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American Economic Review
Volume 102, Number 1
Behavioral Sciences and the Law
Volume 30, Number
Boston College International and Comparative Law Review
Volume 35, Number 1
Boston College Journal of Law & Social Justice
Volume 32, Number 1
Boston College Law Review
Volume 53, Number 1
Buffalo Law Review
Volume 60, Number 1
Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum
Volume 22, Number 1
Duke Law Journal
Volume 61, Number 5
Ecology Law Quarterly
Volume 38, Number 3
Harvard Journal of Law & Technology
Volume 25, Number 1
Harvard Law Review
Volume 125, Number 4
Indiana Law Journal
Volume 87, Number 1
Law and History Review
Volume 30, Number 1
Law, Culture and the Humanities
Volume 8, Number 1
Lewis & Clark Law Review
Volume 15, Number 4
Louisiana Law Review
Volume 72, Number 2
New England Law Review
Volume 46, Number 2
North Carolina Journal of International Law & Commercial Regulation
Volume 37, Number 2
Notre Dame Law Review
Volume 87, Number 1
Ocean Development & International Law
Volume 43, Number 1
Oregon Law Review
Volume 90, Number 2
Pace Law Review
Volume 31, Number 3
Stanford Journal of Law, Business and Finance
Volume 16, Number 2
Stanford Law Review
Volume 64, Number 1
Suffolk University Law Review
Volume 45, Number 1
Texas Law Review
Volume 90, Number 3
Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems
Volume 20, Number 3
UC Davis Law Review
Volume 45, Number 2
University of Baltimore Law Review
Volume 41, Number 2
University of Pennsylvania Law Review
Volume 160, Number 3
Washington University Journal of Law & Policy
Volume 37 (2011)
Washington University Law Review
Volume 89, Number 2
William & Mary Law Review
Volume 53, Number 3
William Mitchell Law Review
Volume 38, Number 1
Yale Journal of International Law
Volume 37, Number 1

American Economic Review
Volume 102, Number 1


Optimal Interventions in Markets with Adverse Selection 
Thomas Philippon and Vasiliki Skreta

Overcoming Adverse Selection: How Public Intervention Can Restore Market Functioning
Jean Tirole

Collective Moral Hazard, Maturity Mismatch, and Systemic Bailouts
Emmanuel Farhi and Jean Tirole

New Trade Models, Same Old Gains?
Costas Arkolakis, Arnaud Costinot and Andrés Rodríguez-Clare

The Environment and Directed Technical Change
Daron Acemoglu, Philippe Aghion, Leonardo Bursztyn and David Hemous

Americans Do IT Better: US Multinationals and the Productivity Miracle
Nicholas Bloom, Raffaella Sadun and John Van Reenen

The Value of Information in the Court: Get It Right, Keep It Tight 
Matias Iaryczower and Matthew Shum

Macroeconomic Effects of Financial Shocks 
Urban Jermann and Vincenzo Quadrini

The Effects of Housing Assistance on Labor Supply: Evidence from a Voucher Lottery
Brian A. Jacob and Jens Ludwig

Standard Setting Committees: Consensus Governance for Shared Technology Platforms 
Timothy Simcoe

A Continuous Dilemma
Daniel Friedman and Ryan Oprea

Understanding International Prices: Customers as Capital 
Lukasz A. Drozd and Jaromir B. Nosal
Compulsory Licensing: Evidence from the Trading with the Enemy Act
Petra Moser and Alessandra Voena

Testing Efficient Risk Sharing with Heterogeneous Risk Preferences
Maurizio Mazzocco and Shiv Saini

A Structural Analysis of Disappointment Aversion in a Real Effort Competition
David Gill and Victoria Prowse

Shorter Papers

Why Don't We See Poverty Convergence?
Martin Ravallion

Was the New Deal Contractionary? 
Gauti B. Eggertsson

The Internet and Local Wages: A Puzzle 
Chris Forman, Avi Goldfarb and Shane Greenstein

The Impact of Shrouded Fees: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in the Indian Mutual Funds Market
Santosh Anagol and Hugh Hoikwang Kim

Contracts versus Salaries in Matching
Federico Echenique

Efficient Pollution Regulation: Getting the Prices Right: Comment
Art Fraas and Randall Lutter

Efficient Pollution Regulation: Getting the Prices Right: Reply
Nicholas Z. Muller and Robert Mendelsohn

