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Roxane Gay Speaks at The 2018 Power of Narrative Conference

Journalism students, veterans of the trade, and all those in between gathered at The Power of Narrative’s 20th annual conference this March to acquire new industry skills, network, and take inspiration from some of the world’s most acclaimed storytellers. Attendees heard from the likes of Brian McGrory, Editor of The Boston Globe and Lydia Polgreen, Editor in… Read More

‘This Isn’t Just a Black Story. This Is an American Story.’

Carlos Javier Ortiz, director, cinematographer, and documentary photographer, recently spoke with Boston University School of Public Health (SPH) students and Pulitzer fellows Lauryn Claassen and Madeline Bishop as part of a joint project with the College of Communication highlighting gun violence in the United States. “We need to look at how the narrative is dictated,”… Read More

Real-Life Wrongful Conviction Inspires Dick Lehr’s YA Novel

Dick Lehr’s fans know him as an award-winning investigative journalist who has penned best-selling books about real-life seedy criminal enterprises, murderous teens, and criminal cops. Lehr’s new book, out today, is a bold departure. Written for a young adult audience, Trell (Candlewick, 2017) is the fictional story of a 14-year-old who teams up with a… Read More

COM Faculty Analyze How Fake News Influences Real News

“Faculty and students have been agonizing recently about the emergence of fake news—false information packaged to deceive the public into thinking it was produced by professionals with respect for truth,” notes Thomas Fiedler (COM’71), dean of the College of Communication, in his spring 2017 COMtalk column. Another interested consumer of news—Barack Obama—described the new media… Read More

The Search for Truth in the Age of Social Media

It’s what the chattering classes have been chattering about since election day—the wave of fake news that rolled through America’s political discourse in the 2016 presidential campaign via social media, swamping voters with false reports ranging from the pope endorsing Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton helping run a child sex ring at a Washington pizzeria…. Read More

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