The courses below were offered in summer 2023. They are listed here to indicate what is typically available during Summer Term. Please check back on December 15, when the full summer 2024 course schedule will be available.



Mass Communication, Advertising, and Public Relations

College of Communication

  • Understanding Media

    COM CM 180

    Traces the development, surveys the literature, and explores the impact of media--whether traditional, interactive, social, or mobile--examining conceptual, theoretical, and practical aspects of today's global media environment. Reviews the factors that have shaped the nature of contemporary media, including their content, uses, functions, and audiences. Provides students with a broad understanding of the social and psychological impact of mediated communication and empowers students to think originally and critically about how media technologies evolve, function, advance, and shape society, industry, and professional practices. The course makes dynamic connections between theoretical frameworks, everyday life, and industry practices in a manner that engages undergraduate students in Advertising, Media Science, and Public Relations and informs them of the significance of using strategic approaches to constructing, disseminating, and evaluating media initiatives and media messages. (Formerly COM CM 380. Students should not take COM CM 180 if they have already taken COM CM 380.) 4 cr.


  • Professional Presentation

    COM CM 211

    Covers the essentials of effective presentation, from preparation, audience analysis, and content development to critical thinking when presenting. Students incorporate theories and skills of effective communication in a variety of contexts (e.g., common business and social settings). Effective Fall 2018, this course fulfills a single unit in the following BU Hub area: Oral and/or Signed Communication. 4 cr.


  • Principles and Practices of Public Relations

    COM CM 215

    An introduction to the field of public relations: its theoretical origins, scope, and principles. Discussion focuses on researching problems, setting objectives, identifying audiences, designing messages, choosing communication channels, and evaluating results for all types of organizations. Ethical decision-making, online communication, and career opportunities are also analyzed through case studies in the field. The format is a combination of informal lecture and small-group discussion, case analysis, and guest lecture. (Formerly COM CM 301. Students cannot take COM CM 215 for credit if they have already taken COM CM 301.) 4 cr.


  • Introduction to Advertising

    COM CM 217

    Explores the history, nature, function, and social and economic aspects of advertising: ethical responsibilities, psychological appeals, marketing, media research, product analysis, creative strategies, and agency operation. Students prepare a comprehensive advertising plan including a marketing strategy and speculative advertising campaign. (Formerly COM CM 317. Students cannot take COM CM 217 for credit if they have already taken COM CM 317.) 4 cr.


  • Communication Research Methods

    COM CM 321

    Prereq: (COM CM 180). Introduction to the social scientific method of inquiry and the fundamental concepts and processes of social scientific methods that are used in media science, advertising, and public relations. Covers assorted research methods, including both quantitative and qualitative. Also includes literature review, research design, research execution, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and reporting of findings. 4 cr.


  • Writing for Communication

    COM CM 331

    Prereq: (COM CO 201) and First-Year Writing Seminar (e.g., CAS WR 100 or CAS WR 120). Intensive exposure to some of the basic writing formats in the communications profession: news releases, letters, features, and profiles. Lead writing, editing, and techniques of interviewing. Extensive writing and rewriting. Develops basic writing skills for different audiences. Effective Fall 2018, course fulfills a single unit in the following BU Hub area: Writing-Intensive Course. 4 cr.


  • Fundamentals of Creative Development

    COM CM 417

    Prereq: (COM CM 217 or COM CM 317). Focuses on the strategic creative process in advertising including concept development, copywriting, visualization, and design. Assignments require conceiving solutions to client marketing challenges across a range of media. Teaches foundations for development of effective advertising: problem definition, strategic development, and conceptual idea generation through tangible executions. 4 cr.


  • Ad Management

    COM CM 419

    Prereq: COM CM217. Prereq: (COM CM 217 or COM CM 317). Administration of a complete advertising program. Case-study method used to explore the marketing mix, budgeting, media strategy, planning, coordinating advertising with promotion, working with client or agency, and the social responsibility of advertisers. 4 cr.


  • Media Strategies and Management

    COM CM 441

    Prereq: (COM CM 215 & COM CM 331). Students study planning, implementing, managing, and measuring earned media and influencer strategies, as well as integrating earned media into an overall Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned (PESO) campaign. Involves lectures, in-class discussions, video cases, mock scenarios, and individual take-home cases. 4 cr.


  • Design Strategy and Software

    COM CM 501

    Prereq: Sophomore standing. Provides knowledge and practice for effective graphic design for all media. Develops a foundation in design principles and creative software skills including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Students create projects demonstrating how design strategies are used to engage audiences and enhance comprehension of all forms of mass communication from traditional print to digital media. Effective Fall 2020, this course fulfills a single unit in each of the following BU Hub areas: Digital/Multimedia Expression, Aesthetic Exploration, Creativity/Innovation. (Formerly COM CM 323. Students cannot take COM CM 501 for credit if they have already taken COM CM 323.) 4 cr.


  • Promoting Your Content Online

    COM CM 502

    Teaches students how to market their creative works online. Students learn to identify targeted marketing and distribution platforms for new websites, pilots, video channels, series, and blogs. Explores how to use social media to find an audience, generate buzz, and identify potential funding sources. Students also learn practical entrepreneurial tools needed to organize their creative work as a business venture. 4 cr.


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