Note: All tuition rates listed on the Summer Term 2018 website are pending approval.

College of Fine Arts

Acting & Performance 1

CFA TH 120

Focuses on awareness of the human body as an expressive instrument. The approach to acting begins with preparation exercises that connect the actor's body, mind, voice, and imagination. Fundamental to the training is the assumption that all the necessary elements for alive and inspired performances are living inside the artist, and only need to be awakened through the use of image and the body. The course therefore emphasizes a physical and imagistic approach to acting. 4 cr.


Summer Theatre Institute

CFA TH 150

The Boston University Summer Theatre Institute is an immersive five-week program focused on theatre-making for serious and highly-motivated high school students. It is designed for those who wish to test their interests and abilities in a professional conservatory training environment. In this program, students develop confidence and technique, acquire insight and expertise, and learn to meet intellectual and artistic challenges in all aspects of the craft (performance, creation, design, and practice). 4.0 credits. Summer Term 2. 4 cr.