Senior Lecturer


100 Bay State Road, Room 338
(617) 358-1513

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2010 Ph.D. Universidad Católica de Valencia, Spain (Applied Linguistics)
2011 M.A. Universitat de Vic, Spain (Translation and Interpretation)
2007 M.A. Universitat de València, Spain (English)


Michael O’Mara-Shimek, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in the Writing Program, and an ELL Specialist.

His research focuses on how metaphor can be used to improve the ethical quality of financial and other news media reporting. He has studied how the stock market crash of 2008 was represented along ideological lines using metaphor in major online news sources in the United States and its impact on the decision making process of private individuals.

Dr. O’Mara has published in journals such as Discourse & Communication, Business Ethics: A European Review and the Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies.