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Journals received June 2 - June 15, 2012

Albany Law Journal of Science & Technology
Volume 22, Issue 1
American Economic Review
Volume 102, Issue 3
Behavioral Sciences & the Law
Volume 30, Issue 3
Boston College Law Review
Volume 53, Issue 3
Buffalo Law Review
Volume 60, Issue 2
Criminal Law & Philosophy
Volume 6, Issue 2
Fordham Law Review
Volume 80, Issue 6
George Mason Law Review
Volume 19, Issue 4
Harvard Law Review
Volume 125, Issue 8
Indiana Law Review
Volume 45, Issue 2
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology
Volume 56, Issue 4
Journal of African Law
Volume 56, Issue 1
Journal of Financial Economics
Volume 105, Issue 3
Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
Volume 37, Issue 3
Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
Volume 40, Issue 2
Law & Policy
Volume 34, Issue 3
Law & Society Review
Volume 46, Issue 2
Lewis & Clark Law Review
Volume 16, Issue 2
Loyola University Chicago Law Journal
Volume 43, Issue 4
Maryland Law Review
Volume 71, Issue 3
Netherlands International Law Review
Volume 59, Issue 1
Northwestern University Law Review
Volume 106, Issue 1
Ocean Development & International Law Journal
Volume 43, Issue 2
Ohio State Law Journal
Volume 73, Issue 2
Santa Clara Computer and High-Technology Law Journal
Volume 28, Number 3
Seton Hall Law Review
Volume 42, Issue 2
St. Mary’s Law Journal
Volume 43, Issue 3
U.C. Davis Law Review
Volume 45, Issue 4
University of Cincinnati Law Review
Volume 89, Issue 1
University of Pennsylvania Law Review
Volume 160, Number 6
University of Richmond Law Review
Volume 46, Issue 4
University of Toronto Law Journal
Volume 62, Issue 1
University of Toronto Law Journal
Volume 62, Issue 2
Vanderbilt Law Review
Volume 65, Issue 3
Western New England Law Review
Volume 34, Issue 1
William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal
Volume 20, Issue 4
William & Mary Environmental Law Journal
Volume 35, Issue 3
William & Mary Law Review
Volume 53, Issue 6
Wisconsin Law Review
Volume 2012, Issue 3

Albany Law Journal of Science & Technology
Volume 22, Issue 1

Again, From the Top! The Continuing Pursuit of a General Public Performance Right in Sound Recordings
Jay Mason All

Nucleotide Sequences and Recombinant Technologies: Trends in the Application of the Written Description Requirement to Inventions from the Biotechnology Industry
Scott D. Locke

Access to Essential Medicines in Developing Countries: The Role of International Intellectual Property Law & Policy in the Access Crisis
Jennifer M. Champagne

The Forensic Identification of Marijuana: Suspicion, Moral Danger, and the Creation of Non-Psychoactive THC
Aaron Roussell

Molecules or Carriers of Biological Information: A Chemist’s Perspective on the Patentability of Isolated Genes
Guyan Liang



American Economic Review
Volume 102, Issue 3

Richard T. Ely Lecture
Does the Current Account Still Matter?
Maurice Obstfeld

Implications of Rational Inattention
Simple Market Equilibria with Rationally Inattentive Consumers
Filip Matějka and Alisdair McKay

Information Processing and Limited Liability (pp. 30-34)
Bartosz Mackowiak and Mirko Wiederholt

Information Choice Technologies (pp. 35-40)
Christian Hellwig, Sebastian Kohls and Laura Veldkamp

Attention and Choice
Prospect Theory as Efficient Perceptual Distortion (pp. 41-46)
Michael Woodford

Salience in Experimental Tests of the Endowment Effect (pp. 47-52)
Pedro Bordalo, Nicola Gennaioli and Andrei Shleifer

Measuring Systemic Risk
Getting at Systemic Risk via an Agent-Based Model of the Housing Market (pp. 53-58)
John Geanakoplos, Robert Axtell, J. Doyne Farmer, Peter Howitt, Benjamin Conlee, Jonathan Goldstein, Matthew Hendrey, Nathan M. Palmer and Chun-Yi Yang

Capital Shortfall: A New Approach to Ranking and Regulating Systemic Risks (pp. 59-64)
Viral Acharya, Robert Engle and Matthew Richardson

Privacy-Preserving Methods for Sharing Financial Risk Exposures (pp. 65-70)
Emmanuel A. Abbe, Amir E. Khandani and Andrew W. Lo

Fiscal Policy During and After the Financial Crisis
Fiscal Policy and the Great Recession in the Euro Area (pp. 71-76)
Günter Coenen, Roland Straub and Mathias Trabandt

Fiscal Policy in a Financial Crisis: Standard Policy versus Bank Rescue Measures (pp. 77-81)
Robert Kollmann, Werner Roeger and Jan in't Veld

Bubbles and Financial Crisis
Bubbles and Total Factor Productivity (pp. 82-87)
Jianjun Miao and Pengfei Wang

Debt Financing in Asset Markets (pp. 88-94)
Zhiguo He and Wei Xiong

Understanding Bubbly Episodes (pp. 95-100)
Vasco M. Carvalho, Alberto Martin and Jaume Ventura

Financial Reform—What's Really Needed?
The Safe-Asset Share (pp. 101-06)
Gary Gorton, Stefan Lewellen and Andrew Metrick

Three Principles for Market-Based Credit Regulation (pp. 107-12)
Perry Mehrling

Limited-Purpose Banking--Moving from "Trust Me" to "Show Me" Banking (pp. 113-19)
Christophe Chamley, Laurence J. Kotlikoff and Herakles Polemarchakis

Very Local House Price Dynamics
Within-City Variation in Urban Decline: The Case of Detroit (pp. 120-26)
Veronica Guerrieri, Daniel Hartley and Erik Hurst

Housing Booms and City Centers (pp. 127-33)
Edward L. Glaeser, Joshua D. Gottlieb and Kristina Tobio

Heterogeneity in Neighborhood-Level Price Growth in the United States, 1993-2009 (pp. 134-40)
Fernando Ferreira and Joseph Gyourko

Asset Prices and Wealth Dynamics with Heterogenous Beliefs
Market Prices of Risk with Diverse Beliefs, Learning, and Catastrophes (pp. 141-46)
Timothy Cogley, Thomas J. Sargent and Viktor Tsyrennikov

Financial Innovation and Asset Price Volatility (pp. 147-51)
Felix Kubler and Karl Schmedders

International Robust Disagreement (pp. 152-55)
Riccardo Colacito and Mariano M. Croce

Heterogeneous Beliefs, Wealth Distribution, and Asset Markets with Risk of Default (pp. 156-60)
Viktor Tsyrennikov

Empirical Approaches to Sovereign Debt Default and Monetary-Fiscal Interactions
Estimating Sovereign Default Risk (pp. 161-66)
Huixin Bi and Nora Traum

Evolving Monetary/Fiscal Policy Mix in the United States (pp. 167-72)
Francesco Bianchi

Monetary-Fiscal Policy Interactions and Indeterminacy in Postwar US Data (pp. 173-78)
Saroj Bhattarai, Jae Won Lee and Woong Yong Park

Managing Currency Pegs
Real Exchange Rate Adjustment in and out of the Eurozone (pp. 179-85)
Martin Berka, Michael B. Devereux and Charles Engel

Fiscal Consolidation in an Open Economy (pp. 186-91)
Christopher J. Erceg and Jesper Lindé
Managing Currency Pegs (pp. 192-97)
Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe

