Classes & Orientation Programs for Bloomberg Law, LexisAdvance and WestlawNext

The library coordinates dozens of classes each year for the two major computer aided legal research products. Incoming OneLs, American Law LL.Ms, Banking Law LL.Ms, and Tax Law LL.Ms receive introductory training as well as follow up programs designed for their research needs.

Law Journal Members and Research Assistants receive advanced training to assist in the specialized research tasks that their positions require. Students preparing for summer jobs will also find multiple opportunities for refresher, advanced, and cost-effective research training. In addition to program related training, both Lexis and Westlaw provide certification, subject-specific and job searching training.

Westlaw, Lexis and Bloomberg Law academic representatives teach the classes, organize informational sessions, and provide assistance to students. Student representatives are also available in the library classrooms and research computing areas to assist students with questions. Reference librarians, online live help, and phone assistance are also available.

See the Bloomberg Law , LexisAdvance or WestlawNext training pages for BU Law for a full listing of available training sessions.

Last Updated:September 2014