Transportation of Animals (IACUC)


Boston University (BU) is committed to observing Federal policies and regulations and AAALAC International standards for the humane care and use of animals. This policy describes how animals are transported from or to other institutions (excluding vendors) and within or between buildings on campus.  Any exceptions must be approved in writing in advance by IACUC Chair or designee; designees must be used in situations where the primary approval parties have a conflict of interest.

Covered Parties

This policy is applicable to all persons responsible for conducting research, teaching, training, breeding, and related activities, hereinafter referred to collectively as “activities”, involving vertebrate animals at or under the auspices of Boston University.

University Policy

Transportation of animals is often necessary to accomplish research goals. Maintaining animal health status by avoiding exposure to potential pathogens, preventing injury, and reducing stressors (e.g., extreme temperatures, odors, excessive noise, vibrations) during transport is important for maintaining the safety and wellbeing of the animal.

Transporting animals requires heightened attention to detail to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the animals as well as personnel in areas where the animals must pass. Human health concerns include allergies of animal origin, injury from escaped animals, and exposure to hazards such as microorganisms, chemicals, or radioactive materials.

Animals transported in their home cage will retain the cage card holder and cage card including ID on their cage card.  Animals transported in a temporary container will retain their cage card for placement on the new cage.

When transporting animals, entries and exits used by the public should be avoided. Every effort must be made to use a side door and avoid the main, front entrance.

Materials transported to or from BU  should be pursuant to a Material Transfer Agreement. Depending on the material and its use, it may be subject to other University or regulatory requirements or an existing or required Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

For any use of BU-owned or -leased vehicles, drivers should review and comply with Driver Eligibility and Becoming an Authorized Driver sections of the BU Automobile Safety Guidelines.  It is recommended that the Guidelines document be reviewed in its entirety prior to travel.

BU’s insurance is not intended to cover use of personal vehicles.  Any employee who uses a personal vehicle for BU business should be reimbursed per the BU Travel and Expense Policy.


This policy replaces the Transportation of Rodents and Transportation of Non-Rodents Policies last approved by the IACUC in July 2018.

Effective Date: 3/14/2023
Next Review Date: 3/13/2026

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