Efficient Pollution Regulation: Getting the Prices Right: Corrigendum (Mortality Rate Update)
Nicholas Z. Muller and Robert Mendelsohn


Behavioral Sciences and the Law
Volume 30, Number

Do the Psychopathic Personality Traits of Fearless Dominance and Self-Centered Impulsivity Predict Attitudes about and Influences on Research Participation?
Shannon Toney Smith, John F. Edens, Monica Epstein, Paul G. Stiles and Norman G. Poythress Jr
The Inconsistency of Inconsistency Scales: A Comparison of Two Widely Used Measures
Natalia L. Nikolova, Melissa C. Hendry, Kevin S. Douglas, John F. Edens and Scott O. Lilienfeld

Intelligent Diagnosing of Intellectual Disabilities in Offenders: Food for Thought
Katarzyna Uzieblo, Jan Winter, Johan Vanderfaeillie, Gina Rossi and Walter Magez

Obstacles to Research in Residential Juvenile Justice Facilities: Recommendations for Researchers
Christy Lane, Naomi E.S. Goldstein, Kirk Heilbrun, Keith R. Cruise and Daniel Pennacchia

Examining Attitudes about and Influences on Research Participation among Forensic Psychiatric Inpatients
Melissa S. Magyar, John F. Edens, Monica Epstein, Paul G. Stiles and Norman G. Poythress Jr.


Boston College International and Comparative Law Review
Volume 35, Number 1

Following a Sigmoid Progression: Some Jurisprudential and Pragmatic Considerations Regarding Territorial Acquisition Among Nation-States
John C. Duncan Jr.

Love it or Hate it, but for the Right Reasons: Pragmatism and the New Haven School's International Law of Human Dignity
Hengameh Saberi

Social Media, Political Change, and Human Rights
Sarah Joseph

Shielding the Public Interest: What Canada Can Learn from the United States in the Wake ofNational Post and Globe & Mail
Jason D. Burke

Wanted: A Practical Application of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act to Foreign Reward Offers
Timothy E. Donahue

Delayed Fight: The World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Mechanism, Negotiation, and the Transatlantic Conflict Over Commercial Aircraft
Ron Kendler

This is Gun Country: The International Implications of U.S. Gun Control Policy
Laura Mehalko


Boston College Journal of Law & Social Justice
Volume 32, Number 1

From the Editors
Preface to Volume 32: Introducing the Boston College Journal of Law & Social Justice
Boston College Journal of Law & Social Justice

Islam in the Mind of American Courts: 1800 to 1960
Marie A. Failinger

Under the Circumstances: Padilla v. Kentucky Still Excuses Fundamental Fairness and Leaves Professional Responsibility Lost
Maurice Hew Jr.

Separation, Deportation, Termination
Marcia Yablon-Zug

Wolf at the Door: Issues of Place and Race in the Use of the “Knock and Talk” Policing Technique
Andrew Eppich

Twombly and Iqbal : Effects on Hostile Work Environment Claims
Michael O'Neil

Insecure Communities: How an Immigration Enforcement Program Encourages Battered Women to Stay Silent
Radha Vishnuvajjala


Boston College Law Review
Volume 53, Number 1

Regulation by Third-Party Verification
Lesley K. McAllister

An Empirical Analysis of Fair Use Decisions Under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy
David A. Simon

The Transformation of American Energy Markets and the Problem of Market Power
David B. Spence and Robert Prentice

An Economic Perspective on Preemption
Keith N. Hylton

All Your Base Are Belong to Us: Towards an Appropriate Usage and Definition of the "Entire Market Value" Rule in Reasonable Royalties Calculations
Michael A. Greene

Moving Away from Certainty: Using Mediation to Avoid Unpredictable Outcomes in Relocation Disputes Involving Joing Physical Custody
Brian S. Kennedy

Forecasting Disruption, Forfeiting Speech: Restrictions on Student Speech in Extracurricular Activities
Rebecca L. Zeidel

Quality, Not Quantity: The Implications of Redefining Insurance Neutrality in In re Global Industrial Technologies, Inc.
Jennifer Kent

In Search of Limiting Principles: The Eleventh Circuit Invalidates the Individual Mandate in Florida v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Frederick Thide


Buffalo Law Review
Volume 60, Number 1

Taxing Facebook Code: Debugging the Tax Code and Software
Xuan-Thao Nguyen and Jeffrey A. Maine

