• Discovery

    Discovery is an intellectual, creative, and personal journey that doesn’t begin or end with Kilachand, or take place only in the classroom, laboratory, library, or on the stage.

  • Academics

    A four-year curriculum focused on interdisciplinary inquiry and global challenges.

  • Community

    Kilachand is an inclusive community of our faculty, staff, advisors, postdocs, student ambassadors, and student leaders.

About Kilachand

Kilachand Honors College is a living and learning community that offers a challenging liberal education grounded in exploration, discovery, and the real-world application of knowledge. Kilachand provides its students with an integrated, four-year curriculum that includes experiential and team learning opportunities, to be completed alongside the courses required by their majors. The Kilachand curriculum, through rigorous courses and enrichment experiences, asks students to use the tools and methods of every academic discipline to understand global challenges and develop practical solutions.

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