Housing & Dining

Students in the Summer Study Internship Program have the option to live on campus. Those who choose this option are housed in apartment-style residences that are conveniently located within walking distance to all classrooms on the Charles River Campus and to public transportation.

Apartments vary in size, are furnished, and include bathrooms and kitchens. Students must provide their own linens and pillow, cooking utensils, dishes, silverware, and cleaning supplies.

All apartments are multiple-occupancy; students will have at least one roommate. All residences include wireless internet access. Students have their mail delivered to their apartment mailboxes by the US Postal Service. Students also have access to laundry facilities.

2020 residence rates:

  • Multiple-occupancy room in an apartment with A/C: $4,284 (12 weeks)
  • Multiple-occupancy room in an apartment without A/C: $3,864(12 weeks)

Note: there is limited availability of apartments with A/C.

Whether you live on or off campus, you have the option to purchase a dining plan or Convenience Points plan. If you select this option, you must complete an Optional Dining Plan Agreement for one of the three dining plans offered or a Convenience Points Plan Agreement for a points-only plan.

Optional Dining Plan and Convenience Points Plan Agreements will be available at the beginning of the summer at the Terrier Card Office, 775 Commonwealth Avenue (basement of the George Sherman Union).

If choosing to purchase a dining plan, we recommend starting off with one of the six-week plans, which will cover the Academic Phase. You can always add more weeks later in the summer. Your internship placement may impact your dining decisions, so we suggest waiting until your internship is confirmed before choosing your dining plan for the internship phase of the program.

Commuting students

Students in the Summer Study Internship Program have the option of commuting to campus. If you choose to rent, Boston has many available sublets during the summer. For more information on summer sublets, please contact BU Off-Campus Services at 617-353-3523 or visit their website: offcampus.bu.edu. Please note that Off-Campus Services provides listings online for informational purposes only. BU does not inspect, endorse, or recommend any specific units listed with Off-Campus Services.

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