Judicial Retention Elections, the Rule of Law, and the Rhetorical Weaknesses of Consequentialism
Todd E. Pettys

Forging Links and Renewing Ties: Applying the Principles of Restorative and Procedural Justice to Better Respond to Criminal Offenders with a Mental Disorder
Thomas L. Hafemeister, Sharon G. Garner and Veronica E. Bath

The Power to Tax Is the Power to Foreclose: Reuniting Law and Logic in Tribal Immunity from Suit
Mary E. Saitta


Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum
Volume 22, Number 1

The Limits of Liability in Promoting Safe Geologic Sequestration of CO2
David E. Adelman & Ian J. Duncan

Innovations in Governance: A Functional Typology of Private Governance Institutions
Tracey M. Roberts

An Ecosystem-Based Approach to Slowing the Synergistic Effects of Invasive Species and Climate Change
David A. Strifling

Wind Turbine Wakes, Wake Effect Impacts, and Wind Leases: Using Solar Access Laws as the Model for Capitalizing on Wind Rights During the Evolution of Wind Policy Standards
Kimberly E. Diamond & Ellen J. Crivella



Duke Law Journal
Volume 61, Number 5

Stare Decisis and Foreign Affairs
Michael P. Van Alstine

The Obsolescence of San Antonio v. Rodriguez in the Wake of the Federal Government’s Quest To Leave No Child Behind
Sarah G. Boyce

When For Better Is For Worse: Immigration Law’s Gendered Impact on Foreign Polygamous Marriage
Sarah L. Eichenberger


Ecology Law Quarterly
Volume 38, Number 3

Stop the Stop the Beach Plurality!
J. Peter Byrne

Public Takings of Private Contracts
John D. Echeverria

The Elements of Liability in a Trails Act Taking: A Guide to the Analysis
Cecilia Fex

Kelo’s Trail: A Survey of State and Federal Legislative and Judicial Activity Five Years Later
Marc Mihaly & Turner Smith

Deciphering and Extrapolating: Searching for Sense in Penn Central
R.S. Radford & Luke A Wake

Why Judicial Takings are Unripe
Ian Fein


Harvard Journal of Law & Technology
Volume 25, Number 1

Tragedy of the Data Commons
Jane Yakowitz

Much Ado About Data Ownership
Barbara J. Evans

Open Source Semiconductor Core Licensing
Eli Greenbaum

Stream Capture: Returning Control of Digital Music to the Users
Jay Anderson

The Disparate Effects of Gene Patents on Different Categories of Scientific Research
Abigail Lauer

Privacy and the Modern Grid
Sonia K. McNeil

The Statutory Presumption of Patent Validity in Antitrust Cases
Joseph Vardner


Harvard Law Review
Volume 125, Number 4

In Tribute: Frank I. Michelman
Judge Guido Calabresi, Judge Dennis Davis, Rosalind Dixon, Dieter Grimm, Patrick O. Gudridge, Martha Minow, Margaret Jane Radin

The Forgotten Core Meaning of the Suspension Clause
Amanda L. Tyler

Book Review
Law and Local Knowledge in the History of the Civil Rights Movement
Kenneth W. Mack

International Delegation as Ordinary Delegation

Recent Cases
Third Circuit Applies Tinker to Off-Campus Student Speech. — J.S. ex rel. Snyder v. Blue Mountain School District, 650 F.3d 915 (3d Cir. 2011) (en banc).

Second Circuit Affirms Conviction Despite Closure to the Public of a Voir Dire. — United States v. Gupta, 650 F.3d 863 (2d Cir. 2011). 

D.C. Circuit Holds that U.S. Officials Are Immune from Alien Tort Statute Claims. — Ali v. Rumsfeld, 649 F.3d 762 (D.C. Cir. 2011).

D.C. Circuit Finds SEC Proxy Access Rule Arbitrary and Capricious for Inadequate Economic Analysis. — Business Roundtable v. SEC, 647 F.3d 1144 (D.C. Cir. 2011). 

Second Circuit Holds that Student's Removal from Class Is Not First Amendment Retaliation Where Motivation Is Protective. — Cox v. Warwick Valley Central School District, 654 F.3d 267 (2d Cir. 2011). 

Seventh Circuit Upholds Rejection of Diminished Capacity as Mitigating Factor. — United States v. Garthus, 652 F.3d 715 (7th Cir. 2011).

