Elise F. Morgan Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Orthopaedic & Developmental Biomechanics Lab
M.S., Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
Curriculum Vitae
Phone: (617) 353-2791; Fax: (617) 353-5866
Email: efmorgan@bu.edu
Office: ENG 221; Office hours: By appointment

Research Interests

  • mechanical behavior of biological materials
  • mechanical stimulation of tissue differentiation
  • micromechanics of multiscale media
  • damage mechanics

Professor Elise Morgan’s research focuses on the interplay between the mechanical behavior, structure, and biological function of tissues. She uses methods from engineering mechanics, materials science, and cell and molecular biology to investigate how mechanical “signals” (forces and displacements) contribute to the development, adaptation, degeneration, and regeneration of bone and cartilage. This work involves experimentation, computational modeling, and theoretical analysis. Through her research, Professor Morgan hopes to gain insight into causes and potential treatments for diseases or conditions such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and impaired bone healing.

Current Research

Professor Morgan’s current research projects are in the mechanical stimulation of skeletal healing, biomechanics of spine fractures, micromechanics of bone tissue and biomechanics of fracture healing.

Selected Recent Publications

Morgan, EF, Salisbury Palomares, KT, Gleason, RE, Bellin, DL, Chien, KB. “Correlations between local strains and tissue phenotypes in an experimental model of skeletal healing”  Journal of Biomechanics. (In Press)

Miller, GE and Morgan, EF.  “Use of nanoindentation to characterize the mechanical properties of articular cartilage:  comparison of biphasic material properties across length scales” Osteoarthritis and Cartilage. (In Press)

Salisbury Palomares, KT, Gerstenfeld, LC, Wigner, NA, Lenburg, ME, Einhorn, TA, Morgan, EF. “Transcriptional profiling and biochemical analysis of mechanically induced cartilaginous tissues” Arthritis and Rheumatism. (2010 Jan 28) *Epub ahead of print*

Leong, PL and Morgan, EF.  “Correlations between indentation modulus and mineral density in bone-fracture calluses” Integrative and Comparative Biology. 49: 59-68. (2009)

Bais MV, Wigner N, Young M, Toholka R, Graves DT, Morgan EF, Gerstenfeld LC, Einhorn TA.  “BMP2 is essential for post natal osteogenesis but not for recruitment of osteogenic stem cells” Bone. 45 (2): 254-66. (2009)

Salisbury Palomares, KT, Gleason, RE, Mason, ZD, Cullinane, DM, Einhorn, TA, Gerstenfeld, LC, Morgan, EF. “Mechanical stimulation alters tissue differentiation and molecular expression during bone healing” Journal of Orthopaedic Research. 27 (9): 1123-32. (2009)

Hayward, LNM and Morgan, EF. “Assessment of a mechano-regulation theory of skeletal tissue differentiation in an in vivo model of mechanically induced cartilage formation”  Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology. (2009 Jan 21) *Epub ahead of print*

Salisbury Palomares, KT, Gleason, RE, Mason, ZD, Cullinane, DM, Einhorn, TA, Gerstenfeld, LC, Morgan, EF “Mechanical Stimulation Alters Tissue Differentiation and Molecular Expression During Bone Healing” Journal of Orthopaedic Research. (In Press)

Morgan, EF, Chien, KB, Mason, ZD, Pfeiffer, AJ, Barnes, GL, Einhorn, TA, Gerstenfeld, LC “Computed Tomography Assessment of Fracture Healing: Relationships Among Callus Structure, Composition, and Mechanical Function” Bone. (In Press)

Morgan, EF, Mason, ZD, Bishop, G, Davis, AD, Gerstenfeld, LC, Einhorn, TA “Combined Effects of Recombinant Human BMP-7 (rhBMP-7) and Parathyroid Hormone (1-34) in Metaphyseal Bone Healing” Bone. (In Press)

Leong, PL and Morgan, EF “Measurement of Fracture Callus Material Properties via Nanoindentation” Acta Biomaterialia. 4 (5): 1569-75. (2008)

Kaufman, JD, Miller, GE, Morgan, EF, Klapperich, CM “Time-Dependent Mechanical Characterization of Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) Hydrogels Using Nanoindentation and Confined Compression” Journal of Materials Research. 23 (5): 1472-1481. (2008)

Liu, L and Morgan, EF “Accuracy and Precision of Digital Volume Correlation in Quantifying Displacements and Strains in Trabecular Bone” Journal of Biomechanics. 40 (15): 3516-20. (2007)