Dean’s Hosts

Abby Faria (Sargent ‘21)

Major: Health Science & BS/MPH

Activities: BU Gymnastics Club, Peer Health Exchange, Global Days of Service, First-Year Student Outreach Project

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I chose Sargent because I loved that it gave us a small, familiar community within a much larger university and city full of so much opportunity. I thought it was awesome that there was a school within BU dedicated specifically to pre-health academics, and that all the professors and students seemed so passionate and excited to be a part of Sargent.

Abigail Lowe (Sargent 22)

Major: Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

Activities: Sargent Student Government Executive Board Treasurer/Junior Class Secretary, National Student Speech, Language & Hearing Association Executive Board Treasurer

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I knew I wanted to study speech-language pathology, and BU has one of the best undergraduate programs for it. I wanted to be in a big city but still have the feeling of the small, tight-knit community, which I found at Sargent.

Amanda McFarland (Sargent 21)

MajorHealth Science, minor in French and African Studies

Activities: Omega Phi Alpha President, Recruitment Assistant for the Alzheimer’s Prevention Study at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I started at BU as a biochemistry and molecular biology major, but quickly realized I was not doing what I truly loved. I learned about Sargent, which was so much more in line with my passion for public health. I transferred, and I have been able to explore my passions in a supportive, community-oriented environment.

Andrew Kim (Sargent 22)

Major: Behavior & Health

Activities: BU’s In Achord A Cappella, Alternative Service Breaks Trip Coordinator, FYSOP Staff Leader

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I was first introduced to BU because my sister attended as an undergraduate at Wheelock College. It wasn’t until I took a deep dive into specific colleges at BU, especially Sargent, that I realized BU was my dream school. I loved how Sargent effortlessly intertwined aspects of the healthcare system, making it a perfect home for undergrads who want to go into the healthcare field.

Andrew Kwon (Sargent 22)

MajorHealth Science

Activities: Community Service Center Program Manager, Alpha Phi Omega, Sargent Student Government Class Vice President, FYSOP Staff Leader, Alternative Service Breaks Trip Coordinator

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? The “small community within a big university” phrase definitely stuck out to me. I still didn’t know if I wanted to be at a big or small university, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to experience both. I also appreciate Sargent’s interdisciplinary approach to teaching pre-health students, reminding students that the healthcare industry is more than just science classes.

Angelina McNulty (Sargent 22)

MajorPhysical Therapy

Activities: BU Synchronized Skating team, board member of BU Figure Skating Club, US Figure Skating Collegiate Ambassador, PDP instructor, Gross Anatomy Teaching and Learning Assistant

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? As soon as I arrived on campus for my college visit, I fell in love with Sargent. I knew from the start that Sargent was a place I could make my home. Being at a large university like BU opens the door to many possibilities, and as a student in Sargent, you have the opportunity to benefit from the wide array of resources from our University as well as the tight knit community of a small college like Sargent.

Anisha Erasani (Sargent 22)

Major: Health Science BS/MPH, minor in Computer Science

Activities: Student Health Ambassador, Sargent Peer Mentor, Peer Health Exchange Leadership Council, Omega Phi Alpha Community Service Sorority, Office Assistant at BU Chemistry Department, Undergradute Public Health Association Treasurer, Tutor at BU Upward Bound

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I knew that I wanted to study public health but also have the opportunity to explore different classes and extracurricular activities. Sargent has allowed me to take very interesting classes from my major but gives me the freedom to take electives and add a minor outside of Sargent.

Ava Herzer (Sargent 22)

MajorNutrition and Health

Activities: Alpha Phi Omega co-ed community service fraternity, Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, FYSOP Staff Leader, Partners in Health Engage

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare before applying to colleges. Coming from a small town in New Jersey, I was ready to go bigger in choosing my college. However, in some ways, the thought of getting lost in a bigger university was daunting. That’s when I heard about Sargent. It’s a college with a tight-knit community of students, and it’s located within a major university with all its resources in the middle of a thriving city with all its opportunities. Sargent is the best of both worlds. The professors and advisors are excellent and extremely helpful.

Ben Skross (Sargent ‘21)

Major: Health Science

Activities: Digital Project Coordinator and Graphic Designer at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Community Service Center: First-Year Student Outreach Project coordinator and staff leader, Alternative Service Breaks chair and coordinator, Student Food Rescue, Fitness Attendant, BU on Broadway

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? When I was chosing schools, I liked BU because of how many opportunities I had from major choice to study abroad programs to student activities. I came in a little unsure of my career path and transferrer into Sargent after my freshman year. I fell in love with the focus on innovative, interdisciplinary public health thinking, the ability to create close relationships with faculty and students.