International Monetary Reform
Can Asia Overcome the IMF Stigma? (pp. 198-202)
Takatoshi Ito

Capital Flow Management (pp. 203-06)
Olivier Jeanne

International Liquidity in a Multipolar World (pp. 207-12)
Barry Eichengreen

The International Transmission of Financial Shocks: Bank-Level Evidence from the 2007-2009 Crisis
Follow the Money: Quantifying Domestic Effects of Foreign Bank Shocks in the Great Recession (pp. 213-18)
Nicola Cetorelli and Linda S. Goldberg

Flight Home, Flight Abroad, and International Credit Cycles (pp. 219-24)
Mariassunta Giannetti and Luc Laeven

From Financial Crisis to Great Recession: The Role of Globalized Banks (pp. 225-30)
Shekhar Aiyar

International Shock Transmission after the Lehman Brothers Collapse: Evidence from Syndicated Lending (pp. 231-37)
Ralph De Haas and Neeltje Van Horen

Coping with Economic and Environmental Shocks: Institutions and Outcomes
Moving to Higher Ground: Migration Response to Natural Disasters in the Early Twentieth Century (pp. 238-44)
Leah Platt Boustan, Matthew E. Kahn and Paul W. Rhode

Nature versus Nurture: The Environment's Persistent Influence through the Modernization of American Agriculture (pp. 245-49)
Richard Hornbeck

Adaptation to Climate Change in Preindustrial Iceland (pp. 250-55)
Matthew A. Turner, Jeffrey S. Rosenthal, Jian Chen and Chunyan Hao

Crime and Terrorism
Race and Gender Differences under Federal Sentencing Guidelines (pp. 256-60)
Todd Sorensen, Supriya Sarnikar and Ronald L. Oaxaca

Terrorism and Patriotism: On the Earnings of US Veterans following September 11, 2001 (pp. 261-66)
Alberto Dávila and Marie T. Mora

The Nonlinear Relationship between Terrorism and Poverty (pp. 267-72)
Walter Enders and Gary A. Hoover

War and Stature: Growing Up during the Nigerian Civil War (pp. 273-77)
Richard Akresh, Sonia Bhalotra, Marinella Leone and Una Okonkwo Osili

Growth Inputs: From Human Capital to Nation Building
Nation Building and Economic Growth (pp. 278-82)
Ellyn Creasey, Ahmed S. Rahman and Katherine A. Smith

The Determinants and Consequences of School Choice Errors in Kenya (pp. 283-88)
Adrienne M. Lucas and Isaac M. Mbiti

Kinship and Financial Networks, Formal Financial Access, and Risk Reduction (pp. 289-93)
Cynthia Kinnan and Robert Townsend

Child Health and Conflict in Côte d'Ivoire (pp. 294-99)
Camelia Minoiu and Olga Shemyakina

The Effects of Financial Education and Financial Literacy
How Financial Literacy Affects Household Wealth Accumulation (pp. 300-304)
Jere R. Behrman, Olivia S. Mitchell, Cindy K. Soo and David Bravo

Financial Education and Timely Decision Support: Lessons from Junior Achievement (pp. 305-08)
Bruce Ian Carlin and David T. Robinson

Financial Knowledge and Financial Literacy at the Household Level (pp. 309-13)
Alan L. Gustman, Thomas L. Steinmeier and Nahid Tabatabai

Effectiveness of Employer-Provided Financial Information: Hiring to Retiring (pp. 314-18)
Robert L. Clark, Melinda Sandler Morrill and Steven G. Allen

Robustness and Approximation in Mechanism Design
Efficient Auctions and Interdependent Types (pp. 319-24)
Dirk Bergemann, Stephen Morris and Satoru Takahashi

Robustly Ranking Mechanisms (pp. 325-29)
Tilman Börgers and Doug Smith

Approximation in Mechanism Design (pp. 330-36)
Jason D. Hartline
Digitization and New Research Directions: Copyright, Privacy, and User-Generated Content
Copyright Research in the Digital Age: Moving from Piracy to the Supply of New Products (pp. 337-42)
Joel Waldfogel

Is Wikipedia Biased? (pp. 343-48)
Shane Greenstein and Feng Zhu

Shifts in Privacy Concerns (pp. 349-53)
Avi Goldfarb and Catherine Tucker

New Challenges for Market Design
New Challenges in Multihospital Kidney Exchange (pp. 354-59)
Itai Ashlagi and Alvin E. Roth

Holdout in the Assembly of Complements: A Problem for Market Design (pp. 360-65)
Scott Duke Kominers and E. Glen Weyl

Stability and Strategy-Proofness for Matching with Constraints: A Problem in the Japanese Medical Match and Its Solution (pp. 366-70)
Yuichiro Kamada and Fuhito Kojima

Understanding Price Controls and Nonprice Competition with Matching Theory (pp. 371-75)
John William Hatfield, Charles R. Plott and Tomomi Tanaka

In Remembrance of Alfred E. Kahn: Fred Kahn's Impact on Deregulation and Regulatory Reform
After Airline Deregulation and Alfred E. Kahn (pp. 376-80)
Nancy L. Rose

Dynamic Pricing of Electricity (pp. 381-85)
Paul L. Joskow and Catherine D. Wolfram

Telecommunications Deregulation (pp. 386-90)
Jerry A. Hausman and William E. Taylor

Government Policy for a Partially Deregulated Industry: Deregulate It Fully (pp. 391-95)
Clifford Winston

Global Production Chains
Global Supply Chains and Wage Inequality (pp. 396-401)
Arnaud Costinot, Jonathan Vogel and Su Wang

Sustaining Production Chains through Financial Linkages (pp. 402-06)
Se-Jik Kim and Hyun Song Shin

Proximity and Production Fragmentation (pp. 407-11)
Robert C. Johnson and Guillermo Noguera

Measuring the Upstreamness of Production and Trade Flows (pp. 412-16)
Pol Antràs, Davin Chor, Thibault Fally and Russell Hillberry

Trade and Labor Markets: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data
Trade, Labor Market Frictions, and Residual Wage Inequality across Worker Groups (pp. 417-23)
Pravin Krishna, Jennifer P. Poole and Mine Zeynep Senses

Offshoring, Transition, and Training: Evidence from Danish Matched Worker-Firm Data (pp. 424-28)
David Hummels, Jakob R. Munch, Lars Skipper and Chong Xiang

Liberalized Trade and Worker-Firm Matching (pp. 429-34)
Carl Davidson, Fredrik Heyman, Steven Matusz, Fredrik Sjöholm and Susan Chun Zhu

Exports and Within-Plant Wage Distributions: Evidence from Mexico (pp. 435-40)
Judith A. Frías, David S. Kaplan and Eric Verhoogen

New Directions in Trade And Geography
Village Economic Accounts: Real and Financial Intertwined (pp. 441-46)
Archawa Paweenawat and Robert M. Townsend

Innovation in Space (pp. 447-52)
Klaus Desmet and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

Ricardo's Theory of Comparative Advantage: Old Idea, New Evidence (pp. 453-58)
Arnaud Costinot and Dave Donaldson

New Directions in Trade Policy
Tariff Revenue and Tariff Caps (pp. 459-65)
Manuel Amador and Kyle Bagwell

Profits in the "New Trade" Approach to Trade Negotiations (pp. 466-69)
Ralph Ossa

Trade Agreements and the Nature of Price Determination (pp. 470-76)
Pol Antràs and Robert W. Staiger