First Circuit Holds that Rehabilitation Cannot Justify Post-Revocation Imprisonment. — United States v. Molignaro, 649 F.3d 1 (1st Cir. 2011).


Indiana Law Journal
Volume 87, Number 1

Symposium: “Labor and Employment Under the Obama Administration: A Time for Hope and Change?”


Panel 1: The Economic and Political Environment for Labor Under Barack Obama: The Economy, Can Obama Bail Out Workers?

Panel 2: Labor Law: Change in the Law Governing Employee Collective Rights? Labor Law Policy in the Obama Administration

Panel 3: Labor Law: The Obama Board

Panel 4: Labor Law: Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector Under Obama

Panel 5: Employment Law: The Arbitration Fairness Act: An Idea That’s Time Has Come?

Panel 6: Employment Law: Antidiscrimination Law Under a Black President in a “Post-Racial” America?


Patents Fettering Reproductive Rights
Scott A. Allen

Televising The Supreme Court: Why Legislation Fails
R. Patrick Thornberry


Law and History Review
Volume 30, Number 1

The Right to a Father's Name: A Historical Perspective on State Efforts to Combat the Stigma of Illegitimate Birth in Brazil  
Sueann Caulfield

“Agreement Supersedes Law, and Love Judgment:” Legal Flexibility and Amicable Settlement in Anglo-Norman England  
Richard L. Keyser

“Too Many Courts and Too Much Law”: The Politics of Judicial Reform in Nova Scotia, 1830–1841  
Jim Phillips and Bradley Miller

Forum: Ab Initio: Law in Early America
Bruce Mann

Marriage on the Margins: Free Wives, Enslaved Husbands, and the Law in Early Virginia  
Terri L. Snyder

“Freedom By A Judgment”: The Legal History of an Afro-Indian Family  
Honor Sachs

Federalists, Federalism, and Federal Jurisdiction  
Alison L. LaCroix

Plaintiffs v. Privateers: Litigation and Foreign Affairs in the Federal Courts, 1816–1822  
Kevin Arlyck

Judges, Masters, Diviners: Slaves' Experience of Criminal Justice in Colonial Suriname—Corrigendum
Natalie Zemon Davis


Law, Culture and the Humanities
Volume 8, Number 1

The Dispositif of the Person
Esposito, Roberto

"Enough of a Self": Esposito's Impersonal Biopolitics  
 Campbell, Timothy

The Theatre of Emblems: On the Optical Apparatus and the Investiture of Persons
Goodrich, Peter

Arendt in Italy: Or, the Taming of the Shrew
 Lupton, Julia

Roberto Esposito's Political Biology and Corporate Forms of Life  
Barkan, Joshua

The Law of the Living: Material for Hypothesizing the Biojuridical
Amendola, Adalgiso

Subversives All! Ronald Reagan & the Paternal Roots of "Law and Order" at Home and Abroad 
Dudas, Jeffrey

Felix Cohen and the Spanish Origin of Indian Rights
Boyer, Patricio

Book Review: Riding the Black Ram: Law, Literature, and Gender
Ganz, Melissa

Book Review: The Illusion of Free Markets: Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order
McBride, Keally

Book Review: Political Theology: Four New Chapters on the Concept of Sovereignty
Thurschwell, Adam

Book Review: The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History
Wall, Illan


Lewis & Clark Law Review
Volume 15, Number 4

SYMPOSIUM:  The Future of International Law in Indigenous Affairs:The Doctrine of Discovery, the United Nations, and the Organization of American States

Robert J. Miller

Rebecca Tsosie

Jacinta Ruru

Michael C. Blumm

Blake A. Watson

Charles Fried

Michael R. Deskins

Lisa Farrell

Michael Neal


Louisiana Law Review
Volume 72, Number 2

Bullies on the Bench
Douglas R. Richmond

How and Why Race Continues to Influence the Administration of Criminal Justice in Louisiana
Robert J. Smith and Bidish J. Sarma

Save Ourselves: The Environmental Case That Changed Louisiana
Oliver A. Houck

Comments and Casenotes
Picking up the Pieces: Finding Unity after the Communications Decency Act Section 230 Jurisprudential Clash
Ryan French

An Uncertain Prescription–Medical Malpractice Actions in Louisiana
Daniel A. Kramer

