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Singh Imagineering Laboratory

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Students are taking their ideas for innovations that will impact people and society and using the Singh Imagineering Lab to make them a reality, competing to win some serious prize money.

Empowering Students to Innovate Solutions

The "what"...

The Binoy K. Singh Imagineering Laboratory gives students the resources to take on extracurricular engineering initiatives and think about new ways to address society’s challenges. The Singh Imagineering Lab provides easy access to entrepreneurially minded College of Engineering students, and other BU students working with them, without limiting the topic or timeframe of use. Using the lab’s tools and machinery -- and guidance from faculty, graduate students and undergraduate peers -- students are encouraged to pursue their ideas and designs. Where applicable, they can take projects to the prototype stage and enter them in design competitions – here are examples of some projects students have worked on in the Imagineering Lab. And where feasible, they will be encouraged to take on partners from BU’s School of Management, work on plans to potentially commercialize their products and enter them in business competitions.

The "who"...

Eligible Students:
Lab Advisors:
Lab Manager:

BU College of Engineering Students
BU students working with at least one BU College of Engineering Student
Note: Completion of a 30-minute safety course is required.
List of Advisors
Joe Precopio | 617-353-5949

The "where"...

44 Cummington Street, 1st floor

The "when"...

Monday to Thursday | Noon to 10:00 PM
Friday to Sunday | Noon to 6:00 PM
Closed Holidays and Breaks

The "how"...

Available Equipment

Manual and NC Mills
Makerbot Replicator 3D Printer
Desktop Computers with SolidWorks and CAD
Tap and Die sets
Power Supply
Bench Grinder
Band Saw
Drill Press
Belt & Disc Sander
Hand Tools
Various Handheld Power Tools

Stocked Supplies

Sheet metal
Assorted Dowels
PVC Pipes
Metal Rods
Assorted electronic parts
Assorted wire
Assorted batteries & motors
Assorted nuts, bolts, screws, and fasteners

Gaining Access

There are five simple steps to gain access to the Imagineering Lab (IL):

  1. Download & print the Singh Imagineering Lab Operating Procedures. Read and acknowledge your agreement of the procedures with your signature at the bottom along with your BUID#.
  2. Attend an equipment safety training session (under the "Safety Training" section) and have your IL operating procedures signed by the equipment trainer.
  3. Turn in form to room B15 of 44 Cummington Street
  4. Apply for access in Zaius

Equipment Safety Training Schedule

You MUST be on time. You will not be admitted to training after it has begun. Be prepared to take notes. You can start to use the lab immediately after training. Training time will be up to an hour. You do not have to sign up - Just show up and the first 25 people will be admitted. Usually there is plenty of room.

(If you are coming to a training session that is held after 6pm or on a weekend you will want to be sure to already have card access to the front door of 44 Cummington Mall (ERB). To do this, please go to Zaius and request access to "Ingalls" which will include the front door of ERB (you should have already received an email introducing you to Ingalls and Zaius).

If you cannot make the training dates, come to the Lab or call 617-358-6738 and ask to be put on the waiting list for future trainings.

Please note training expires after 1 year and you will need to retake the training.

Date Time Trainer
Tue 7/1 12:00 Ted
Wed 7/2 6:00 Mehmet
Thur 7/3 2:00 Mehmet
Sat 7/5 12:00 Declan
Sun 7/6 12:00 Declan
Mon 7/7 6:00 Nate
Tue 7/8 12:00 Ted
Wed 7/9 6:00 Mehmet
Thur 7/10 2:00 Mehmet
Fri 7/11 12:00 Ted
Sat 7/12 12:00 Declan
Sun 7/13 12:00 Declan
Mon 7/14 6:00 Nate
Tue 7/15 12:00 Ted
Wed 7/16 6:00 Mehmet
Thur 7/17 2:00 Mehmet
Fri 7/18 12:00 Ted
Sat 7/19 12:00 Declan
Sun 7/20 12:00 Declan
Mon 7/21 6:00 Nate
Tue 7/22 12:00 Ted
Wed 7/23 6:00 Mehmet
Thur 7/24 2:00 Mehmet
Fri 7/25 12:00 Ted
Sat 7/26 12:00 Declan
Sun 7/27 12:00 Declan
Mon 7/28 6:00 Nate
Tues 7/29 12:00 Ted
Wed 7/30 6:00 Mehmet
Thur 7/31 2:00 Mehmet

Grand Opening of ENG's Singh Imagineering Lab

On October 28, 2011, Dean Ken Lutchen and donor Binoy K. Singh cut the ribbon that signaled the opening of BU College of Engineering's Imagineering Laboratory—a place for engineering students to let their imaginations loose, design, innovate, and create.