Find session slides, video recordings, and other materials from past events related to research on the environment, and sustainability.

Research on Tap: Environmental Cultures, Power, and Equity (2023)

Hosts: Caterina Scaramelli, Research Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Earth & Environment, and Cutler Cleveland, Professor, Earth & Environment and Associate Director of the Institute for Global Sustainability Scholarly and policy work to attain environmental, energy, and climate justice is often rooted in present-day solutions and new technologies, and in a regional focus on the Global […]

Research on Tap: Developing Technologies for a Sustainable Future (2022)

Faculty Hosts: Emily Ryan (College of Engineering) and Xi Ling (College of Arts & Sciences, Department of Chemistry) Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, but an environmental, economic and social driver that is changing our daily lives in almost every imaginable way. Sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, agriculture and construction — industries which define […]

Research on Tap: Climate Change & Health: Understanding and Reducing Impacts (2022)

Continued climate change threatens nearly every aspect of the way we live, move, work, and play. Across the Boston University campus, researchers are working to better understand how climate hazards such as air pollution, heat, hurricanes, and wildfires are affecting our health. Our collective goal is to develop the evidence needed to foster communities that […]

Research on Tap: Accelerating the Energy Transition: Transformative Pathways to Decarbonization and Sustainability (2019)

Host: BU Institute for Sustainable Energy As the effects of climate change increase in frequency and severity, the need to curb greenhouse gas emissions is more pressing than ever. Globally, the fossil-fuel dependent energy sector is the top source of emissions. Join us as BU researchers explore solutions and challenges for accelerating our energy future, including electric vehicle infrastructure, […]

Research on Tap: Coastal Cities, People, and Waterways (2019)

Hosted by Tony Janetos, Director, Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future; and Professor, Earth & Environment, CAS The world’s river basins and coastal cities are directly influenced by the people who live, work, and play on the water and in the surrounding landscapes. This session will feature brief presentations by […]

Research on Tap: Understanding and Improving our Urban Climate (2019)

Hosted by Lucy Hutyra, Co-Director, Urban Climate Research Initiative, and Associate Professor, Earth & Environment, CAS; and Patrick Kinney, Co-Director, Urban Climate Research Initiative, and Beverly A. Brown Professor for the Improvement of Urban Health, Environmental Health, SPH By mid-century, seven of every ten people are projected to reside in an urban area. The concentration […]

Research on Tap: Understanding and Forecasting Change in Our Natural World (2018)

Hosted by Michael Dietze, Associate Professor, Earth & Environment, CAS As society increasingly faces unprecedented environmental challenges, ecologists are being asked to provide the best available scientific information about future events. The field of ecological forecasting connects data and models to project our current understanding of ecological processes into new places and times. Attend this […]

Research on Tap: BU Research on a Sustainable Energy Future (2016)

Hosted by Peter Fox-Penner, Professor of the Practice, Questrom School of Business. As demonstrated by the recent Paris Climate Conference, global energy systems face a massive challenge in shifting away from unsustainable carbon-emitting fuels to sustainable sources, while serving the energy and development needs of a planet whose population will reach ten billion before the […]

Research on Tap: Air, Earth, and Water: Elements of Health and the Urban Environment (2015)

Hosted by Graham Wilson, Professor, Political Science, and Director, Initiative on Cities; and Katharine Lusk, Executive Director, Initiative on Cities. This session explored research currently conducted by faculty across the University who are studying cities from an inter- and multi-disciplinary approach, evaluating complex challenges from the perspective of law, environment, engineering, management, cultural studies, medicine, […]

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