Dean’s Hosts


Kat Berberian (Sargent ’24)

Major: Behavior and Health, minor in Public Health

Activities: Student Food Rescue, Learning and Events Technology Specialist, Auckland BU Study Abroad Fall 2023

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I chose BU due to the wide variety of opportunities it would provide. I knew I would be coming into college undeclared and wanted the chance to try many different paths. I had a plethora of ideas in mind of what I wanted to do, but none of the degree choices ever felt right to me. In the middle of my sophomore year, I found the Behavior and Health major and transferred to Sargent. After joining Sargent College I felt a sense of belonging: I saw people who shared my passion, I loved what I was learning, and I found a tight-knit community. Being in Sargent has expanded even further my appreciation for the opportunities and experiences BU offers.

Sydney Butler (Sargent ’24)

Major: Health Science

ActivitiesLead senator of Sargent, FineCo Committee, All Campus Orchestra, Assistant teacher at the Boston University Children’s Center

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? When I first applied to Boston University, I was interested in being a biology major due to my interest in medicine. However, after I attended a conference for prospective students in my home state of NJ, I was able to learn about the human physiology major. The senior who gave the presentation told us about the amazing opportunities that Sargent College has to offer, specifically in the human physiology major. I think that Sargent’s inclusion of the human physiology major is a unique major that not many schools offer. Sargent also has an anatomy lab course where seniors have the opportunity to dissect a cadaver, an experience that most students do not get to participate in until medical school. I would also advise that a prospective high school student come to Sargent College for the close-knit community. Since Boston University has over 18,000 undergraduate students, the school can seem rather large. However, Sargent College is one of the smaller colleges within BU. The smaller upper-level classes help students become more engaged with the course material and build strong relationships with each other and their professors

Summer Cardenas (Sargent ‘25/‘26)

Major: Physical Therapy BS/DPT 

Activities: Sargent Freshman Peer Mentor, BU Let’s Talk About It, BU Deaf Studies Club, BU Running Club

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? Originally from Chicago, I knew I wanted to attend a college in an urban environment surrounded by a myriad of diversity, opportunity, and ultimately somewhere I could call home. I knew I wanted to pursue my passion in healthcare and Sargent’s physical therapy program felt like the perfect fit for me. The tight-knit community Sargent College offers, the drive living in every student and professor to improve healthcare, and the extraordinary preparation professors strive to provide for their students ultimately led me to choose Sargent College. BU has allowed me to explore my other interests in mental health as well as living an active lifestyle through BU Running Club. The transition to college can be daunting, however, the relationships I have formed at BU have confirmed my choice to pursue a degree in physical therapy.

Sarah Finnegan (Sargent ‘25)

Major: Speech-Language and Hearing Sciences 

Activities: First Year Sargent Peer Mentor, BU NSSLHA Member, Pediatric Literacy Group Bilingual Volunteer 

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I chose Sargent because it has one of the top-ranked SLHS programs. I knew I would be surrounded by experienced professors as well as equally driven peers. BU itself has so much to offer within Boston’s city limits and beyond. I love the community feel of Sargent while also having all the benefits of a large university.

Misora Ito (Sargent ‘26)

Major: Health Science 

Activities: Volunteer EMT, Dental Assistant 

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? Joining the BU community has always been something that I have wanted, but meeting current students at the prospective students event solidified my dream. BU students are a collective group of dedicated individuals, and students at Sargent are people who are inspired to help the world through healthcare. These students also exert this positive aura that is unique to BU’s Sargent College.

Naja Ji Jaga (Sargent ’25)

Major: Health Science

Activities: Vice President of Swipes For Boston, Bay Area Posse Scholar, Health Career Connection Intern

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I chose Sargent because although high school me would’ve never imagined I’d go to college in Boston, I always knew I wanted to work in healthcare. I had spent my whole life in Richmond, California, a city challenged by public health issues, so I’ve always aimed to combat challenges that affect the social determinants of health. Since stepping foot on BU’s campus, I’ve known I’ve made the right choice that is getting me closer to my career goals. Along this education journey, I have found my communities here and within Sargent, which is why I appreciate my decision to attend Sargent College and Boston University.

Alex Opiela (Sargent ‘24)

Major: Human Physiology 

Activities: President of Alpha Epsilon Delta, DogPound, Admissions Ambassador 

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I applied to Boston University as a College of Arts and Sciences student but later realized that the hands-on learning provided within Sargent College and the Human Physiology major would be better suited for my learning style and career aspirations. Boston is a major medical hub of the world and I felt that there was no better place for me to start my path of becoming a surgeon.

Ben Pollock (Sargent 25, 27)

Major: Physical Therapy, BS/DPT

Activities: Research Assistant and Physical Therapy Aide in the Center for Neurorehabilitation, Healthcare Improvement Inc., Mind and Brain Society, BI210 + B211 Lecture Learning Assistant, FitRec Personal Trainer

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I’ve known since 8th grade that I wanted to become a physical therapist. The second I learned about Sargent’s 6-year PT program, I knew it was meant to be. The ability to not only get a top-notch education but also shave a year off and get to treating patients sooner made for an easy decision. Additionally, I loved that Sargent afforded a small community of passionate, like-minded individuals nestled into BU’s large sprawling campus.