Model Selection
On the Use of Holdout Samples for Model Selection (pp. 477-81)
Frank Schorfheide and Kenneth I. Wolpin

Prediction with Misspecified Models (pp. 482-86)
John Geweke and Gianni Amisano

Assumptions Matter: Model Uncertainty and the Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment (pp. 487-92)
Steven N. Durlauf, Chao Fu and Salvador Navarro

The 2006 Massachusetts Health Reform
Heuristics and Heterogeneity in Health Insurance Exchanges: Evidence from the Massachusetts Connector (pp. 493-97)
Keith Marzilli Ericson and Amanda Starc

Health Reform, Health Insurance, and Selection: Estimating Selection into Health Insurance Using the Massachusetts Health Reform (pp. 498-501)
Martin B. Hackmann, Jonathan T. Kolstad and Amanda E. Kowalski

The Impact of the Massachusetts Health Care Reform on Health Care Use among Children (pp. 502-07)
Sarah Miller

How Did Health Care Reform in Massachusetts Impact Insurance Premiums? (pp. 508-13)
John A. Graves and Jonathan Gruber

Causes and Consequences of Unemployment: New Microeconomic Evidence and Perspectives
The Long-Term Effects of UI Extensions on Employment (pp. 514-19)
Johannes F. Schmieder, Till von Wachter and Stefan Bender

Unemployment in the Great Recession: Did the Housing Market Crisis Prevent the Unemployed from Moving to Take Jobs? (pp. 520-25)
Henry S. Farber

Contract Form, Wage Flexibility, and Employment (pp. 526-31)
Thomas Lemieux, W. Bentley MacLeod and Daniel Parent

Immigration, Employment, and Entrepreneurship
Access to Credit by Small Businesses: How Relevant Are Race, Ethnicity, and Gender? (pp. 532-37)
Elizabeth Asiedu, James A. Freeman and Akwasi Nti-Addae

Coming to America: Does Having a Developed Home Country Matter for Self-Employment in the United States? (pp. 538-42)
Ruth Uwaifo Oyelere and Willie Belton

The Labor Market Impact of Mandated Employment Verification Systems (pp. 543-48)
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Cynthia Bansak

The Employment of Low-Skilled Immigrant Men in the United States (pp. 549-54)
Brian Duncan and Stephen J. Trejo

Maternity Leave, Family Formation, and Caregiving
Love and Money by Parental Matchmaking: Evidence from Urban Couples in China (pp. 555-60)
Fali Huang, Ginger Zhe Jin and Lixin Colin Xu

Business Cycles and Gender Diversification: An Analysis of Establishment-Level Gender Dissimilarity (pp. 561-65)
Cynthia Bansak, Mary E. Graham and Allan A. Zebedee

Birth Rates and the Vietnam Draft (pp. 566-69)
Marianne P. Bitler and Lucie Schmidt

Identification of the Effect of Depression on Risky Sexual Behavior: Exploiting a Natural Experiment (pp. 570-74)
Susan L. Averett and Yang Wang

Measuring and Explaining the Collapse of the Labor Market in the Great Recession
Hiring, Churn, and the Business Cycle (pp. 575-79)
Edward P. Lazear and James R. Spletzer

Job-to-Job Flows in the Great Recession (pp. 580-83)
Henry Hyatt and Erika McEntarfer

Recruiting Intensity during and after the Great Recession: National and Industry Evidence (pp. 584-88)
Steven J. Davis, R. Jason Faberman and John C. Haltiwanger

Did the Housing Price Bubble Clobber Local Labor Market Job and Worker Flows When It Burst? (pp. 589-93)
John M. Abowd and Lars Vilhuber

Time Away from Work
Time Use, Emotional Well-Being, and Unemployment: Evidence from Longitudinal Data (pp. 594-99)
Alan B. Krueger and Andreas I. Mueller

Retirement and Home Production: A Regression Discontinuity Approach (pp. 600-605)
Elena Stancanelli and Arthur Van Soest

The Role of Preferences and Opportunity Costs in Determining the Time Allocated to Housework (pp. 606-11)
Leslie S. Stratton

Aggregate Impacts of a Gift of Time (pp. 612-16)
Jungmin Lee, Daiji Kawaguchi and Daniel S. Hamermesh



American Journal of Family Law
Volume 26, Issue 2

Premarital Agreements and the Young Couple  
Ravdin, Linda J. 

Creating a Successful Structure to Mediate International Parental Child Abduction Cases 
Kucinski, Melissa A. 

What's Mine is Yours, and What's Yours is Mine...Until Divorce: Theory Of Transmutation 
Rufus, Robert J, DBA, CPA, CVA, CCA, AFI; Miller, Laura S, MFE, CFA, AVA, AFI. 

The Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act of 2011  
Clemens, Gabrielle; Wood, Jared. 

Using The Ipad for Profit and Fun in Family Law Practice  
Allen, Jeffrey

Equitable Estoppel as a Defense to Support  
Forman, Gregory

Forum: Tips on Becoming a Better Family Law Attorney: Part I of II  
Balbi, Lonny L, QC.



Behavioral Sciences & the Law
Volume 30, Issue 3

Examining the Prevalence, Role and Impact of Evidence Regarding Antisocial Personality, Sociopathy and Psychopathy in Capital Cases: A Survey of Defense Team Members
John F. Edens and Jennifer Cox

The Role of Warning Behaviors in Threat Assessment: An Exploration and Suggested Typology
J. Reid Meloy, Jens Hoffmann, Angela Guldimann and David James

Effects of Neuroimaging Evidence on Mock Juror Decision Making
Edith Greene and Brian S. Cahill

Evaluator Agreement in Placement Recommendations for Insanity Acquittees
Rebecca V. Stredny, Amber L. S. Parker and Ashley Engels Dibble

A longitudinal examination of sex offender recidivism prior to and following the implementation of SORN
Richard Tewksbury, Wesley G. Jennings and Kristen M. Zgoba

Detecting Children's Lies: Comparing True Accounts About Highly Stressful Injuries with Unprepared, Prepared, and Coached Lies
Kelly L. Warren, Elyse Dodd, Graham Raynor and Carole Peterson

False-Evidence Ploys and Interrogations: Mock Jurors' Perceptions of False-Evidence Ploy Type, Deception, Coercion, and Justification
Krista D. Forrest, William Douglas Woody, Sara E. Brady, Keller C. Batterman, Bradley J. Stastny and Jennifer A. Bruns

Examining Mental Health Symptoms in Male and Female Incarcerated Juveniles
Todd L. Grande, Janelle Hallman, Brandon Rutledge, Kristen Caldwell, Brian Upton, Lee A. Underwood, Kellie M. Warren and Mark Rehfuss



Boston College Law Review
Volume 53, Issue 3

Made in the U.S.A.: Corporate Responsibility and Collective Identity in the American Automotive Industry
Benjamin Levin

Wills for Everyone: Helping Individuals Opt Out of Intestacy
Reid Kress Weisbord

Habeas After Pinholster
Samuel R. Wiseman

The Unambiguous Supremacy Clause
Dustin M. Dow
Deciphering the Supremacy of Federal Funding Conditions: Why State Open Records Laws Must Yield to FERPA
Mathilda McGee-Tubb

The Role of Economics in the Discourse on Rluipa and Nondiscrimination in Religious Land Use
Tokufumi Noda

All the World Wide Web Is a Stage: Free Speech, Expressive Association, and the Right to Choose Your Audience
Meredith Regan



