Hospitality Law Class

Encountering legal research for the first time can be like navigating unfamiliar territory. You may even find the idea of researching the law a little intimidating. The resources you use and the process of completing the research assignment are quite distinct from those you use in your other coursework. However, if you follow the three steps set forth in this guide, you will meet with legal research success!

The Pappas Law Library created this guide specifically for students in the Boston University Hospitality Law class. We have provided call numbers and locations for all of the materials referenced in this guide. Please refer to the guide Frequently Requested Materials to find specific locations within the Pappas Law Library. Consult the Mugar Call Number Guide to find the location of specific call numbers within the Mugar Library.

If you have any questions, please stop by the Pappas Law Library reference desk.

  • Step One: Identify cases on your chosen topic
  • Step Two: Find cases in the law library or online
  • Step Three: View LexisNexis Academic Tutorial
  • Step Four: More reading about your topic

    Step One: Look for cases on your chosen topic

    Judicial opinions or cases are published in sets called case reports or reporters. These sets print cases roughly in chronological order as they are published. Use the tools listed here to locate cases by topic.

    American Law Reports (ALR)

    ALR Presentation

    Since your assignment requires you to find two cases which have different results on one issue of law, the ALR series is the best place for you to begin your research.

    Relevant subject headings to look for in the ALR index are Hotels & Motels and Restaurants and other Eating Places.

    Please refer to the guide on Finding Cases using the American Law Reports for detailed instructions on using this set.


    Step Two: Find the cases


    A. In the Law Library

    When you find references to cases in the ALR or digest that you want to read, write down the case name and the citation, which is in the following format:

    volume #_reporter name & series_1st page #

    Citation Example

    Use the chart of Case Reporter Abbreviations to decipher the reporter name abbreviations.

    When you know which reporters you need to find, refer to the guide Frequently Requested Materials. This publication will help you locate the reporters in the library.

    B. In Electronic Format

    Once you have identified cases by using the ALR or the digest, you may find cases by citation in LexisNexis Academic. You will need to log in using your BU username and Kerberos password.

    Once you are in LexisNexis Academic, select the "Legal Research" tab. At the right of the screen, under Legal Searches, select "Federal & State Cases". Type the citation in the “Citation Number” box.

    Step Three: View Lexis Nexis Tutorial


    Step Four - More reading about your topic

    The sources listed below can be consulted for background and to provide context. Also, some of these sources may be helpful in picking a topic to write about.

    A. Legal Encyclopedias

    CJS Presentation

    • Corpus Juris Secundum
      Law Reference KF 154 .C65
      Relevant subject heading: Inns, Hotels and Eating Places
    • American Jurisprudence 2d
      Law Reference KF 154 .A45
      Relevant subject heading: Hotels, Motels and Restaurants

    Please consult the guide Using Legal Encyclopedias to Start your Research for step by step instructions for these sources.

    B. Books

    • Understanding Hospitality Law
      Mugar KF 2042 .H6 J43 2010
    • Hospitality Law: Managing Legal Issues in the Hospitality Industry
      Mugar KF 2042 .H6 B368 2009
    • Restaurant Law Basics
      Law Annex KF 2042 .H6 B37 2001
    • Hotel, Hospitality and Tourism Law
      Law Reserve KF 951 .G66 1997
    • Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Law: A Preventive Approach
      Law Reference KF 951 .C6 1997
    • Innkeeper's Liability Management
      Mugar KF 951 .B35 1995
    • The Laws of Innkeepers: For Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, and Clubs
      Law Annex KF 951 .A7 S5 1993
    • Understanding Hospitality Law
      Mugar KF 2042 .H6 J43 1990

    C. Articles


    Finally, if you are having problems with any step of this guide, please consult a reference librarian during reference hours.

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