When you think “healthy recipe,” do you think “low-fat” or “low-calorie” and, sadly, “disappointment”? Think again! Sargent Choice recipes feature ALL of the principles of healthy eating with a special emphasis on taste and satisfaction. How do we do it? We begin with flavors you love and use the following beneficial ingredients:

  • 100% whole grains instead of refined grains
  • More fruits and vegetables
  • Plant sources of protein such as nuts, seeds, and dried beans
  • Lean meats
  • Reduced fat cheeses
  • Heart-healthy liquid oils in measured amounts
  • Herbs and spices and flavorful cooking techniques eliminating the need for too much salt

Let our recipes inspire you. The principles are flexible. Use our healthy shopping list to stock up on healthy ingredients and make our recipes your own. You don’t have whole wheat pasta? Try brown rice or whole wheat couscous. No broccoli? No problem. Substitute your favorite vegetables. Tired of chicken breast? How about salmon or sirloin steak? You get the picture. Enjoy!