Student Opportunities

Have an interesting research idea?  Want to work in the Mass Open Cloud?  Exploring internships with the Red Hat Collaboratory?  There are many opportunities available to Boston University students looking to get involved with the Collaboratory:

  • Attend an event.  
    • The Collaboratory’s Colloquium Series typically features talks from leaders in higher education and/or industry.
    • The BU Systems Seminar (BU♺S) Series, typically held weekly during the academic year, brings together systems faculty, researchers, and Red Hatters to dive into research topics.
    • Red Hat Research Days regularly feature Collaboratory researchers.
  • Pitch a Research Idea. The Collaboratory may be able to provide funding and/or mentoring support for a student or a group of students to conduct research on a topic that aligns with the Collaboratory’s research areas of focus.  The research may be associated with an existing project, or it may be new independent work.  In either case, students are encouraged to identify a BU researcher or Red Hat engineer willing to mentor the research before submitting a proposal.  Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis.  Click here for information on how to submit a project application for consideration. 
  • Apply for a Development and Operations Internship.  The Red Hat Collaboratory is associated with several existing projects and programs – the Mass Open Cloud (MOC), the Red Hat Research Team, New England Research Cloud (NERC), and more. Students can work with mentors on projects aligned with these initiatives.  Solicited opportunities will be posted below, as available.
  • Training.  Take online trainings to build skills.  Additional resources will be added as they are made available.

Open Internship Opportunities

 Please follow the application instructions specific to any posted openings.