Dr. Carlos A. Lopez completed our Quantitative Biology & Physiology Training Program, graduating with a Ph.D. from the College of Engineering in 2007. (CV)

He is now a Senior Manager of Engineering for illumina, Inc. He manages a team of metrology and measurement system engineers focused on transferring new products/processes into high volume biotechnology manufacturing lines to ensure quality for in-process and finished products. His team works to solve problems related to applying and characterizing new test methods and measurement approaches for critical product attributes such as quantitation of measurement variation, definition of material/product specifications, and implementing statistical process control mechanisms to monitor production lines. They get to work at the cutting edge for integrated physical and chemical systems for DNA sequencing applications.

Reflecting on his time in the QBP program, Carlos said “The QBP and BU PhD programs made a significant and positive impact on my life. I would not be where I am now without the experiences, education, training, friendships, and confidence that these programs provided me.” In Carlos’ career, he highlights the value of the program’s rigorous mathematical, modeling, and statistical approaches used to understand and characterize biological/chemical/physical systems and processes. “I have not utilized my signals and systems or controls education quite as much, nor my physiology knowledge. However, mass transfer, thermodynamics, surface chemistry, molecular bioengineering, biomedical and biochemical microsystems knowledge has been heavily utilized.”

Some of Carlos’ favorite memories from the program involved the other members of his inaugural QBP group, Mike Richards and Tara Keck. “They became my close friends and I really enjoyed studying and spending time with them in the dedicated office space we all shared.” He also enjoyed the focus of the program on understanding of biological, physiological, and physical phenomena through rigorous quantitative methodologies.

Carlos recommends that students gain more practical experience for industry and business roles such as developing and working in high-performing teams, business processes, project management, and conflict resolution. To future trainees, he said ” Get out there and do some internships and gain tangible industry experience!”