BU Today

Robin Berghaus



As producer/editor, Robin creates short-form nonfiction videos for BU Today. Her videos have won the CASE Communication Award in Digital Media and Redstone Film Festival Award, and her photography has been published in magazines, including Bostonia and Stylus. Before joining the BU Today team, she worked with local production companies, among them Northern Light Productions, Spectrum Media, and the Filmmakers in Residence program at WGBH. Her collaborative film projects, one a feature length documentary, have screened at festivals worldwide, including South by Southwest and Hong Kong International Film Festival, and have taken her to interesting places such as Riobamba, Ecuador and Teacapan, Mexico, and behind-the-scenes at Boston’s Symphony Hall and Good Morning America. She has done a range of videos and profiles, with interviewees that include social activist Howard Zinn, playwright Melinda Lopez, comedian Jimmy Tingle, actor Elliot Gould, White House photographer Pete Souza, director Mel Stuart, and tennis commentator Bud Collins. With a master’s degree in film production from Boston University’s College of Communication, she has led educational workshops, addressing topics such as video production, photography, lighting, and sound design for Boston University, Simmons College and Teen Voices.