Training Program in Quantitative Biology and Physiology

This program is for students with an interest in studying biological phenomena at all length scales (molecular through organ- level) using a combination of computational and experimental techniques. The program is supported by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS). A large fraction of the BME faculty, as well as faculty from other departments, are included among the training faculty for this program. The curriculum for the NIH training program is somewhat different than for other BME PhD students. Students in this program are involved in a number of specialized, enriching activities, including journal clubs and retreats.

Applicants should indicate their interest in this interdisciplinary program in the personal statement of the BME application form in order to be considered for stipend and tuition support from the NIGMS training grant in Quantitative Biology and Physiology.

Quantitative Biology and Physiology Courses
Participating Laboratories

Faculty Mentors

Bigio, Irving
Colburn, Steve
Chen, Christopher
Damiano, Ed
Dennis, Allison
Eichenbaum, Howard
Erramilli, Shyamsunder
Frank-Kamenetskii, Maxim
Galagan, James
Goldberg, Bennett
Grinstaff, Mark
Han, Xue
Khalil, Ahmad
Klapperich, Catherine
Kopell, Nancy
Lutchen, Kenneth
Meller, Amit
Mertz, Jerome
Morgan, Elise
Ngo, John
Nugent, Matthew
Porter, Tyrone
Ritt, Jason
Roblyer, Darren
Segre, Daniel
Sen, Kamal
Shinn-Cunningham, Barbara
Smith, Michael
Stamenovic, Dimitrije
Steffen, Martin
Stepp, Cara
Suki, Bela
Tien, Joe
Ünlü, Selim
Vaina, Lucia Maria
White, John
Wong, Joyce
Wong, Wilson
Zaman, Muhammad