Brianna Cole (Sargent ‘22)

Major: Health Science, minor in Public Policy Analysis

Activities: Lead Senator for Health for BU, Chair of the Rules Committee, and BU Mental Health Committee with BU Student Government. Associate Editor of U.S. Politics for the Boston Political review, Research Assistant with the BU Political Dept., Kappa Alpha Theta, BUEMS supervisor

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I came to BU as a neurobiology major on the pre-med track. I thought my calling was to be a neurologist. However, I struggled freshman year as I realized I didn’t have the passion to be a doctor. I talked with my family and friends and transferred to Sargent as a health science major. It was the best decision I could have made. I found my true passion in health policy and a community and support in Sargent that freshman me could not have imagined.

Brianna Connor (Sargent ‘22)

Major: Human Physiology

Activities: Resident Assistant, Research Assistant, Period Club Member, Climbing Wall Instructor at the Barreca Climbing Wall

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I love Boston, and BU is a large research university with a vibrant campus life. BU truly does have something for everyone! I chose Sargent because I wanted a career in the health care field, and Sargent seemed like the best place for me to really dive in. Getting to take gross anatomy as an upperclassmen is rare and really gives you an advantage for graduate school or medical school. BU also exposes you to a variety of topics through the BU HUB, and I’ve taken some really amazing courses outside of Sargent that have expanded my world view.

Bridget Prendergast (Sargent 22)

Major: Behavior & Health

Activities: Student Occupational Therapy Association, Sargent Peer Mentor, Learning Assistant for Systems Physiology, Peer tutor, Student Desk Assistant at the ERC and CCD

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I was really excited about the intersection of all the different health fields. I think it’s awesome that we have so much overlap, and we all learn from each others’ perspectives.

Caitlyn Leonard (Sargent ‘22)

MajorHealth Physiology

Activities: Teaching Assistant for General Chemistry, Volunteer at Boston Children’s Hospital, Partners in Health, Kilachand Peer Mentor

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I was searching for a college with a small community, but the resources of a large college and a bustling city. Sargent offered me the perfect blend of both.

Charlie Fischer (Sargent  ‘21)

Major: Health Science, BS/MPH, minor in Archaeology

Activities: Sargent Student Government Class of 2021 President, Research Assistant School of Public Health, Resident Assistant, Peer Health Exchange, Science and Engineering Library Assistant, Mugar Ambassador, Beta Psi Omega

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I chose Sargent because it had the perfect niche community that I was looking for, with the resources of a big university in an urban environment. There are endless opportunities to explore, in Sargent, in BU, and in Boston. Looking back on my four years, this has truly become my home, and that’s exactly what I wanted out of my college experience.

Charlie McMahon (Sargent  23)

Major: Human Physiology

Activities: Kilachand Honors College Ambassador, Marketing Staff of the Bunion, Class of 2023 Representative on the Kilachand Leadership Advisory Board, Kilachand Peer Mentor, Pre-Medical Society

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I come from a big BU family and grew up following BU Hockey. I always knew that I wanted to study science, particularly medicine/health care. Sargent seemed like a perfect fit. My high school had a strong sense of community, and I was looking for something similar in college. When I discovered Sargent and the human physiology program, I just knew it would be the perfect fit for me. I would be able to take the science classes that I love while also exploring other interesting healthcare related courses. I am hoping to go on to medical school, so human physiology seemed like a natural place for me.

Deepika Nagabhushan (Sargent  ‘21)

Major: Human Physiology, minor in Psychology

Activities: BU Chankaar Dance Team (and E-Board), Research Intern at MGH and for Psych Lab at BU, Student Brand Ambassador for Kaplan

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I wanted a major that would allow me to explore the field in-depth. I am so happy that I was able achieve a balance between cellular and whole body. I also liked that it was a smaller college. Sargent is a tight-knit community that I am lucky to have experienced.

Hannah Levin (Sargent ‘21)

Major: Behavior and Health

Activities: VP-O Kappa Delta, ERC Peer tutor, research volunteer in Child and Family Health Lab

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I chose Sargent because I loved the small-school feel within a large, urban university. The sense of community was palpable. I applied to BU as a Nutrition major, and although I knew I wanted to switch my major before even moving into my Freshman dorm, I was dead-set on staying in Sargent. This is why I chose to major in Behavior and Health instead of, say, Psychology or something similar. Being in Sargent has been a fundamental part of my BU experience, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is so energizing to consistently be around like-minded people with similar interests. Sargent has given me everything I could’ve wanted and more out of my education.

