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CHEF SERIES – On the Rise: Getting to Know Your Leaveners

Jessica Spier, Graduate Student in Dietetics, SAR ’17 For a sandwich, as a side, or served up as morning toast, there are so many different types and times that we enjoy bread. Thinking about lofty, fluffy, leavened loaves, there are two leaveners in particular most highly debated for baking the best bread: yeast vs. sourdough. […]

College Grocery Shopping Made Simple

Emma Aneshansley Senior Health Sciences Student, SAR ’17 I moved into a Stuvi1 apartment my junior year. Like most other students leaving the typical dorms for the first time, I was excited to have my own room and to be granted the new degree of freedom of being able to cook for myself. Luckily I […]

Smart Shopping Tips

Gina Petracca is a first year graduate student at Boston University in Sargent College’s DPD/MS+DI program. Let’s face it: grocery stores are overwhelming. There is an exorbitant amount of food and an endless number of options. Where do you even begin? And how are you supposed to make healthy decisions with so many treats taunting you at […]

Kitchen Safety: A Fiery Interview

   By Ellie Schulman, Film and Television student, College of Communication This past summer I moved into my first place on my own, and while I felt pretty proud that I managed to take care of myself for three months, I have to admit that it was a pretty hilarious experience. For example, I would sometimes […]

What is Unit Pricing?

  by Gina Petracca, Graduate Nutrition Student When you are grocery shopping and about to put a product in your basket, what do you look at? Do you look at the price? And if so, which price do you look at? Most people don’t realize that every item in the grocery store actually has two prices: […]