Alair Powers (Sargent 25, ‘27)

Major: Physical Therapy, BS/DPT, minor in Business Administration and Management

Activities: First Year Sargent Peer Mentor, LA in Human Anatomy (BI211), Director of Health and Well-Being for Kappa Delta Sorority, BU Padua Study Abroad Summer 2023 

Why did you choose Sargent and BU?Coming from a small town in Vermont, I was worried I would feel overwhelmed and lost at such a big school. Being a part of Sargent has given me a smaller community that I can always come back to find support. Sargent has allowed me to build the close relationships I hoped for while also presenting me with many opportunities and guidance on how to succeed. I have felt welcome since before I stepped through the door and I can’t imagine a better place for me!

Ishita Rai (Sargent ’24)

Major: Human Physiology, MMEDIC

Activities: Crisis Counselor, Clinical Research Assistant at BU School of Medicine, Cardiology Intern at Beth Israel, BU ALSCI (American Lung Cancer Screening Initiative), CIEPA Research Team Member, Tutoring

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? Coming from a small high school, I wanted to come to BU for large city campus life along with the endless opportunities that stem from that environment. However, I chose Sargent because it gave me that smaller school feel. I found a tight-knit community with a common passion for making a difference in healthcare, something that you cannot find at just any other college. The special traditions, the ever-present drive to invoke lasting change, and the countless resources available prove to me that Sargent was the right choice.

Noah Rieber (Sargent ‘25)

Major: Human Physiology

Activities:BUEMS EMT Instructor, Beth Israel Emergency Room Technician, Vice President of Timmy Global Health, Research Associate

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I’m one of Sargent College’s many transfer students, having joined the second semester my freshman year from the College of Arts and Sciences. I chose Sargent to pursue my interest in healthcare, as Sargent College classes focus more on health sciences than bench sciences. Sargent College also builds towards BU’s focus on practical experience and should help me pursue my eventual graduate goals.

Ava Robertson (Sargent ‘24, ’26)

Major:  Physical Therapy, BS/DPT

Activities:Physical Therapy Aide at BU Physical Therapy Center, BU Women’s Club Ultimate Frisbee, BU Study Abroad (Sydney, Australia) Fall 2022, TA for Sargent HP150

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? As someone who knew they wanted to work in the healthcare industry but was still undecided about my future path, I was searching for a college that allowed me the flexibility to explore different majors in healthcare, and the undeclared program within Sargent offered just that. With the support and guidance of the professors, upperclassmen, and advisors within Sargent, I had a seamless transition between the undeclared program and declaring a major in physical therapy. Now, in my fourth out of six years in the Physical Therapy BS/DPT combined program, I am happier than ever with my decision to choose Sargent and BU. 

Grace Rodriguez (Sargent ‘24)

Major: Health Science  

Activities: Premedical society, Hearts for the Homeless, Fresh Truck volunteer, UROP research on police and mental health in BPS, PHPC, Alianza Latina, PERIOD menstrual club

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I chose BU because of the diversity in the programs available for students as well as the diversity of the community that contributes to an interdisciplinary learning experience. I chose Sargent because it provided me the opportunity to pursue the premed track while also expanding my understanding of medicine and health care to include a more holistic approach to my studies that includes public health and other areas that are covered by Sargent’s other programs and classes. The community within Sargent, both faculty and students, creates an environment that allows students to find their passion and use their education to make an impact.

Samara Ruberg (Sargent ‘24)

Major: Health Science, 4+1 BS/MPH

Activities: SHS Student Health Ambassador, First-Year Sargent Peer Mentor, HealthPair secretary, Harvard Medical School research fellow, BU London study abroad Spring 2023, Tanzania Sargent Service Learning Trip Summer 2023

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? During my first year at BU, I studied Political Science and Philosophy in CAS. On a whim, I decided to take Global Environmental Public Health (SAR HS 345) because it sounded fascinating and covered a variety of topics that were particularly relevant back in 2020. It ended up being one of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken at BU, and I completely fell in love with Sargent! I felt especially welcomed into the community and was drawn to the fact that Sargent was a smaller, tight-knit college within a larger university in a major city (part of why I chose BU in the first place). That semester, I decided to transfer from CAS and pursue public health wholeheartedly via the 4+1 BS/MPH program. Since transferring, I’ve learned from the most amazing professors, met lifelong friends, and helped improve the health of people around the world!

