Research Areas

Red Hat Collaboratory at Boston University will direct its funding to research projects that involve both academic research groups and Red Hat engineers. The key areas of initial interest are:

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Automating Datacenter Management

Exploring novel analyses that leverage machine learning and big data to inform or automate data center management tasks (e.g., cooling, configuration management, and diagnosis)

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Scalable Monitoring Frameworks

Experimenting with the creation of scalable frameworks for efficiently collecting events from a variety of sources and querying them

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Distributed Scheduling

Developing mechanisms for scheduling HPC, Big Data, and PaaS workloads in complex, distributed environments, such as heterogeneous data centers that use bare-metal and virtualized resources

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Support for Emerging Applications

Investigation into how data centers can better support emerging types of applications, such as micro services and virtualized network functions

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Tradeoffs between Economic Models

Analyzing trade-offs between different economic models for data center usage and the architectural support needed to enable them


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