Photo of Linda Banks-Santilli

Linda Banks-Santilli

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Linda Banks-Santilli is associate dean for academic affairs and clinical associate professor of special education at Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. She oversees the operations of the Data & Enrollment Management (DEMO) and Professional Preparation offices. She also serves as ex-officio on the Academic Affairs Committee, a committee that reviews and approves curriculum, and the Academic Review Committee, a committee responsible for monitoring students’ successful time to degree completion.

Dr. Banks-Santilli collaborates with the associate dean for student affairs, the director of the undergraduate program, the director of doctoral programs, the assistant dean for academic affairs, department chairs, other associate deans, and a number of instrumental staff members. She represents BU Wheelock’s interests at the University’s undergraduate and graduate councils. She also serves on the Cabinet and is, along with her colleagues, responsible for helping to enact the College’s strategic plan.

Dr. Banks-Santilli was a faculty member and served as dean of education & human development at Wheelock College prior to the merger with Boston University. As a former Boston Public School teacher, Dr. Banks-Santilli worked primarily with children and adolescents with emotional and behavior disorders. Her dissertation was focused on the quality of their educational experiences. Since that time, Dr. Banks-Santilli has published on topics associated with teacher preparation and first-generation college student success.

Pronouns: she/her

EdD, Harvard University

MA, Lesley College

BS, Wheelock College

Introduction to Special Education

Field Experiences in Special Education

Moderate & Severe Disabilities

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