Claire Sarnowski (Sargent ‘26)

Major: Health Science 

Activities: Kilachand Honors College Peer Mentor, Project Sunshine, Alzheimer’s Buddies, Pre-Medical Society

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? When I attended the open house events at Sargent and BU, I knew that the welcoming and supportive community was one I wanted to become part of. Moving across the country from Portland, Oregon was a big adjustment, but with the help of the incredible Sargent faculty and professors, I quickly found my place within the community. Sargent offers a wide range of unique courses, research opportunities, and clinical experience that has been invaluable for me as a pre-medical student. Sargent and BU have not only prepared me for a career as a future health professional but also strengthened my global citizenship and desire to reduce health disparities.

Anna Tillisch (Sargent ‘25)

Major: Human Physiology 

Activities: Beta Psi Omega Professional Fraternity, Fitrec Personal Trainer, Media Technician at Sargent’s Makechnie Study Center, Research Assistant for the College of Engineering’s Wong Wilson Lab, Sydney Study Abroad Fall 2023

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I treasure being a part of Sargent because I feel a sense of individuality in a close-knit, supportive community even with BU being a large school. Many of the people I am fortunate to call my friends are part of Sargent, and they always help me achieve my goals. Taking a step back, however, I am still able to benefit from the school’s multifaceted specialties. This is evidenced in my research experience, where I dive into disciplines that may not directly align with my major.

Jessica Vuong (Sargent ‘25)

Major: Health Sciences, 4+1 BS/MPH

Activities: Alpha Sigma Kappa – Women in Technical Studies Sorority, Epsilon Eta – Professional Environmental Fraternity, Kilachand Honors College, Research Assistant under Courtney Research Group, Media Assistant for Sargent MSC

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? Sargent was my first choice when looking at colleges because of the range and flexibility embedded into the curriculum. I really valued being able to take courses geared towards my passions, and BU turned out to be the perfect school giving me lots of choice in both academics and activities. During my time so far, I’ve been able to indulge in all my interests meeting amazing professors and peers along the way!

Albert Wang (Sargent ‘24)

Major: Behavior and Health Sciences

Activities: VSA Family Chair, Be The Match Treasurer, Sargent Peer Mentor 

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I chose Sargent because I know it’s a tight-knit community and the opportunities that I want are available in plenty of amounts. The staff and administrators are also extremely passionate about giving a good education and giving great life advice.

Sydney Whited (Sargent ‘26)

Major: Dietetics, minor in Public Health

Activities: Terrier Fueling Station, Dr. Joan Salge-Blake podcast, PCA at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, dietary aide at Mount Auburn Hospital, media assistant for Molly Pelletier RDN, BU nutrition and dietetics club president, clinical dietitian shadowing

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I have always wanted to go into healthcare. Growing up, I developed a passion for nutrition and dietetics — how food can cure and heal. Sargent College offers a great dietetics program, led by RDNs themselves. The curriculum is hands-on and gives all the practical experience needed for this profession. BU challenges me, supports me, and encourages me to be my best academic self. Sargent has always given me the support and resources that I need to succeed. After working one-on-one with a professor on her podcast, I have only grown in my admiration for Sargent and its professors. I am beyond lucky to call Sargent my home and learn from passionate people, who care.

Maura Woodland-Medenilla (Sargent ‘26) 

Major: Health Science 

Activities: Varsity Track and Field, Varsity Cross Country, Athletes in Medicine 

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? As a student-athlete, Boston University offers everything I’ve ever wanted in a school: a world-class education, city living, and Division 1 athletics. Sargent College, specifically, gives me the opportunity to explore my pre-medicine interests through the health science major, which I find more appealing than majoring in typical biology or chemistry. Finally, the tight-knit, supportive Sargent community has greatly contributed to my love for BU.

Greta Wyers (Sargent ’25, ’27)

Major: Physical Therapy, BS/DPT

Activities: BU Club Gymnastics team member, BU Best Buddies, summer 2023 PT volunteer at BIDMC

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? While attending a prospective student event at BU during high school, I was overwhelmed by the university’s large student body, yet its location and emphasis on exploration enticed me. I continued to attend webinar sessions where I found Sargent students who shared my desire for an action-oriented and collaborative environment. Sargent College provides me with the tight-knit community that I feared losing after high school while still ensuring the advantages of an urban school in the city of Boston. At BU, I am able to continue my passion for physical therapy as well as my passion for physical fitness through the club gymnastics team.

Daniela Pena Zaragoza (Sargent ’25, 27)

Major: Physical Therapy, BS/DPT

Activities: Mexas club, Allianza Latina Club, Epsilon Eta, Research Assistant for BU’s Neurorehab Center

Why did you choose Sargent and BU? I chose Sargent because of the community and the opportunities that Sargent provides for students whose goal is the go into a medical position. They have unique opportunities like the Cadaver lab which aren’t super accessible to undergrads in other colleges. Likewise, because Sargent College is one of the smaller colleges it felt like a fit for me because there is more of an emphasis on community between other classmates and professors. I chose BU because of it’s research opportunities and because many of its extracurriculars really aligned with what I wanted to be involved with.