Author: Fiona Whittington

Intern Presentation Series: Container Verification Pipeline, Dataverse/Solr, and Design/Marketing

Every Friday for the past month, Red Hat interns in the Boston office have come together to present their work. Below is an event recap for the following presentations: Container Metrics, Dataverse/Solr, and Design/Marketing. Container  Verification Pipeline The first presentation was given by Lance Galletti and covered his work on the Container Verification Pipeline (CVP). […]

From Intern to Employee: A Feature Interview with Urvashi Mohnani, Associate Software Engineer at Red Hat

Urvashi Mohnani, Software Engineer at Red Hat, is a regular contributor to the open source community and Red Hat technology. As someone who entered college with no computer science experience, Urvashi never envisioned herself as a programmer. “I joined Red Hat about a year ago as an intern. I graduated with a Bachelors in Electrical […]

An Inside Look into the ChRIS Project from a Student’s Perspective

At first look Parul appears deceivingly shy. However, my first impression couldn’t have been farther from the truth. A second-year masters student at Northeastern, Software Engineer Intern at Red Hat, and aspiring comedian — Parul is articulate, authentic, and intelligent. At Red Hat, Parul is working on a collaborative project between Red Hat, Boston University, Massachusetts Open […]

Spotlight Interview — Jenny McCauley, Campus Program Manager at Red Hat

Jenny McCauley is the ideal recruiter. Reliable, resourceful, and generous — Jenny is genuinely passionate about helping students find jobs and internships. As a Campus Program Manager, Jenny is responsible for managing Red Hat’s North America Intern Program. Currently, the main focus of her job is on strengthening Red Hat’s partnership with Boston University. “My favorite project […]

Intern Presentation Series: M2/Foreman, Data Hub, and OpenSCAP

This past Friday, Red Hat interns in the Boston office participated in their second week of presentations. The afternoon consisted of three presentations on: Malleable Metal as a Service (M2)/Foreman, Data Hub, and OpenSCAP. M2 / Foreman The first presentation was given by Ian Ballou and covered his research on Foreman, an open source life […]

Intern Presentation Series: ChRIS & Artificial Intelligence

Last Friday afternoon in Red Hat’s Boston office, Collaboratory interns came together to participate in the first of series of weekly intern presentations. ChRIS The first presentation was given by two Boston University students, Chloe and Parul, on ChRIS, a web-based neuroimaging and informatics system for collecting, organizing, processing, visualizing, and sharing of medical data. […]