ENG Front Door

Graduate Admissions

MEng, MS, PhD, and LEAP applicants

Welcome to graduate admissions at Boston University’s College of Engineering! Each year the College admits over 300 new students from around the world who contribute to the scholarly work being conducted by our academic departments, interdisciplinary programs, labs and research centers. We welcome your interest in joining the College of Engineering and encourage you to review the information here for your upcoming application.

Boston University provides a variety of graduate degree programs for students interested in pursuing careers in research, industry, innovation and technology. The College of Engineering is proud to offer the following programs and degree options at the graduate level:

Department Program Degrees Offered
Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering M.Eng, MS, PhD
Electrical and Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering M.Eng, MS, PhD
Computer Engineering M.Eng, MS, PhD
Photonics M.Eng, MS
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering M.Eng, MS, PhD
Manufacturing Engineering M.Eng, MS
Global Manufacturing MS
Materials Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering M.Eng, MS, PhD
Systems Engineering Systems Engineering M.Eng, MS, PhD
Dual Degree program with the Graduate School of Management
MS in Manufacturing Engineering and Master of Business Administration

Each of our programs is unique and geared toward specific sections of advancing engineering. For more detailed information on each individual program we offer, we encourage applicants to visit our Graduate Programs page.

Late Entry Accelerated Program

LEAP (Late Entry Accelerated Program) is a program designed for individuals who seek new career opportunities but may lack the required background in engineering. For over 25 years, Boston University has provided a unique program that enables individuals with undergraduate backgrounds in fields other than engineering to earn graduate degrees in engineering. Learn more about LEAP here.

Non-degree and certificate programs

A graduate certificate program is a wonderful way to develop advanced-level expertise in a focused area of study without committing to a full degree program. Boston University offers certificate and non-degree programs in Engineering Innovation, Energy & Sustainability, Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), and Product Design. For more information on each of these programs, visit our Certificate Programs Page.

Any applicant interested in the Certificate programs should fill out our paper application. The completed paper application should be returned to the Graduate Programs Office.

Students interested in taking classes as a non-degree student should contact the Graduate Programs Office for more information.

Qualifications of Admission

The College of Engineering welcomes applications from students with diverse and unique backgrounds from across the world. Any well qualified person with a four year bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. institution or with the equivalent international education is encouraged to apply for their degree program of interest.

Additional information on qualifications

  • Applicants applying to any MEng, MS, or Post-Bachelor’s PhD program must have earned or expect to earn a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study.
  • Applicants for the Post-Master’s PhD programs must have earned or expect to earn a Master’s degree in a relevant field of study.
  • If offered admission, all students that matriculate to Boston University will be required to provide an official transcript from their previous academic institution, indicating their previously earned degree(s). If your transcripts are not in English, you will be required to provide a certified translation with the official transcript.

Admissions Process and Timeline

2-3 months before application deadline

  • Contact recommenders and request that they write your recommendation to your intended program. When the online application is available in early September, you can send an electronic request to your recommenders by email through the online application.
    • If you are applying to more than one program within the College of Engineering, recommenders will need to submit recommendations for each of your applications.
  • GRE and TOEFL/IELTS exams should be taken well in advance of the application deadline. It can take up to 6 weeks for ETS to report the scores electronically. We encourage students to contact ETS 2-3 months prior to the application,
  • Contact all previous colleges and/or universities and request official transcripts for your educational history at each school you have attended.
    • If your official transcript is not issued in English, you will be required to provide an official translation of your transcript along with the original.
  • Students should begin to write your personal statement and update your Resume for your application.

2-3 weeks before the application deadline

  • Complete all sections of the online application.
  • Upload all required credentials to your online application before to submitting the application.
  • Review your “Recommenders” tab on your online application to confirm that your recommenders have submitted their recommendation. You can send reminder emails to any recommender that has not submitted a recommendation using the “Recommenders” tab.

Once the application is submitted

  • All applications that are submitted are reviewed by the Graduate Programs Office to ensure that they are complete. If additional documentation is required or if there was a problem with one of the uploaded documents, applicants will be notified via the email address they provided.
  • Once the application is complete, the Graduate Programs Office will forward the entire application to the respective admissions committee to review. Applicants will be notified when their application is complete and forwarded via email. Please do not assume your application is complete until you receive an email notifying you it is complete from the Graduate Programs Office.
  • Admissions Committees will review each individual application. We ask that all applicants have patience while this review is occurring. Unfortunately there is no way to check the status of your application online.
  • When the decision is made, the Graduate Programs Office will notify applicants of the decision via email.