Research Team Resources

This page compiles helpful information about your Research Incubation Award.  If you have a question that is not covered here, simply email prop-rhcollab-l@bu.eduParticipating in Red Hat Collaboratory-supported research comes with perks and opportunities beyond funding.  Let us help you share your stories beyond academic publishing, leverage opportunities to nurture new collaborations,  inspire students, and train your research teams.


  • Contacting the Collaboratory Core Team: The best way to reach the Collaboratory Core Team is via and we can determine who among the team should respond.  You are always welcome to reach out to members of the team directly as well.  Details on the Collaboratory Core Team can be found here.  Please keep us informed of any activities with Red Hat or BU that your project is involved in.  
  • Stay Connected: We do our best to limit mass emails.  Please fill out  this form so we can sign you up for relevant mailing lists for our engagement events and resources.
  • Project Check-ins: You can request a project check-in at any time.  This is a great way to raise a need or get input on a project direction.  The Core Team will reach out in early June to set up mid-point check ins with each project team.  We have found that project teams that take advantage of check-ins get more value from the partnership.
  • Events and Engagement: Share your research progress and harness opportunities for new collaborations by participating in an event:
  • Project Updates and Accolades. Let us help you amplify your research and accomplishments. Please email Ken Rudolph (Marketing Communications Specialist, Boston University) and Jennifer Stacy (Senior Project Manager, Red Hat) to:
  • Space: The Red Hat Collaboratory has meeting and work space available for all Collaboratory project members  on the 12th floor of the Center for Computing and Data Sciences (CCDS).   Additionally, we can help with booking conference spaces within the building.  Please contact Tara Moran, with any space needs.
  • Student Research Project Opportunities: Since the Collaboratory launched a mechanism to fund undergraduate and masters student research projects last year, ten student projects have received over $90K in funding.  Some of these projects have been independent research projects and some have aligned with Collaboratory Research Incubation awards.  Feel free to share the Student Research Project Application with your students if you are interested in mentoring a project. 
  • Budget: Please email with any rebudgeting requests.  In July, we will send out budget summaries to provide a spending update.  As a reminder, the program does not allow for no cost extensions (instead we encourage you to submit a new proposal in the coming RFP cycle), so please plan your spending accordingly.  Any unspent funds at the end of the project period will revert back to the Collaboratory.  
  • Final Project Update and Artifact list: In the winter, the Core Team will send an email requesting final details about your project, your final list of artifacts, and your feedback on the program.  Please note, new or renewal Research Incubation proposal, submissions should reference all artifacts for any previous Collaboratory funded research.
    • Training.  Share training resources with members of your research teams.  Additional resources will be added as they are made available.

  • Additional Guidance for project success
    • Please acknowledge the Red Hat Collaboratory as appropriate (for example, in any publications that relate to the project.  Please use: The authors would also like to thank the Red Hat Collaboratory at Boston University for their support.
    • Please use the approved Red Hat Collaboratory logo anywhere a logo is needed.  Email to request the files.