Undeclared Program

Undecided? We have just the program for you!

Ever wish you were one of those people who knew what they wanted to be since kindergarten? If you still aren’t sure exactly which health care career to pursue, don’t worry. BU Sargent College has a program that makes finding your niche a lot easier. Along the way, you just might have some of the best experiences of your college career.

First of all, we understand why you’re undecided. As the health care field has grown, so have career options within it. Say you want to go to medical school. Which specialty will you choose? And which of several different undergraduate paths will you take to get there? Perhaps you’re interested in physical therapy but torn between research and practice. Or maybe you’re considering a dual major like Health Science with Economics or Business Administration, or Human Physiology and Biology, or Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences with Linguistics. The minor in Public Health can be combined with many of the majors; for example, Nutrition and Public Health is a great combination.

The choices seem endless. But with the right opportunities, experiences, and guidance, choosing a major isn’t a confusing decision. It’s simply a process of discovery.

How to find your career, and yourself

The Sargent College Undeclared Program lets you explore different areas of health care for up to two full years to find the one that excites you most and fits you best. Part of this challenge will be academic. Our first-year required seminar, Introduction to Health & Rehabilitation Professions, is a small, thought-provoking class where you’ll learn about and discuss critical health care issues. You can also take courses in any of the other Sargent College programs—as well as other schools and colleges at BU—along with your BU-Hub courses. (See our suggested first-semester classes for undeclared students.)

But academics are just the beginning. Your journey of discovery can also include:

  • clinical experiences in a variety of health care settings, from our own Sargent College Clinical Education Centers to an international network of affiliations. Clinical experience can start as early as your first year. Besides your own direct involvement, you can schedule observation hours at various clinics.
  • perspective and advice from upperclassmen. To get an insider’s view of the department you’re considering, meet face-to-face with a student Dean’s Host. Also, take advantage of the Boston University Alumni Association’s Career Advisory Network that lets you contact BU alums with different majors and careers who want to help undecided students find their way.
  • BU CareerLink is BU’s online hub for career resources, including internship and job listings, in the U.S. as well as around the world, exclusively for undergrads, graduate students, and alumni. You’ll have 24/7 access and be able to sign up for on-campus events and manage multiple résumés, cover letters, and other employment-related documents.
  • conversations with the program directors. They can define program requirements and career options for different degrees. You can also make appointments with Sargent College alumni for a different perspective.
  • community service opportunities are enlightening, rewarding, and almost limitless at BU Sargent College. You can teach or tutor, or join an alternative spring break program. Volunteer at local hospitals or the Red Cross. Become an EMT or work at Boston athletic events or the Museum of Science as you pursue your interests and discover your strongest skills.
  • research opportunities at BU’s many research centers and labs. The many and varied hands-on learning opportunities available are a major advantage of attending a large research university. Our Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) makes it easy to see what’s available.
  • three advisors who can guide you through your journey of discovery: a faculty member, an academic counselor, and a peer counselor.

We’re here to help.

These are some of the people who will help you chart your course in the Sargent College Undeclared Program.