obtain a basic understanding of spaceflight, the space industry, and the legal issues that their clients confront. We hope that it will also be useful to law students, entrepreneurs, engineers, policymakers, and others who wish to learn more about the laws of spaceflight.

regulatory breakdown - coglianese

Regulatory breakdown : the crisis of confidence in U.S. regulation / edited by Cary Coglianese. Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, c2012.
KF1600 .R437 2012 Annex

Regulatory Breakdown: The Crisis of Confidence in U.S. Regulation brings fresh insight and analytic rigor to what has become one of the most contested domains of American domestic politics. Critics from the left blame lax regulation for the housing meltdown and financial crisis—not to mention major public health disasters ranging from the Gulf Coast oil spill to the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion. At the same time, critics on the right disparage an excessively strict and costly regulatory system for hampering economic recovery. With such polarized accounts of regulation and its performance, the nation needs now more than ever the kind of dispassionate, rigorous scholarship found in this book. With chapters written by some of the nation's foremost economists, political scientists, and legal scholars, Regulatory Breakdown brings clarity to the heated debate over regulation by dissecting the disparate causes of the current crisis as well as analyzing promising solutions to what ails the U.S. regulatory system. This volume shows policymakers, researchers, and the public why they need to question conventional wisdom about regulation—whether from the left or the right—and demonstrates the value of undertaking systematic analysis before adopting policy reforms in the wake of disaster.

khul' divorce in egypt - sonneveld

Khulʻ divorce in Egypt : public debates, judicial practices, and everyday life / Nadia Sonneveld. Cairo, Egypt ; New York : The American University in Cairo Press, 2012.
KRM558 .S56 2012 Annex

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, Egyptian women gained the unique right to divorce their husbands unilaterally through a procedure called khul'. This has been a controversial application; notwithstanding attempts to present the law as being grounded in Islamic law, opponents claim that khul' is a privileged women's law, and a western conspiracy aimed at destroying Egyptian family life and, by extension, Egyptian society. In Khul' Divorce in Egypt, Nadia Sonneveld explores the nature of the public debates-including the portrayal of khul' in films and cartoons-while an examination of the application of khul' in the courts and everyday life relates and compares this debate to the actual implementation of the procedure. She makes it clear that the points of controversy bear little resemblance to the lives of the lower-middle-class women who apply for khul'; they merely reflect profound changes in the institutions of marriage and family.

Families in crisis in the Old South - Schweninger

Families in crisis in the Old South : divorce, slavery, and the law / Loren Schweninger. Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, c2012.
KF505 .S39 2012 Annex

In the antebellum South, divorce was an explosive issue. As one lawmaker put it, divorce was to be viewed as a form of "madness," and as another asserted, divorce reduced communities to the "lowest ebb of degeneracy." How was it that in this climate, the number of divorces rose steadily during the antebellum era? In Families in Crisis, Loren Schweninger uses previously unexplored records to argue that the difficulties these divorcing families faced reveal much about the reality of life in a slave-holding society as well as the myriad difficulties confronted by white southern families who chose not to divorce. Basing his argument on almost 800 divorce cases from the southern United States, Schweninger explores the impact of divorce and separation on white families and on the enslaved and provides insights on issues including domestic violence, interracial adultery, alcoholism, insanity, and property relations. He examines how divorce and separation laws changed, how married women's property rights expanded, how definitions of inhuman treatment of wives evolved, and how these divorces challenged conventional mores.

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