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Language of the Month: Russian!

BU’s Educational Resource Center highlighted the Russian language program as the language of the month in their latest issue. Click the link below the see the full publication! Russian Language of the Month

Exploring Russian

The Russian language club met every Wednesday throughout the fall semester to discuss a variety of topics. Headed by the Russian FLTA, Sasha, students explored subjects such as traditional Russian holidays, folktales, cuisine, and music. Students were also given the opportunity to have detailed conversations with students studying at Moscow university. See below for more […]

LR443 Compare Neutrality in Russian and American Reporting

Comparing Neutrality in Russian and American Reporting in LR 443: Contemporary Russian Culture, for students Joseph Wahl and Mazime Gavronsky, Russian media was a particularly interesting topic. For a graded semester-long project, the two decided to create their own media compass that included both Russian and American new sources. The Digication e-portfolio platform makes it […]

WLL Reads The Brothers Karamazov

In preparation for our one-day symposium, “The Worlds of the Brothers Karamazov,” on 7 April, 2018,¬†we’re planning to read Dostoevsky’s novel as a department. This will be our second annual Big Fat Books symposium, and it follows on the heels of last year’s illustrious “Worlds of the Tale of Genji”. Some of us have read […]

Students Enjoy Cafe St. Petersburg in Newton, MA

On November 20th, Russian FLTA, MAria Komarova, was joined by a group of students (pictured above) for a lunch outing at Cafe St. Petersburg in Newton, MA. The students, enrolled in LR 211 had lunch together, they ordered their meals in Russian and had a great time together. They ate borsch, pastry puff pirozhki and […]

Russian Voices Film Series

During the fall of 2013, our focus at the Center for the Study of Europe is on Russia. The Russian Voices Film Series is intended to complement the forthcoming Russian Voices Symposium and Philosophical Cabaret. The poets, musicians, and filmmakers featured in the series are each, in their own way, engaged in re-thinking oppositions such […]

Russian Voices Symposium and Philosophical Cabaret at Boston University

Join us on Wednesday, November 20, for Russian Voices: Readings and Conversations with contemporary Russian poets Polina Barskova, Anna Glazova, and Maria Stepanova. This event celebrates the release by Zephyr Press of Relocations, a new anthology of Russian poetry, and brings together the three poets whose works are collected in the book and two of […]