Kyoto Alumni Talk

On November 6th, Brandon Syms (CAS ’12) spoke via Zoom to students interested in Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS). Brandon studied in Kyoto in the fall of 2011 and returned to Japan in the summer of 2012 after graduating with a major in Japanese & Linguistics to become an English Teacher, teaching for an […]

WLL Senior Lecturer in Hebrew, Mira Angrist, to Speak on BU Digital Learning & Innovation Panel

Announcement from BU Digital Learning & Innovation’s newsletter Click here to view the schedule and register to watch the talk live. Mira Angrist will be presenting “Gamed-Based Learning (GBL) and Gamification in eLearning” This presentation reviews the literature and research on game-based learning and gamification and showcases examples from language eLearning. These strategies can be […]

BU Chinese Program Hosts 8th Annual New England Chinese Language Teachers Association Conference

The Chinese program hosted The 8th New England Chinese Language Teachers Association’s Annual Conference on October 5th, 2019. The conference was a big success, with more than 60 presentations and over 150 participants.  Jennifer Rudolph, Professor of Asian History and Director of the China Hub and the Hangzhou Project Center at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, delivered […]

2019 Sushi Lecture

The “History Wars” and the “Comfort Woman” Issue: Revisionism and the Right-wing in Contemporary Japan and the U.S. Tomomi Yamaguchi (Montana State University) An issue of intense controversy currently in Japan is “comfort women”, with many in the right wing relentlessly attacking the accepted historical narrative and denying that there was any government involvement in, […]

On the Edge: Cultural Appropriation or Cultural Sharing?

Please join us for our upcoming BU Center for the Study of Asia symposium at Boston University: Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018  from 2:15-5:15 pm  at 53 Bay State Road (near Kenmore Square), Boston University  (Note the location, which is different from most BUCSA events) SPEAKERS: Ian Condry “Wamono” Boom: Japanese hip-hop DJs discover their roots in local […]

What is Democracy?: Film Screening and Panel Discussion with Members of the WLL Faculty

What is Democracy?: Film Screening and Panel Discussion with Astra Taylor (director) and BU Faculty (Lida Maxwell, Petrus Liu, Vivien Schmidt, Spencer Piston, Margaret Litvin) 10/24 at 5pm, Photonics 206 URL: https://www.bu.edu/cas/community/calendar/?eid=219235 BU will host one of the first American screenings of Astra Taylor’s new documentary, “What is Democracy?”, followed by a short panel discussion with the […]

BUNITED Student-Led Diversity Conference 2.18.18

BUNITED Student Diversity Conference is a Boston-wide collegiate event. We welcome all students from all universities! The day will consist of various workshops that will cover topics stemming from oppressive systems such as mass incarceration, anti-blackness within non-black communities, misogyny, mental health, self-care and imperialism. Through our theme “Get to the Root: Unearthing Oppression and […]

Micallef Organizes Literary Talk

Professor Micallef was asked to organize a conversation on a literary topic by Erkut Gomulu, the organizer of the Boston Turkish Festival: The Colors of Anatolia.

Haiku as World Literature

BUCSA Asian Cultural Heritage Series Part I : The Art of Letters Haiku as World Literature A Celebration of the 150th Birthday of Haiku Poet Masaoka Shiki October 12 & 13, 2017 Haiku is perhaps the best travelled of all world literary genres. Since the seventeenth century, when Matsuo Bashō wrote his masterpiece, The Narrow […]