Buffalo Law Review
Volume 60, Issue 2

Justice Jackson’s 1946 Nuremberg Reflections at Buffalo: An Introduction
Alfred S. Konefsky & Tara J. Melish

Address at the University of Buffalo Centennial Convocation
Robert H. Jackson

Bringing Nuremberg Home: Justice Jackson’s Path Back to Buffalo
John Q. Barrett

Of Nazis, Americans, and Educating Against Catastrophe
Eric L. Muller

Law, Power, and “Rumors of War”: Robert Jackson Confronts Law and Security After Nuremberg
Mary L. Dudziak

The Market as a Legal Concept
Justin Desautels-Stein

Privatization and the Market Frame
Matthew Titolo

Note, You Have the Right to Remain Thirteen: Considering Age in Juvenile Interrogations in J.D.B. v. North Carolina
Nicole J. Ettlinger



Criminal Law & Philosophy
Volume 6, Issue 2

Participatory Democracy and Criminal Justice
Albert W. Dzur

Law and Social Protests
Roberto Gargarella

Property Offences as Crimes of Injustice
Emmanuel Melissaris

The Fault Element in the History of German Criminal Theory: With Some General Conclusions for the Rules of Imputation in a Legal System
Friedrich Toepel

Human Dignity of “Offenders”: A Limitation on Substantive Criminal Law
Miriam Gur-Arye

Holding Organized Crime Leaders Accountable for the Crimes of their Subordinates
Shachar Eldar

‘O Call Me Not to Justify the Wrong’: Criminal Answerability and the Offence/Defence Distinction
Luís Duarte d’Almeida

Duff on the Legitimacy of Punishment of Socially Deprived Offenders
Peter Chau

Crime, Freedom and Civic Bonds: Arthur Ripstein’s Force and Freedom: Kant’s Legal and Political Philosophy
Ekow N. Yankah

Iconoclasts? Who, Us? A Reply to Dolinko
Larry Alexander and Kimberly Kessler Ferzan

Book Reviews
Paul D. Halliday: Habeas Corpus. From England to Empire; Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge Mass., London, England, 2010, 502 + ix pp, £29.95/€36.00/$39.95, ISBN: 978-0-674-04901-7
Lindsay Farmer

Precautionary Criminalisation in an Age of Vulnerable Autonomy; Review of Regulating Deviance: The Redirection of Criminalisation and the Futures of Criminal Law, edited by Bernadette McSherry, Alan Norrie, and Simon Bronitt (Oxford, UK: Hart Publishing, 2009): ISBN 978-1-841113-890-9 (paperback)
Jonathan Simon



Fordham Law Review
Volume 80, Issue 6

Bruce A. Green

Corporate Law Firms, NGOs, and Issues of Legitimacy for a Global Legal Order
Yves Dezalay & Bryant G. Garth

Law Firms, Global Capital, and the Sociological Imagination
Christine Parker & Tanina Rostain

States Side Story: Career Paths of International LL.M. Students, or “I Like to Be in America”
Carole Silver

Homeward Bound: What Does a Global Legal Education Offer the Indian Returnees?
Swethaa Ballakrishnen

Minorities, Merit, and Misrecognition in the Globalized Profession
Hilary Sommerlad

Becoming a Cosmopolitan Lawyer
John Flood & Peter D. Lederer

Regulating Conflicts of Interest in Global Law Firms: Peace in Our Time?
Janine Griffiths-Baker & Nancy J. Moore

International Law Firms in China: Market Access and Ethical Risks
Mark A. Cohen

Privatizing Professionalism: Client Control of Lawyers’ Ethics
Christopher J. Whelan & Neta Ziv

Organizational Alliances by U.S. Law Schools
Elizabeth Chambliss

Alliance “Capitalism” and Legal Education: An English Perspective
James Faulconbridge

Trends and Challenges in Lawyer Regulation: The Impact of Globalization and Technology
Laurel S. Terry, Steve Mark, & Tahlia Gordon

Adopting Regulatory Objectives for the Legal Profession
Laurel S. Terry, Steve Mark, & Tahlia Gordon

Comparative Perspectives on Lawyer Regulation: An Agenda for Reform in the United States and Canada
Deborah L. Rhode & Alice Woolley

Nonlawyers Influencing Lawyers: Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen or Stone Soup?
Michele DeStefano

The Learning Process of Globalization: How Chinese Law Firms Survived the Financial Crisis
Xueyao Li & Sida Liu

Smart Growth: The Large Law Firm in the Twenty-First Century
Eli Wald

State Ownership and Corporate Governance
Mariana Pargendler

Whither Fairness? In Search of a Jurisdictional Test After J. McIntyre Machinery v. Nicastro
Peter R. Bryce

Getting to “Exempt!”: Putting the Rubber Stamp on Section 501(c)(3)’s Political Activity Prohibition
Michael Fresco

A Textbook Dilemma: Should the First Sale Doctrine Provide a Valid Defense for Foreign-Made Goods?
Melissa Goldberg

E Pluribus Unum? The Full Faith and Credit Clause and Meaningful Recognition of Out-of-State Adoptions
Pamela K. Terry



George Mason Law Review
Volume 19, Issue 4

Judicial Engagement Through the Lens of Lee Optical
Randy E. Barnett

The Conservative Origins of Strict Scrutiny
David E. Bernstein

Federalism, Individual Rights, and Judicial Engagement
Kurt T. Lash

Judicial Engagement and Civic Engagement: Four Case Studies
Eric R. Claeys

Judicial Engagement, Written Constitutions, and the Value of Preservation: The Case of Individual Rights
Elizabeth Price Foley

Judicial Engagement with the Affordable Care Act: Why Rational Basis Analysis Falls Short
Richard A. Epstein

Will the Supreme Court Be Faithful to Its Oath to Uphold the Constitution in the Obamacare Case?
Stephen B. Presser

Judicial Engagement in Enforcing Limits on Government Power
Sanford Levinson

Engaging Human Nature in Support of Judicial Engagement
Douglas W. Kmiec

Stare Decisis and Originalism: Judicial Disengagement from the Supreme Court’s Errors
Nelson Lund

 From Judicial Restraint to Judicial Engagement: A Short Intellectual History
Mark Tushnet

Judicial Engagement Means No More Make-Believe Judging
Clark Neily



Harvard Law Review
Volume 125, Issue 8

In Memoriam
In Memoriam: Bernard Wolfman
Howard Abrams, William D. Andrews, N. Jerold Cohen, Michael A. Fitts, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Martha Minow, Daniel N. Shaviro

Spatial Diversity
Nicholas O. Stephanopoulos

Book Review
The Undead Constitution
Michael C. Dorf

Developments in the Law
Developments in the Law — Presidential Authority

Recent Cases
Ninth Circuit Holds that Traffic Citation Is Not an "Intervening Arrest" Under Section 4A1.2(A)(2) of the Guidelines. — United States v. Leal-Felix, 665 F.3d 1037 (9th Cir. 2011) (en banc).

Federal Circuit Applies New Factors in Deciding Patentability of a Computer Program. — Ultramercial, LLC v. Hulu, LLC, 657 F.3d 1323 (Fed. Cir. 2011), reh’g and reh’g en banc denied, No. 2010-1544, 2011 U.S. App. LEXIS 25055 (Fed. Cir. Nov. 18, 2011).

