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Our team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are experts in a variety of specialty areas including weight management, eating disorders, sports nutrition, food allergies and intolerances, digestive disorders, and healthy dining programs. We incorporate the latest research and evidenced-based practices to provide insight and context to publications, and radio and television programs. Please provide details on your interview topic and timeline when you contact us.

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Spot On! Podcast | Published January 5, 2019 | Spot On!, hosted by our colleague, Clinical Associate Professor Joan Salge Blake, EdD, MS, RDN, FAND, is a health and wellness podcast that explores the latest health-related media topics, and extracts accurate, usable information geared toward college students, soon-to-be college students, or anyone who knows a college student! The first episode of the podcast features SCNC’s Sports Specialist Dietitian, Lauren O’Brien, MS, RDN, LDN, CSSD – we recommend you tune in to this episode, and all others!

Men’s | Published December 12, 2018. | Have you heard of prebiotics? SCNC Registered Dietitian Jordan Badger discusses what prebiotics are and where they can be found in our diets. Read more.

BU Today | Published October 25, 2018 | Looking for tasty, easy-to-prepare dishes that can be made in the microwave? SCNC Registered Dietitians teamed up with BU Today to create some great recipes and videos on how to cook them using just a microwave. Read more. | Published October 18, 2018 | What is MCT oil and are its health claims backed by science? SCNC Registered Dietitian Jordan Badger reviews this oil and what the research says about it. Read more.│Published August 22, 2018SCNC Registered Dietitian Jordan Badger discusses the health benefits of guacamole. Read more.│Published July 11, 2018SCNC Registered Dietitian Elizabeth Matteo comments on the health benefits of hummus. Read more.│Published October 16, 2017The SCNC served on a panel of food and nutrition experts, providing money-saving tips and advice for vegetarian and vegan meal planning. Read more.

The Boston Globe│Published August 24, 2017│SCNC Registered Dietitian Elizabeth Matteo comments on the important role of diet in recovering from a workout in response to Tom Brady’s ‘no days off’ chant. Read more.

Chowhound│Published August 10, 2017│The SCNC shares some grocery shopping tips to help college students on a budget. Read more.

Quartz│Published March 17, 2016│Can wearable fitness trackers trigger eating disorder behaviors? Jennifer Culbert provides insight. Read more.

The Daily Free PressPublished February 10, 2014│The SCNC offers some tips for decreasing the added sugar in your diet. Read more. 

BU TodayPublished July 26, 2013As health and fitness becomes increasingly popular, Jennifer Culbert comments on when healthy eating becomes an unhealthy obsession. Read more.

BU TodayPublished July 15, 2013Greatist ranks BU among the top 20 healthiest colleges in America, highlighting the FitRec & Sargent Choice as key contributors. Read more.

Boston MagazinePublished April 25, 2013The SCNC’s very own Lauren O’Brien (formerly Lauren Ferraro) talks with Boston Magazine to offer tips on eating healthy on a limited budget. Read more.