Global Program Support

BU is constantly raising its international profile, thanks, in large part, to our faculty, researchers, and students. We know that launching and sustaining ventures overseas is no easy task. The Global Programs office works closely with all schools and colleges and the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences, and over 130 centers and institutes, to increase the visibility and impact of the University’s efforts around the world. On our campuses, as well as abroad, Global Programs facilitates interdisciplinary partnerships to support BU’s global vision and helps continually to expand the framework behind our growing global presence.

If you are planning a new international activity, we encourage you to make use of the Global Programs website, which is designed to support overseas-bound faculty and staff. Most of the guidelines and suggestions are derived from lessons learned from past BU experiences abroad, including Planning Your Activity Abroad, Financial Matters, Global Staffing, Health & Safety, Technology Abroad, Export Controls, and Insurance. As your plans begin taking shape, please contact Global Programs, who will be more than happy to help you think through potential issues.