Ninth Circuit Upholds First Trial Conviction Under § 1831 of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996. — United States v. Chung, 659 F.3d 815 (9th Cir. 2011), cert. denied, No. 11-1141, 2012 WL 929750 (U.S. Apr. 16, 2012).

Eleventh Circuit Rejects Challenge to Georgia's "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" Standard for Defendants' Mental Retardation Claims. — Hill v. Humphrey, 662 F.3d 1335 (11th Cir. 2011) (en banc).

D.C. Circuit Holds that Government Intelligence Reports Are Entitled to a Presumption of Regularity. — Latif v. Obama, 666 F.3d 746 (D.C. Cir. 2011).

Ninth Circuit Holds that Compensation for Blood Stem Cell Transplant Procedure Does Not Violate the National Organ Transplant Act. —Flynn v. Holder, No. 10-55643, 2012 WL 1001300 (9th Cir. Mar. 27, 2012).

Recent Publications
Recent Publications



Indiana Law Review
Volume 45, Issue 2

A Tribute to Eleanor D. Kinney, Hall Render Professor of Law
David Orentlicher

Susanah M. Mead Tribute
Cynthia A. Baker & Andrew R. Klein

Dedication: A Tribute to Professor Mary Therese Wolf, Law Clinic Director
Joanne Orr & Fran Watson

2011 James P. White Lecture on Legal Education, A Chief Judge's After-Life: Reflections on Educating Lawyers Today
Judith S. Kaye

Crisis Management: Principles that Should Guide the Disposition of Federally Owned, Foreclosed Properties
Raymond H. Brescia, Elizabeth A. Kelly& John Travis Marshall

The New Federal Circuit Mandamus
Paul R. Gugliuzza

Combating Moral Hazard: The Case for Rationalizing Public Employee Benefits
Maria O'Brien Hylton

Human Trafficking Victim Identification: Should Consent Matter?
Samuel Vincent Jones

The Impact of Prohibiting Legal Service Corporation Offices from Representing Undocumented Immigrants on Migrant Farmworker Litigation
James R. Smerbeck

One Nail at a Time: Building Deconstruction Law as a Tool to Demolish Abandoned Housing Problems
Kory T. Bell



International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology
Volume 56, Issue 4

Psychopaths and Posttraumatic Stress
George B. Palermo

Psychopathy, Traumatic Exposure, and Lifetime Posttraumatic Stress
Jochem Willemsen, Julie De Ganck and Paul Verhaeghe

The Effect on Reconviction of an Intervention for Drink-Driving Offenders in the Community
Emma J. Palmer, Ruth M. Hatcher, James McGuire, Charlotte A. L. Bilby, and Clive R. Hollin

Differential Outcomes of Court-Supervised Substance Abuse Treatment Among California Parolees and Probationers
Elizabeth Evans, Adi Jaffe, Darren Urada, and M. Douglas Anglin

Perceived Parental Attachment, Personality Characteristics, and Cognition in Male Incest
Yi-Ching Lu and For-Wey Lung

The Concentration of Criminal Victimization and Patterns of Routine Activities
Shih-Ya Kuo, Steven J. Cuvelier, Chuen-Jim Sheu, and Jihong (Solomon) Zhao

The Role of Empathy in Anger Arousal in Violent Offenders and University Students
Andrew Day, Philip Mohr, Kevin Howells, Adam Gerace, and Loraine Lim

Exploring the Age of Onset and Recurrence of Childhood Animal Cruelty:Can Animal Cruelty Be Learned From Witnessing Others Commit It?
Christopher Hensley, Suzanne E. Tallichet, and Erik L. Dutkiewicz

Resistance to the Mainlandization of Criminal Justice Practices: A Barrier to the Development of Restorative Justice in Hong Kong
T. Wing Lo

Incarceration Among Male Veterans: Relative Risk of Imprisonment and Differences Between Veteran and Nonveteran Inmates
Greg A. Greenberg and Robert A. Rosenheck



Journal of African Law
Volume 56, Issue 1

Managing Setbacks for the International Criminal Court in Africa
Elise Keppler

The (Ir)relevance of the Office of the Chair of the African Union Commission: Analysing the Prospects for Change
Babatunde Fagbayibo

Is Discussion of the “United States of Africa” Premature? Analysis of ECOWAS and SADC Integration Efforts
Malebakeng Forere

Problems of Determining the Applicable Tax Laws in Nigeria: Resolving the Dilemma For FIRS and Taxpayers
Abiola Sanni

Validating the Normative Value and Legal Recognition of the Principle of Equality of Arms in Criminal Proceedings in Botswana
Rowland JV Cole

Law and Practice of Conciliation in Nigeria
Uchenna Jerome Orji

Economic and Development Policy-Making in Nigeria
Elimma C Ezeani

Case Note
Female Genital Mutilation in Uganda: A Glimpse at the Abolition Process
Jamil Ddamulira Mujuzi


Journal of Financial Economics
Volume 105, Issue 3

Size, value, and momentum in international stock returns
Eugene F. Fama, Kenneth R. French

What does futures market interest tell us about the macroeconomy and asset prices?
Harrison Hong, Motohiro Yogo

Displacement risk and asset returns
Nicolae Gârleanu, Leonid Kogan, Stavros Panageas

Risk and the cross section of stock returns
Radu Burlacu, Patrice Fontaine, Sonia Jimenez-Garcès, Mark S. Seasholes

Sell-order liquidity and the cross-section of expected stock returns
Michael J. Brennan, Tarun Chordia, Avanidhar Subrahmanyam, Qing Tong

Limited arbitrage between equity and credit markets
Nikunj Kapadia, Xiaoling Pu

Market fragility and international market crashes
Dave Berger, Kuntara Pukthuanthong

Endogeneity and the dynamics of internal corporate governance
M. Babajide Wintoki, James S. Linck, Jeffry M. Netter

Does it matter who pays for bond ratings? Historical evidence
John (Xuefeng) Jiang, Mary Harris Stanford, Yuan Xie

Hedging labor income risk
Sebastien Betermier, Thomas Jansson, Christine Parlour, Johan Walden

Adverse selection in mortgage securitization
Sumit Agarwal, Yan Chang, Abdullah Yavas

Competition and the cost of debt
Philip Valta



Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
Volume 37, Issue 3

Editor’s Note: The Murky Relationship between Ideology and the Role of Government in Health Policy
Colleen M. Grogan

Hospitals, Finance, and Health System Reform in Britain and the United States, c. 1910 – 1950: Historical Revisionism and Cross-National Comparison
Martin Gorsky

Perceptions of the Health System and Public Trust in Government in Low-and Middle-Income Countries: Evidence from the World Health Surveys
Peter C. Rockers,Margaret E. Kruk, and Miriam J. Laugesen

Negotiating Authority: A Comparative Study of Reform in Medical Training Regimes
Iris Wallenburg, Jan-Kees Helderman, Antoinette de Bont, Fedde Scheele, and Pauline Meurs

Improving Direct-Care Compensation in Nursing Homes: Medicaid Wage Pass-through Adoption, 1999 – 2004
Edward Alan Miller, Lili Wang, Zhanlian Feng, and Vincent Mor

Issue Ads and the Health Reform Debate
Daniel Bergan and Genevieve Risner

A Window of Opportunity: The Louisiana Birth Outcomes Initiative
Rebekah E. Gee, Michelle M. Alletto, and Anthony E. Keck

Still Broken: Understanding the U.S. Health Care System, by Stephen M. Davidson
Rochelle R. Henderson — Review


Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
Volume 40, Issue 2

Ethics Guidelines in a Widened Context
John L. Young

The Quandary of Unrestorability
George F. Parker

Emerging Perspectives on Adolescents and Young Adults With High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders, Violence, and Criminal Law
Matthew D. Lerner, Omar Sultan Haque, Eli C. Northrup, Lindsay Lawer and Harold J. Bursztajn

Commentary: Treatment and Violence Risk Mitigation in High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Individuals
Marc Hillbrand and Tracey Sondik

Peer Review Committees and State Licensing Boards: Responding to Allegations of Physician Misconduct
Donald J. Meyer and Marilyn Price

Commentary: The Case of Poliner v. Texas Health Systems
Martha Murray

Clinical Decision-making About Inpatient Violence Risk at Admission to a Public-Sector Acute Psychiatric Hospital
Virginia M. Newton, Eric B. Elbogen, Carrie L. Brown, Jennifer Snyder, and Ann Louise Barrick

Commentary: The Value of the Clinical Interview
Daniel J. Papapietro
Predictors of General and Violent Recidivism Among SMI Prisoners Returning to Communities in New York State
Donna L. Hall, Richard P. Miraglia, Li-Wen G. Lee, Deborah Chard-Wierschem, and Donald Sawyer

Commentary: Toward an Improved Understanding of Recidivism
Alexandre J. R. Carré

Medications for Aggressiveness in Prison: Focus on Oxcarbazepine
Jeffrey A. Mattes

Covert Medication in Psychiatric Emergencies: Is It Ever Ethically Permissible?
Erick K. Hung, Dale E. McNiel, and Renée L. Binder

Analysis and Commentary
On the Roots of Modern Forensic Psychiatry: Ethics Ramifications
Azgad Gold

Washington's Senate Bill 6610 on Transferring Provisions for Persons Found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
Jennifer Piel and Edward Goldenberg

Forty Years After Jackson v. Indiana: States' Compliance With “Reasonable Period of Time” Ruling
Andrew R. Kaufman, Bruce B. Way, and Enrico Suardi

Mental Health Legislation in Ireland: A Lot Done, More To Do
Zahid Latif and Mansoor A. Malik

The Forensic and Legal Implications of Water, Wet, or Fry
Susan M. Chlebowski and Cecilia Leonard

Legal Digest
Adjudicating Dangerous and Incompetent Defendants: Civil or Criminal?
Octavio Choi and Kenneth J. Weiss

A Victim's Right to Privacy Versus the Defendant's Right to a Fair Trial
Elena del Busto and Robert L. Sadoff

Do Verbal Statements Constitute Dangerousness?
David H. Streckmann and D. Clay Kelly

Can Municipalities Bear Respondeat Superior Liability for Failure to Adequately Train Police Officers in Crisis Intervention Techniques?
Jeffrey S. Nicholl and D. Clay Kelly

Testamentary Capacity
Jonathan Raub and J. Richard Ciccone
Sexually Violent Predator
Guillermo Portillo and J Richard Ciccone

Can a Witness Be Required to Produce Mental Health Records or to Submit to a Psychiatric Examination?
Tara Collins and John R. Chamberlain

What Is the Necessary Mens Rea for Threats to Kill?
Anna Glezer and John R. Chamberlain

Books and Media
Criminal Mental Health and Disability Law, Evidence and Testimony: A Comprehensive Reference for Lawyers, Judges, and Criminal Justice Professionals
Stephen I. Kramer

Clinical Neuropsychology in the Criminal Forensic Setting
Joseph R. Simpson

Public Health Law: Power, Duty, Restraint
Howard H. Sokolov

A Dangerous Method: Ethics at the Dawn of Modern Psychiatry
Mark S. Komrad



Law & Policy
Volume 34, Issue 3

Legal Reform and Good Governance: Assessing Rights and Economic Development in Chile
Lydia Brashear Tiede

Governing Condominiums and Renters with Legal Knowledge Flows and External Institutions
Randy K. Lippert

The Role of Case Complexity in Judicial Decision Making 
Laura P. Moyer

Entering the Australian Judiciary: Gender and Court Hierarchy
Kathy Mack and Sharyn Roach Anleu



Law & Society Review
Volume 46, Issue 2

Listening for Stories in All the Right Places: Narrative and Racial Formation Theory
Charles Lawrence III

Looking and Seeing, Meanwhile
Carol J. Greenhouse

Using Systems Theory to Study Legal Pluralism: What Could Be Gained? 
Richard Nobles and David Schiff

Ignorance in Bliss: Modeling Knowledge of Rights in Marriage and Cohabitation
Pascoe Pleasence and Nigel J. Balmer

Gendered Paths to Legal Citizenship: The Case of Latin-American Immigrants in Phoenix, Arizona 
Olivia Salcido and Cecilia Menjívar

Specters of Indigeneity in British-Indian Migration, 1914
Renisa Mawani

Motivating Environmental Action in a Pluralistic Regulatory Environment: An Experimental Study of Framing, Crowding Out, and Institutional Effects in the Context of Recycling Policies
Yuval Feldman and Oren Perez



Lewis & Clark Law Review
Volume 16, Issue 2

Business Law Forum

The Protected-Class Approach to Antidiscrimination Law: Logic, Effects and Reform

Michael J. Zimmer

Nancy Levit

Marcia L. McCormick

Michelle A. Travis

Lino A. Graglia

Natasha T. Martin

Jeffrey D.  Jones

Stephanie Cooper Blum

Notes & Comments 
Christina M. Schuck
16 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 741 (2012)

Kristen Chambers


Loyola University Chicago Law Journal
Volume 43, Issue 4

New Law, Old Cases, Fair Outcomes: Why the Illinois Supreme Court Must Overrule People v. Flowers
Timothy P. O'Neill
Illinois Venue Reform: Not Tort Reform Rants
Keith H. Beyler

The Right to Counsel Denied: Confusing the Roles of Lawyers and Guardian
Alberto Bernabe

Lebron v. Gottlieb Memorial Hospital: Why the Court Erred in Finding that Caps on Jury Awards Violate Separation of Powers
Ryan Kenneth June

Recourse Under § 10(b) on Life Support: The Displacement of Liability and Private Securities Fraud Action after Janus v. First Derivative
Enzo Incandela



Maryland Law Review
Volume 71, Issue 3

Sexual Harassment 2.0
Mary Anne Franks

Hostile Educational Environments
Ari Ezra Waldman

Sustaining Privacy and Open Justice in the Transition to Online Court Records: A Multidisciplinary Inquiry
Amanda Conley, Anupam Datta, Helen Nissenbaum & Divya Sharma

Surviving the Commerce Clause: How Maryland Can Square Its Renewable Energy Laws with the Federal Constitution
Anne Havemann

Clearly Erroneous: The Court of Appeals of Maryland’s Misguided Shift to a Higher Standard for Post-Conviction DNA Relief
Christine E. White

Montgomery County v. Shropshire: Trying to Shoehorn Police Intradepartmental Disciplinary Files into the Wrong Cabinet
Wayne Heavener



Netherlands International Law Review
Volume 59, Issue 1

In Memoriam Professor Hans Verheul (1928–2011)
P Vlas

National Courts, International Crimes And The Functional Immunity Of State Officials
Rosanne Van Alebeek

The Territorial Jurisdiction Of The International Criminal Court – A Jurisdictional Rule Of Reason For The Icc?
Michail Vagias

Institutional Reactions To The Flag State That Has Failed To Discharge Flag State Responsibilities
Yoshinobu Takei