Expanded Standing Under the Louisiana Unfair Trade Practices Act and Possible Employee Actions Under the Act
Christopher M. Rhymes

The Next Financial Hurricane? Rethinking Municipal Bankruptcy in Louisiana
Lauren M. Wolfe


New England Law Review
Volume 46, Number 2

Lessons from Wal-Mart Stores v. Dukes: About the Legal Quest for Equal Pay
Deborah Thompson Eisenberg

Mr. Sullivan’s Trunk: Constitutional Common Law and Federalism
Hon. Richard E. Welch III

When Evidentiary Rules Enforce Substantive Policies: Same-Sex Marital Privilege Under Federal Rule of Evidence 501 in Diversity Cases
John Bergstresser

Righting the Wrong and Seeing Red: Heat of Passion, the Model Penal Code, and Domestic Violence
Nikolette Y. Clavel

Another Small Step in America’s Battle Against Drunk Driving: How the Spending Clause Can Provide More Uniform Sentences for Drunk-Driving Fatalities
Amanda Staples

A Falling Star in Our Constitutional Constellation: Why the First Circuit’s Decision in Griswold v. Driscoll Undermines Fundamental First Amendment Principles
Abigail Adams


North Carolina Journal of International Law & Commercial Regulation
Volume 37, Number 2

EU Criminal Justice: The Challenge of Due Process Rights within a Framework of Mutual Recognition
Jacqueline Hodgson

Comparative Empiricism and Police Investigative Practices
Christopher Slobogin

On Reach and Grasp in Criminal Procedure: Crawford in California
Donald A. Dripps

Adversarial Counsel in an Inquisitorial System
Richard E. Myers

EU Policy to Guarantee Procedural Rights in Criminal Proceedings: "Step by Step"
T.N.B.M. Spronken & D.L.F. de Vocht

Harmonizing Procedural Rights Indirectly: The Framework Decision on Trials in Absentia
Martin Bose

The Applicability of International Law in American Detention Policy: Why Al Maqaleh May Be Stuck
Paul Morgan Bumbarger

Staying Afloat in the Stream of Commerce: Goodyear, McIntyre, and the Ship of Personal Jurisdiction
S. Wilson Quick


Notre Dame Law Review
Volume 87, Number 1

The Constitutional Right Not to Participate in Abortions: Roe, Casey, and the Fourteenth Amendment Rights of Healthcare Providers
Mark L. Rienzi

Collective Action and the Urban Commons
Sheila R. Foster

Copyright Publication: An Empirical Study
Deborah R. Gerhardt

Lost in Transition: The Implications of Social Capital for Higher Education Access
Omari Scott Simmons

Originalism as Popular Constitutionalism?: Theoretical Possibilities and Practical Differences
Lee J. Strang

Collateral Censorship and the Limits of Intermediary Immunity
Felix T. Wu

The Corporate Governance of Iconic Executives
Tom C.W. Lin

The Hobbs Leviathan: The Dangerous Breadth of the Hobbs Act and Other Corruption Statutes
John S. Gawey

Turning Miranda Right Side Up: Post-Waiver Invocations and the Need to Update the Miranda Warnings
Joshua I. Hammack

The Establishment Clause and Public Universities: Drawing the Constitutional Line Between Permissible and Impermissible Support of Religious Student Groups
James E. Mitchell


Ocean Development & International Law
Volume 43, Number 1

China's “U-Shaped Line” Claim in the South China Sea: Any Validity Under International Law?
Masahiro Miyoshi

China's U-Shaped Line in the South China Sea Revisited
Zou Keyuan

China's Nine Dotted Lines in the South China Sea: The 2011 Exchange of Diplomatic Notes Between the Philippines and China
Nguyen-Dang Thang & Nguyen Hong Thao

The U-Shaped Line and a Categorization of the Ocean Disputes in the South China Sea
Michael Sheng-Ti Gau

Crossed Lines: The Curious Case of the Beaufort Sea Maritime Boundary Dispute
James S. Baker & Michael Byers

The Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) and Interdiction at Sea: A Chinese Perspective
Jinyuan Su



Oregon Law Review
Volume 90, Number 2

Securitization and Suburbia
Heather Hughes

Ending Corporate Impunity for Genocide: The Case Against China’s State-Owned Petroleum Company in Sudan
Michael J. Kelly

Justice, Employment, and the Psychological Contract
Larry A. DiMatteo, Robert C. Bird, and Jason A. Colquitt

