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Collection Policy: Scope of Coverage: U.S. Law By Jurisdiction

The law library holds primary sources in multiple formats because they are core resources fundamental to legal research and scholarship, and are heavily used by faculty, students and other researchers. The library also collects both print and electronic indexes and other finding tools to provide access to these primary sources and related materials.

Currently, nearly all official sources for primary materials are print versions, and methods for ensuring trustworthiness of electronic documents are not well developed. Therefore, print resources continue to be collected as official and trustworthy documents for reliable permanent access. As publishing practices and user preferences change, the policy is re-evaluated. Other selection preferences for print include the use of the resource for instructional purposes, print's usefulness for some research tasks (e.g. primarily statutory research), and instances when a text is lengthy and reliance on other formats would require frequent and extensive printing.

Microforms are selected in limited circumstances when they provide significant space savings, are the only form of publication, or provide a backup to print holdings for titles of highest importance. Online collections with page images are increasingly available for federal primary sources and are chosen over microforms when available.
The sections below refer to print and microform materials collected by the library. Many materials are also available online on Lexis and Westlaw, official government websites, and other commercial web resources.

These sections also refer to core states.  Core states are those for which we collect important primary material, selected practice materials, etc. They are: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, California, and New York. In addition, the library may collect materials for states where the law is either unique or influential, e.g. Delaware law of corporations.

  1. Session Laws
  2. Codes
  3. Updating Statutes and Codes
  4. Legislative History Materials
  5. Administrative Rules and Regulations
  6. Administrative Decisions
  7. Court Reports
  8. Digests
  9. Citators
  10. Court Rules
  11. Jury Instructions
  12. Attorney General Reports and Opinions
  13. Documents
  14. Legal Encyclopedias and Jurisprudence Sets
  15. Restatements and Uniform Laws
  16. Practice Materials
  17. Continuing Legal Education Publications
  18. State Guides
  19. Periodicals and Indexes