Uniform Rules For Contract Disputes: Putting Activity-Related Jurisdiction On The Agenda
Hélène Van Lith

A. Abass, Ed., Protecting Human Security In Africa, Oxford University Press, Oxford 2010, Xxvi + 397 Pp. Isbn 978-0-19-957898-6 (Hardback).
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Gentian Zyberi

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Frédéric Dopagne

Hague Case Law – Latest Developments
Erik V. Koppe



Northwestern University Law Review
Volume 106, Issue 1

Choice of Law in Federal Courts: From Erie and Klaxon to CAFA and Shady Grove
Kermit Roosevelt III

Probabilistic Standing
F. Andrew Hessick

Communities of Innovation
Michael Mattioli

The Plight of the Individual Investor in Securities Class Actions
David H. Webber

Repatriating Tax-Exempt Investments: Tax Havens, Blocker Corporations, and Unrelated Debt-Financed Income
Samuel D. Brunson

Notes & Comments                           
Who Will Watch the Watchmen?: Citizens Recording Police Conduct
Michael Potere

"Jealousies of a Standing Army": The Use of Mercenaries in the American Revolution and its Implications for Congress's Role in Regulating Private Military Firms
Matthew Underwood

"No Logical Stopping-Point": The Consequences of Padilla v. Kentucky's Inevitable Expansion
Derek Wikstrom

Colloquy Essays                                
Rethinking Extraordinary Circumstances
Scott Dodson

Unconscionability Wars
David Horton


Ocean Development & International Law Journal
Volume 43, Issue 2

The Seafloor High Issue in Article 76 of the LOS Convention: Some Views from the Perspective of Legal Interpretation
Jianjun Gao

Debates over the Role of the Arctic Council
Torbjørn Pedersen

A Note on and a Proposal with Respect to the Transportation of Nuclear Cargoes in International Straits
Mary George & Stefano G. A. Draisma

Recent Developments in Regional Memorandums of Understanding on Port State Control
Ho-Sam Bang & Duck-Jong Jang

The Economics of International Cooperation in the Apprehension and Prosecution of Maritime Pirates
Paul Hallwood & Thomas J. Miceli


Ohio State Law Journal
Volume 73, Issue 2

Where Did Mill Go Wrong?: Why the Capital-Managed Firm Rather than the Labor-Managed Enterprise Is the Predominant Organizational Form in Market Economies
Justin Schwartz

Rethinking Consent: Proposals for Reforming the Judicial Confirmation Process
Michael Teter

“If You Want to Speak Spanish, Go Back to Mexico”?: A First Amendment Analysis of English-Only Rules in Public Schools
Scott J. Bent

Ex Parte Reexamination: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Stefan Blum



Santa Clara Computer and High-Technology Law Journal
Volume 28, Number 3

Trademark and Copyright Enforcement in the Shadow of IP Law
William T. Gallagher

Why We Need a Strong Patent System and When: Filling the Void Left by the Bilski Case

Richard S. Gruner

The Shape of Things to Come: What We Can Learn From Patent Claim Length
Kristen Osenga

Best Practices for the Law of the Horse: Teaching Cyberlaw and Illuminating Law Through Online Simulations
Ira Steven Nathenson



Seton Hall Law Review
Volume 42, Issue 2

Patent Troll Myths
Michael Risch

The Vanishing Plaintiff
Brooke D. Coleman

Jurisdiction, Abstention, and Finality: Articulating a Unique Role for the Rooker-Feldman Doctrine
Dustin E. Buelher

Relational Malpractice
Sagit Mor and Orna Rabinovich-Einy

Disease-Branding and Drug-Mongering: Could Pharmaceutical Industry Promotional Practices Result in Tort Liability?
Jason S. Cetel

Hydraulic Fracturing and Federalism: Injecting Reality Into Policy Formation
Gianna Cricco-Lizza

The Disparate Treatment of Medications and Opiate Pain Medications Under the Law: Permitting the Proliferation of Opiates and Limiting Access to Treatment
Melissa M. Ferrara

Checking In: Historical Cell Site Location Information and the Stored Communications Act
Christopher Fox

Malack v. BDO Seidman, LLP and the Future of the Fraud-Created-the-Market Theory
Sean M. O'Loughlin



St. Mary’s Law Journal
Volume 43, Issue 3

A Custom Fit: Tailoring Texas Civil Jury Selection Procedures To Case Tiers
Jarod S. Gonzalez

Can Immune Parties Really Be Responsible?: An Analysis Of The Current Interpretation Of The Texas Responsible Third Party Statute And Its Vulnerability To Constitutional Challenge
Justin C. Roberts and Randell C. Roberts

Expanding Protective Order Coverage
Kellie K. Player

Due Process And Local Administrative Hearings Regulating Public Nuisances: Analysis And Reform
Alex Cameron



U.C. Davis Law Review
Volume 45, Issue 4

Lame Duck Logic
John Copeland Nagle

Antitrust Versus Labor Law in Professional Sports: Balancing the Scales after Brady v. NFL and Anthony v. NBA
Gabriel Feldman

The Inextricable Merits Problem in Personal Jurisdiction
Cassandra Burke Robertson

Disparately Seeking Jurors: Disparate Impact and the (Mis)use of Batson
Anna Roberts

Not Guilty as Charged: The Myth of Mens Rea for Defendants with Mental Retardation
Elizabeth Nevins-Saunders

A Postscript on Katz and Stonewall: Evidence From Justice Stewart’s First Draft
David Alan Sklansky

The Reality for Noncitizen Widows: Assessing the Widow Penalty in Light of Lockhart v. Napolitano
Melanie Hui Lipana

Silent Spring Still Runs Deep: The D.C. Circuit Halts Efforts to End Global Carbofuran Contamination in National Corn Growers Association v. EPA
Nikki Moore

The Third Circuit’s Massacre of Title VII’s Undue Hardship Test
Mohammad Salman Sakrani



University of Cincinnati Law Review
Volume 89, Issue 1

For Lack Of A Better Rule: Using The Concept Of Transsubstantivity To Solve The Erie Problem In Shady Grove
Stephen Brown

Where Generosity And Pride Abide: Charitable Naming Rights
William Drennan

The Case For Contribution In Patent Law
Bernard Chao

The Garcetti Virus
Nancy Modesitt

Student Notes And Comments
Equal Terms: What Does It Mean And How Does It Work: Interpreting The Equal Terms Provision Of The Religious Land Use And Institutionalized Persons Act (Rluipa)
Andrew Cleves

To Dismiss On The Pleadings Or Not To Dismiss On The Pleadings: Extraordinary Rendition And The State Secrets Doctrine Under The Reynolds Framework In Mohamed V. Jeppesen
Sarah Topy

Ohio‘S ―Pregnancy-Blind‖ Leave Policy: The Public Policy Ramifications Of Mcfee V. Nursing Care Management Of America
Jessica Monroe

The Harm To Student First Amendment Rights When School Boards Make Curricular Decisions In Response To Political Pressure: A Critique Of Griswold V. Driscoll
Jason Persinger

The Curious Case Of Cleveland Construction: Law Of The Case, Discretionary Review, And The Dilemma Facing Ohio Attorneys
Jason Snyder


University of Pennsylvania Law Review
Volume 160, Number 6

Sentencing: A Role for Empathy
Denny Chin

On Competence, Legitimacy, and Proportionality
Nancy Gertner

Sentencing Guidelines at the Crossroads of Politics and Expertise
Rachel E. Barkow