Heather Cook (Sargent ‘22)

Major: Behavior and Health

Activities: Office Assistant with Residence Life, Treasurer of Boston University Sargent College Rotaract Club, Member of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF), Member of Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? Behavior & Health is a one-of-a-kind major that I didn’t see anywhere else, and it was very unique to my interests. I also loved the opportunity to have both large and small class sizes. There’s a lot of opportunities in Boston for research and internships so to me it was the best of both worlds.

Jessica Morse (Sargent ‘22)

Major: Health Science, minor in Political Science

Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Sargent Peer Mentor, Student Health Ambassador

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I really appreciate Sargent’s committment to providing students opportunities to engage in their field. Interning in your field is a graduation requirement and you have the option of doing so while studying abroad. If study abroad doesn’t fit into your schedule, you can also go on two-week service learning trips and learn about the healthcare system in another country.

Julianne Hopper (Sargent 21)

Major: Health Science BS/MPH

Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Research Assistant for BU School of Public Health’s COVID-19 Epidemiology Response Corps, BU Undergrad Public Health Association

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I chose BU because I wanted to come to the East Coast and challenge myself in a new environment. I am so glad I did because Boston Universty is one of the greatest places to go to college in terms of diversity, opportunity, and education. Being at Sargent has really shaped my individual experience at BU, and I was drawn to it immediately because of its sense of purpose to make a powerful impact on the world.

Karmyn Muhammad (Sargent 21)

Major: Behavior & Health

Activities: President of the Minority Association for Pre-medical/ Pre-Health Studies- Boston University Chapter, Operations Assistant at the Howard Thurman Center, Member of BU’s Division 1 Cheerleading Team

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I chose BU because of the vast opportunities that the university and Boston would provide for me as an aspiring health professional. Sargent has reaffirmed my passion for mental health and given me the freedom to explore activities outside of the pre-med/pre-health world. The close-knit community and enthusiastic professors are why I love BU, and I am grateful for all of the opportunities it has brought into my life.

Madison Calvert (Sargent ‘21)

Major: Human Physiology

Activities: BU Varsity Cheerleading, Partnership for Global Health Technologies Research Fellow, Research Assistant at Boston Medical Center, Intern at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Volunteer at Boston Children’s Hospital, Member of BU MAPS

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? Coming from a small high school, I was looking to have the opportunities and resources of a large university and big city, with the feel of a small environment and community. I found exactly that at Sargent. My college career has been defined by endless opportunities, from research and clinical experience to volunteering and athletics, making the past four years an unforgettable experience.

Meghan Salamon (Sargent ‘22)

Major: Dietetics

Activities: Office Assistant with the Office of the General Counsel, BU Veg Club, Volunteer with Sargent Choice Nutrition Center, Admissions Ambassador

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I like having a smaller school atmosphere within a larger university. Also, a common thread among Sargent students is that we are passionate about helping others. That passion combined with drive makes for an electric, welcoming environment that I love being a part of.

Mikaela Mari (Sargent ‘21)

Major: Human Physiology, minor in Public Health

Activities: Center Assistant at Sargent Clinical Centers, BU Fitrec Rock Climbing Instructor, Clinical Research Assistant at the Liggins Institute, Volunteer at Boston Children’s Hospital, FYSOP

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I was interested in pre-med, and human physiology is a major that has the pre-med requirements built into it. I also liked how Sargent is a small community within the larger BU community so I got to know most of my Sargent professors, staff, and classmates.

Nicolas Westerhoff (Sargent ‘22)

Major: Health Science

Activities: Alpha Phi Omega – BU’s co-ed community service fraternity, Brigham and Women’s Hospital volunteer, Intern at Assuaged Inc, Classroom Moderator with IT

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I always knew I wanted to go to school in a big city, and BU fit that bill. I originally was a biology major. Then did my research and found out more about Sargent and their health science program. Transferring allowed me to really find my passion for public health. The Health Science department has some of the most supportive and some of the best professors BU has to offer.

Tiffany Tsang (Sargent ‘21)

Major: Behavior and Health

Activities: Treasurer of Asian Student Union, Member of She’s the First, Project Sunshine Volunteer, G1 First Gen Peer Mentor

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I loved how BU is located in the middle of the city with plenty of opportunities. Initially, I studied elementary education but wanted to expand my studies. After switching my major several times, I found Sargent’s behavior & health program to be a perfect fit. Through Sargent, I’ve been able to learn more about the healthcare system and how I can continue to work with children in many different health professions.

 Vincent D’Amato (Sargent ‘21)

Major: Health Science

Activities: Student Government Senator, BU Dog Pound President, Operations Intern at Year Up

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? Sargent allowed me to really hone in on what I wanted to do — healthcare. And on the BU side of things, I knew that I wanted to go to school in a city, and I wanted a school with a big push on sports, which then had me becoming a huge BU Hockey fan!