Employment Retaliation and the Accident of Text
Alex B. Long

Leveling the Deference Playing Field
Kathryn E. Kovacs

Health Reform and the Plight of the Uninsured Pregnant Woman
Nicole Moody


Pace Law Review
Volume 31, Number 3

After Gender?: Examining International Justice Enterprises: An Introduction
Darren Rosenblum

After Gender:  The Destruction of Man? The Vatican’s Nightmare Vision of the “Gender Agenda” for Law
Mary Anne Case

What Comes After Gender?
Robert S. Chang

What Role for “Women,” “Men,” and Transpeople/Intersex People in Gender Equality?: A Commentary
Edward Stein

Human Rights, Sex, and Gender: Limits in Theory and Practice
Lara Stemple

Fighting Over the Figure of Gender
Ali Miller

Prospects for International Gender Norms
Dianne Otto

After Gender: An Overview
Ralph Wilde

After Gender: Tools for Progressives in a Shift from Sexual Domination to the Economic Family
Janet Halley


Stanford Journal of Law, Business and Finance
Volume 16, Number 2

Upon Further Review: Will the NFL's Trademark Licensing Practices Survive Full Antitrust Scrutiny? The Remand of American Needle v. Nat'l Football League
Edelman, Marc

Enforcement of Material Non-Disclosure Under the Federal Securities Laws
Sekhon, Vijay

Corporate Attorney-Client Privilege in the Digital Age: War on Two Fronts?  
Spahn, Tom


Stanford Law Review
Volume 64, Number 1

The Right Not to Keep or Bear Arms
Joseph Blocher

The Ghost That Slayed the Mandate
Kevin C. Walsh

State Sovereign Standing: Often Overlooked, but Not Forgotten
Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II, E. Duncan Getchell, Jr. & Wesley G. Russell, Jr.

Establishing Official Islam?: The Law and Strategy of Counter-Radicalization
Samuel J. Rascoff

Lobbying, Rent-Seeking, and the Constitution
Richard L. Hasen

Bringing a Judicial Takings Claim
Josh Patashnik


Suffolk University Law Review
Volume 45, Number 1

Russel G. Murphy

Christine Neylon O'Brien

Justin Zaremby

Who Is Armed, and by What Authority? An Examination of the Likely Impact of Massachusetts Firearm Regulations After McDonald and Heller

Is This Heaven?  No, It's I.O.U.: Why Major League Baseball Must Modify Its Current Revenue-Sharing and Luxury-Tax Procedures

Do as I Say and Not as I Do:  The United States' Immunity in Oil Spill Response Actions

Much Ado About Nothing:  Why the War over the Affordable Care Act's Individual Mandate Will End with a Whimper and Not a Bang

GPS Tracking, Police Intrusion, and the Diverging Paths of State and Federal Judiciaries

Tort Law-First Circuit Declares Widespread Publicity Triggers Claim Accrual Under Federal Tort Claims Act-Donahue v. United States, 634 F.3d 615 (1st Cir. 2011)

Constitutional Law-Arrest or Impaired Movement Material to Physical Force Seizure Analysis-Brooks v. Gaenzle, 614 F.3d 1213 (10th Cir. 2010), cert. denied, 131 S. Ct.1045 (2011)

Employment Law-Third Circuit Denies ERISA Whistleblower Protection to Employee Discharged After Making Unsolicited Internal Complaint-Edwards v. A.H. Cornell & Son, Inc., 610 F.3d 217 (3d Cir. 2010), cert. denied, 131 S. Ct. 1604 (2011)

Criminal Procedure-The Impact of Marijuana Decriminalization on Searches and Seizures in Massachusetts-Commonwealth v. Cruz, 945 N.E.2d 899 (Mass 2011)


Texas Law Review
Volume 90, Number 3

Predicting Violence
Prof. Shima Baradaran

The Case for "Trial by Formula"
Prof. Alexandra D. Lahav

Fidelity to Community: A Defense of Community Lawyering
Prof. Anthony V. Alfieri

Fidelity to Law and the Moral Pluralism Premise
Prof. Katherine R. Kruse

Three Strikes and You're In: Why the States Need Domestic Violence Databases
Joyce Y. Young

Forum Non Conveniens and Foreign Policy: Time for Congressional Intervention?
Sidney K. Smith


Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems
Volume 20, Number 3

Survey of International Law
A Problem of Power: The Impact of Modern Sovereignty on the Rule of Law in Comparative and Historical Perspective
Bruce P. Frohnen

International Legal Compliance as a Rational Act: Theoretical Extensions and Chinese Realities
Roda Mushkat 

Combating the New Drug Trade of Counterfeit Goods: A Proposal for New Legal Remedies
Beverley Earle, Gerald A. Madek & Christina Madek

The Israeli Law of Defamation: A Comparative Perspective and a Sociological Analysis
Elad Peled

Student Notes
Medical Repatriations: Death Sentencing United States Immigrants
Nabilah Irshad

UNESCO’s Proposed Voluntary Guidelines on Comprehensive Sex Education and Their Role in Advancing Children’s and Parents’ Rights
Ashley Huck

Lax Tax: The Threat of Secrecy Jurisdictions and What the International Community Should Do About It
Nick Gregory


UC Davis Law Review
Volume 45, Number 2

Two Presidents, Two Inaugurations, and the Course of Freedom
Justice Scott Bales - Arizona Supreme Court - 261

Sex, Privacy, and Public Health in a Casual Encounters Culture
Mary D. Fan - University of Washington - 531

The Misregulation of Person-to-Person Lending
Andrew Verstein - Yale Law School - 445

Why Misdemeanors Matter: Defining Effective Advocacy in the Lower Criminal Courts
Jenny Roberts - American University, Washington College of Law - 277

Confounding Identities: The Paradox of LGBT Children Under Asylum Law
Susan Hazeldean - Cornell Law School - 373

Medical Treatment Demands Medical Assessment: Substantive Due Process Rights in Involuntary Commitments
Austin Baumgarten - UC Davis School of Law - 597

License to Collude: Patent Pools, the Patent Misuse Doctrine, and Princo
Camille Barr - UC Davis School of Law - 629


University of Baltimore Law Review
Volume 41, Number 2

2011 Feminist Legal Theory Conference:
Introduction to the 2011 Feminist Legal Theory Conference
Margaret E. Johnson

Symposium Articles
Feminism in the Global Political Economy: Contradiction and Consensus in Cuba
Deborah M. Weissman

The Modern HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Human Rights in the U.S.: A Lens Into Lingering Gender, Race, and Health Disparities and Cutting Edge Approaches to Justice
Brook Kelly

CEDAW and Rural Women: Law From the Top Down, Activism From the Bottom Up
Marta R. Vanegas & Lisa R. Pruitt

Cross-Dressers with Benefits: Female Combat Soldiers in the United States and Israel
Pamela Laufer-Ukeles


University of Pennsylvania Law Review
Volume 160, Number 3

Pills and Partisans: Understanding Takeover Defenses
Jordan M. Barry & John William Hatfield

Congress’s Constitution
Josh Chafetz

Prison Vouchers
Alexander Volokh

Response to "Prison Vouchers": One Market We Do Not Need
Giovanna Shay

Chevron Corp. v. Berlinger and the Future of the Journalists' Privilege for Documentary Filmmakers
Tom Isler

Allocating the Costs of Harm to Whom They Are Due: Modifying the Collateral Source Rule after Health Care Reform
Rebecca Levenson


Washington University Journal of Law & Policy
Volume 37 (2011)

Access to Justice: Mass Incarceration and Masculinity Through a Black Feminist Lens
Annette Appell and Adrienne Davis

Heteropatriarchy Kills: Challenging Gender Violence in a Prison Nation
Angela P. Harris

Hyper-incarceration as a Multidimensional Attack: Replying to Angela Harris Through The Wire
Frank Rudy Cooper

Gender Violence in Prison & Hyper-masculinities in the ’Hood: Cycles of Destructive Masculinity

Response to Beth Richie’s “Black Feminism, Gender Violence and the Build-up of a Prison Nation”
Kimberly D. Bailey

African-American Grandmothers: Does the Gender-Entrapment Theory Apply? Essay Response to Professor Beth Richie 
Jessica Dixon Weaver 

Examining the Reality of Foreign National Child Victims of Human Trafficking in the United States
Bridgette Carr

Rationing Justice by Rationing Lawyers
Peter A. Joy

Administrative Law Pragmatism
Ronald M. Levin

Locked Up and Counted Out: Bringing an End to Prison-based Gerrymandering
John C. Drake 

