The Sargent College Advantage for Undergraduates

It’s your first day in your first class as a Sargent College first-year student. You expected Boston University to challenge you academically. But you didn’t expect this.

Isn’t a required first-year student survey course supposed to be a huge lecture? Instead, this one is a thought-provoking, 12-person discussion group using books that look nothing like textbooks. Why are these professors with amazing credentials encouraging students to disagree with them? Who would have thought a course titled “Introduction to the Health and Rehabilitation Professions” could be so personally involving and…well, exciting?

Welcome to a different kind of academic community. In health care, a field that’s all about helping each person as an individual, academics are personal, too. Besides cultivating scientific curiosity and knowledge at BU Sargent College, we create a learning environment for developing values and interpersonal skills.

Our faculty encourages you to think critically, evaluate objectively, and search for new answers to real health care problems. As advisors, they work with you individually to help you plan your courses and career. As clinicians and researchers, they inspire you with the range, results, and international recognition of their work—and in many cases invite you to join them in their efforts.

Thinking Beyond Departments

The College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College offers undergraduate and combined undergraduate/graduate degrees in four academic departments: Health Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy & Athletic Training, and Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences. But when it comes to teaching and research, our faculty members hold very interdisciplinary interests. Why shouldn’t our students?

Having our programs, clinics, and research centers in one state-of-the-art building makes our learning environment unique. Students and instructors from all disciplines can work together as a team, reflecting the direction of today’s health care management and patient treatment.

Your personal academic path can cross traditional lines, too. Combine nutrition and education, or behavior and health with pre-medical courses. Study the biology of a disorder in the lab and its public health implications in the world. The academic doors are open between Sargent College departments in addition to BU’s 17 other schools and colleges.

There’s one more choice we offer that many colleges don’t. If you haven’t yet decided which health care career is right for you, our Undeclared program lets you explore your options for two years, taking required undergraduate courses while getting a taste of different health disciplines. It’s a great way to find your niche.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

In every Sargent College program, fieldwork plays a key role. And you have quite a field to choose from for your clinical experience: more than 1,700 hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, schools, and community health agencies located at the University, the Boston area, across the U.S., and throughout the world.

Within Sargent College itself, there are eight clinical education centers where you can learn and improve your skills, observe experienced clinicians, and begin to feel the satisfaction of being a health care practitioner. You can also participate in cutting-edge research, working on interdepartmental projects in any of our more than 20 research facilities. After all, you’re at one of the world’s major research institutions. We’ll make sure you take advantage of it.

Educating the Whole Person

Even the most prestigious professional degree does not make an educated citizen of the world. Fortunately, Boston University is also a world-class liberal arts school. Our undergraduate programs include an excellent foundation of arts and sciences courses. We also encourage you to choose from a wide variety of electives. If you have a passion for travel, choosing one of our excellent study abroad programs, alternative spring break programs, or overseas clinical affiliations can add an entirely new dimension to your education—and your life.

Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Sargent College gives you the advantages of two very different kinds of college life. We’re a small, close-knit community—one of the most active and involved at BU. So you can get to know your classmates and professors well, just as you would at a small college.

But of course, you’re at Boston University, surrounded by all the intellectual stimulation, inspiration, and energy of a large, urban, internationally recognized university. Our campus is a hub of academic resources, student organizations, and activities. When you want to work out, our incredible Fitness & Recreation Center is minutes away. Volunteer opportunities are also easy to find, from Health Leads to the outstanding, student-run BU Community Service Center.

And then there’s Boston. Living in one of America’s most exciting cities, you can share in its rich mix of art, music, theater, history, sports, and pure Boston spirit. We invite you to learn more about Sargent College, our students, and life at Boston University.