Intern Presentation Series: Container Verification Pipeline, Dataverse/Solr, and Design/Marketing

Every Friday for the past month, Red Hat interns in the Boston office have come together to present their work. Below is an event recap for the following presentations: Container Metrics, Dataverse/Solr, and Design/Marketing.

Container  Verification Pipeline

The first presentation was given by Lance Galletti and covered his work on the Container Verification Pipeline (CVP). This summer, Lance has been developing a tool to automate container testing and a dashboard to view container performance metrics. The purpose of the project is to empower developers with the data and resources they need to make informed decisions throughout the development process.

Lance Galletti

Dataverse / Solr

The second presentation was given by Charles Thao and Tommy Monson on Dataverse and Solr. Dataverse is an open-source platform to publish, cite, and archive research data. It is a powerful tool for data storage and research, as it supports multiple types of data, users, and workflows. This summer, Charles and Tommy have been working on improving the Dataverse’s security and redesigning the Dataverse installation for containers. The duo have also been working on scaling Solr, an open source enterprise search platform.

Charles Thao


The last presentation was given by Fiona Whittington and Grace Colbert, who work on a variety of projects for Red Hat’s global Executive Briefing Center (EBC). Specifically, the duo is responsible for delivering graphic design and marketing support for internal and external projects within the EBC. Currently, Grace and Fiona are finishing a semester-long project to develop an interactive web application for the office that will be demoed at the Grace Hopper Celebration in September.

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