Staff Picks

Here are some of our favorite summer courses, as chosen by the Summer Term staff:


Animal Behavior

Study the biology of animals with Metcalf award–winning professor, Dr. Fred Wasserman.

(CAS BI 407)


Applied Positive Psychology

Professor Block’s summer course is a great opportunity to learn the psychological principles behind living a fulfilling and flourishing life.

(SED CE 630)


Arts Engagement as Active Hope: Attuning, Reflecting, and Writing Our Way Towards a Sustainable Future

An online course that invites you to use art and writing to contemplate nature.

(CFA ME 377)


Organization & Delivery of Healthcare in the U.S.

This online course presents an interdisciplinary look at the many factors impacting our healthcare system.

(SAR HP 353)


Professional Presentation

Develop oral and presentation skills critical to future success, with great COM instructors Edward Downes and Michael Dodge.

(COM CM 211)


Race and the Politics of Criminal Justice Policy

Join Professor Spencer Piston for this online course that offers a close examination of the criminal justice system.

(CAS AA 319) or (CAS PO 316)


Super Heroes in Film

An online course in one of our favorite movie genres, focused on the blockbusters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

(COM FT 460)



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