Summer Study Internship Academic Phase

The Academic Phase

Summer 1 (May 21 - June 28, 2019)

During the first six weeks of the Summer Study Internship Program, students enroll in two summer courses chosen from one of eight academic tracks. Courses are offered by Boston University's many schools and colleges. To view details, select one of the tracks below:

Students earn 4 semester credits for each completed course, for a total of 8 credits during the Summer 1 session. Students must earn a grade of C or higher in each course in order to continue on to the Internship Phase of the program. No pass/fail or audit grades are available. There is no refund given to students who are withdrawn from the program.

During Summer 1, students prepare for their internship placements by meeting with the program's internship team and the student's faculty advisor, and attending workshops covering topics such as interviewing, networking, and self-assessment.

Throughout the program, students also attend a 2-credit Internship Course on Friday mornings during Summer 1 and two evenings in Summer 2. During the Internship Phase, students are required to complete a final paper/presentation based on their internship experience.

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