Intern Presentation Series: M2/Foreman, Data Hub, and OpenSCAP

This past Friday, Red Hat interns in the Boston office participated in their second week of presentations. The afternoon consisted of three presentations on: Malleable Metal as a Service (M2)/Foreman, Data Hub, and OpenSCAP.

M2 / Foreman

The first presentation was given by Ian Ballou and covered his research on Foreman, an open source life cycle systems management tool for provisioning, configuring, and monitoring of physical and virtual servers. Ian’s research is part of a larger collaboration between Boston University and the Massachusetts Open Cloud to integrate one their projects, M2, with Foreman in the form of a plugin.

Data Hub

The second presentation was given by Anish Asthana and Maulik Shah on Data Hub, a collection of open source and cloud components deployed as a “machine learning-as-a-service” platform. The goal of an enterprise data hub is to provide Red Hat with a centralized, unified data source powered by artificial intelligence that can quickly provide diverse business users with the data analytics and information they need to do their jobs. This summer, Anish and Maulik will be working on hosting DataHub on OpenShift, a container application platform that natively integrates technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.


The last presentation was given by Alex Scheel, who is currently working on OpenSCAP for the summer. OpenSCAP is a tool for comparing systems against a specific security policy (e.g., DoD’s STIG or PCI-DSS) and fixing any detected problems. This summer Alex will be focused on improving the SCAP Security Guide, a security policy written in the form of SCAP documents. The security policy created in SCAP Security Guide covers many areas of computer security and provides the best-practice solutions that specifically target numerous GNU/Linux Operating Systems.