Booker Rules
Amy Baron-Evans & Kate Stith

Proportionality and Parole
Richard A. Bierschbach

The New Civil Death: Rethinking Punishment in the Era of Mass Conviction
Gabriel J. Chin

Why Proportionality Matters
Youngjae Lee



University of Richmond Law Review
Volume 46, Issue 4

In Memoriam: Professor John F. Carroll, IV
Dana D. McDaniel

Tribute to Professor Carroll “John Was Third”
Jim Gibson

Tribute to Professor Carroll: “He was so Kind and Generous”
Meredith J. Harbach

Tribute to Professor Carroll: “Without a Doubt”
W. Wade Berryhill

“Extraordinary Circumstances:” The Legacy of the Gang of 14 and a Proposal for Judicial Nominations Reform
Michael Gerhardt & Richard Painter

Filling the Judicial Vacancies in a Presidential Election Year
Carl Tobias

The Lost Controversy Limitation of the Federal Arbitration Act
Stephen E. Friedman

The Criminal Rules Enabling Act
Max Minzner

“If the Plaintiffs are Right, Grutter is Wrong:” WHy Fisher v. University of Texas Presents an Opportunity for the Supreme Court to Overturn a Flawed Decision
Brooks H. Spears

The NCAA and the Student-Athlete: Reform is on the Horizon
Mary Grace Miller

Who’s the Author? A Bright-Line Rule for Specially Commissioned Works Made for Hire
Richard D. Palmieri



University of Toronto Law Journal
Volume 62, Issue 1

Pandectism and the Gaian Classification of Things
Francesco Giglio

From Author's Right to Property Right
Simon Stern

Redressing the Right Wrong: The Argument from Corrective Justice
Douglas Sanderson

Contextual Constitutionalism after the UK Human Rights Act 1998
Evan Fox-Decent


University of Toronto Law Journal
Volume 62, Issue 2

The Sword in the Zone: Fantasies of Land-Use Planning Law
Ed Morgan

Recent Developments in WTO Jurisprudence: Has the Appellate Body Resolved the Issue of an Appropriate Standard of Review in SPS Cases?
Tracey Epps

Corrective Justice and Unjust Enrichment
Matthew Doyle

The Logic of Planning and the Aim of the Law
N E Simmonds

Why Compare? Comments on Kevin Jon Heller and Markus D Dubber’s The Handbook of Comparative Criminal Law
Leo Zaibert


Vanderbilt Law Review
Volume 65, Issue 3

Costly Intellectual Property
David Fagundes & Jonathan S. Masur 

Extralegal Punishment Factors: A Study of Forgiveness, Hardship, Good Deeds, Apology, Remorse, and Other Such Discretionary Factors in Assessing Criminal Punishment
Paul H. Robinson, Sean E. Jackowitz, Daniel M. Bartels

Loss Aversion and the Law
Eyal Zamir

Siblings in Law
Jill Elaine Hasday

After GINA, NINA? Neuroscience-Based Discrimination in the Workplace
Stephanie A. Kostiuk

Standing on the Edge: Standing Doctrine and the Injury Requirement at the Borders of Establishment Clause Jurisprudence
Mary Alexander Myers 

Hazy Shades of Winter: Resolving the Circuit Split over Preliminary Injunctions
Rachel A. Weisshaar 



Western New England Law Review
Volume 34, Issue 1

Undoing Time: A Proposal For Compensation For Wrongful Imprisonment Of Innocent Individuals
Muhammad U. Faridi, Hillel Hoffman, And Paul A. Montuori

All Good Things Might Come To An End: Postnuptial Agreements In Connecticut
Bernardo G. Cuadra

Risk Of Jury Confusion As The Ground For Discretionary Dismissals Of Supplemental Claims
John D. Egnal

What's Puzzling You ... Is The Nature Of Variable Annuity Prospectuses
Richard J. Wirth

Right To Counsel/Criminal Law--Wishing For Rights: Interpreting The Article 12 Right To Counsel In Massachusetts In The Aftermath Of Montejo V. Louisiana
Raquel E. Babeu

Employment Law--Welcome To The Jungle: Salespeople And The Administrative Exemption To The Fair Labor Standards Act
Kathryn S. Crouss

Estate Planning--A Race To The Poorhouse: Should Guardians Have A Duty To Impoverish Their Wards For Asset Protection Purposes Thereby Preserving Assets For Heirs?
Angelina M. Pargoff

Criminal Law--Invisible In The Courtroom Too: Modifying The Law Of Selective Enforcement To Account For White Privilege
Mara Shulman Ryan



William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal
Volume 20, Issue 4

Prefatory Matter
Preface to the Twentieth Anniversary Issue
Jamie L. Williams

"Worse Than the Disease": The Anti-Corruption Principle, Free Expression, and the Democratic Process
Martin H. Redish and Elana Nightingale Dawson

Distorting Democracy: Campaign Lies in the 21st Century
Gerald G. Ashdown

The Internet at 20: Evolution of a Constitution for Cyberspace
Henry H. Perritt Jr.

The Role of Causation When Determining the Proper Defendant in a Takings Lawsuit
Jan G. Laitos

"Property" in the Constitution: The View From the Third Amendment
Tom W. Bell

Needed: More Than a Paper Shield
Sandra Davidson and David Herrera

The Natural Flow of Ideas: Why the Fifth Amendment Takings Clause and an Obscure Water-Rights Decision Might Thwart Attempts at Streamlining the Patent Queue
Joseph Kamien




William & Mary Environmental Law Journal
Volume 35, Issue 3

Local Promise For Climate Mitigation: An Empirical Assessment
Uma Outka & Richard Feiock

An Integrated Green Urban Electrical Grid
Deborah Behles

Climate Change, Environmental Degradation, And Migration: A Complex Nexus
Mostafa Mahmud Naser

The Andean Electricity Market: A Competition Law Analysis
Mateo Ferrero

Have We All Gone Batty? The Need For A Better Balance Between The Conservation Of Protected Species And The Development Of Clean Renewable Energy
Laura Householder

At The Crossroads: Balancing Public Education And Wildlife Protection
Christopher Jackson

Climage Change And Public Nuisance Law: Aep V. Connecticutand Its Implications For State Common Law Actions
Jeffrey N. Stedman

Gray Wolf Rising: Why The Clash Over Wolf Management In The Northern Rockies Calls For Congressional Action To Define “Recovery” Under The Endangered Species Act
W. Ryan Stephens

Mining Megaliths In The Argentine Andes: Where Will Victims Of Environmental Degradation Find Justice?
Catherine M. Wilmarth



William & Mary Law Review
Volume 53, Issue 6

Business Courts and Interstate Competition
John F. Coyle

Free Speech and Parity: A Theory of Public Employee Rights
Randy J. Kozel
The Null Patent
Sean B. Seymore

What is the "Invention"?
Christopher A. Cotropia

Setting the Terms of a Break-up: The Convergence of Federal Merger Remedy Policies
Jessica C. Strock

Unintentional Levels of Force in Section 1983 Excessive Force Claims
Nathan R. Pittman



Wisconsin Law Review
Volume 2012, Issue 3

Thinking Outside the (Tax) Treaty
Adam H. Rosenzweig

Preparatory Negligence
Robert Heidt

Controlling Financial Chaos: The Power and Limits of Law
Steven L. Schwarcz

The Incredible Ordinariness of Federal Penalties for Inactivity
Corey Rayburn Yung