Lessons from Nutritional Labeling on the 20th Anniversary of the NLEA: Applying the History of Food Labeling to the Future of Household Chemical Labeling
Tobias J. Gillett 

Ground Beef Inspections and E. Coli O157:H7: Placing the Needs of the American Beef Industry Above Concerns for the Public Safety
Katherine A. Straw  


Washington University Law Review
Volume 89, Number 2

Of Meat and Manhood
Zachary A. Kramer

Market Makers and Vampire Squid: Regulating Securities Markets After the Financial Meltdown
Robert B. Thompson

Judges Who Settle
Hillary A. Sale

Sex Offenders Are Different: Extending Graham To Categorically Protect the Less Culpable
Eric J. Buske

Effective Taxation of Carried Interest: A Comprehensive Pass-through Approach
Jason A. Sacks

Amputating the Long Arm of the Law: An Analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in Morrison and Why § 10(b) Still Reaches Issuers of ADRs
Paul B. Maslo


William & Mary Law Review
Volume 53, Number 3

Does Ideology Matter in Bankruptcy?: Voting Behavior on the Court of Appeals
Jonathan Remy Nash & Rafael I. Pardo

Plausibility Beyond the Complaint
Joseph A. Seiner

The Role of Charity in a Federal System
Brian Galle

Why Agencies Punish
Max Minzer

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures: Reclassifying Drug Possession Offenses in Response to the Indigent Defense Crisis
Kaitlin C. Gratton

Understanding Confidentiality: Program Effectiveness and the Freedom of Information Act Exemption
Samuel L. Zimmerman


William Mitchell Law Review
Volume 38, Number 1

Foreword: Paving the Path of Cyberlaw
Greg Lastowka
Internet Access Rights: A Brief History and Intellectual Origins
Jonathon W. Penney

Nexus Crystals: Crystallizing Limits on Contractual Control of Virtual Worlds
Joshua A.T. Fairfield

Revisiting Search Engine Bias
Eric Goldman

Red Skies in the Morning—Professional Ethics at the Dawn of Cloud Computing
Roland L. Trope and Sarah Jane Hughes

Marketing through Social Networks: Business Considerations—From Brand to Privacy
Katheryn A. Andresen

Bringing John Doe to Court: Procedural Issues in Unmasking Anonymous Internet Defendants
Robert G. Larson and Paul A. Godfread

Collaborating with a Digital Forensics Expert: Ultimate Tag-team or Disastrous Duo?
Sean L. Harrington

Are "Private" Spaces on Social Networking Websites Truly Private? The Extension of Intrusion upon Seclusion
Adam Pabarcus

Civil Procedure: Forum Non Conveniens—Convenience or Conniving? Paulownia Plantations de Panama Corp. v. Rajamannan
Carrie L. Weber

Contracts: There Can Be No Mistake—A Call for the Reformation of the Minnesota Supreme Court's Recent Decision in SCI Minnesota Funeral Services, Inc. v. Washburn-McReavy Funeral Corp., 795 N.W.2d 855 (Minn. 2011)
Eric Matthew Johnson

Criminal Law: Subjective Inquiry into a Defendant's State of Mind: Should Psychiatric Expert Testimony Be Allowed to Disprove Mens Rea?—State v. Anderson, 789 N.W.2d 227 (Minn. 2010)
Brittany E. Bachman

Property: Not Everything is Relative Anymore: A New Rule but Little Guidance in Airport Zoning Regulation Takings Claims—DeCook v. Rochester Int'l Airport Joint Zoning Bd.
Frances L. Kern

Torts: Striking a Balance: Minnesota's Minority Stance on the Privilege to Defame—Zutz v. Nelson, 788 N.W.2d 58 (Minn. 2010)
Erica Holzer



Yale Journal of International Law
Volume 37, Number 1

The “Gateway” Problem in International Commercial Arbitration
George A. Bermann

International Law at Home: Enforcing Treaties in US Courts
Oona A. Hathaway, Sabria McElroy & Sara Aronchick Solow

Lawmaking by Nonstate Actors: Engaging Armed Groups in the Creation of International Humanitarian Law
Anthea Roberts & Sandesh Sivakumaran

Stability of Maritime Boundary Agreements
Julia Lisztwan

Two Competing Models of Activism, One Goal: A Case Study of Anti-Whaling Campaigns in the Southern Ocean
Anthony L.I. Moffa