Find session slides, video recordings, and other materials from past events related to research on people and society.

Research on Tap: Environmental Cultures, Power, and Equity (2023)

Hosts: Caterina Scaramelli, Research Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Earth & Environment, and Cutler Cleveland, Professor, Earth & Environment and Associate Director of the Institute for Global Sustainability Scholarly and policy work to attain environmental, energy, and climate justice is often rooted in present-day solutions and new technologies, and in a regional focus on the Global […]

Research on Tap: Safety, Justice, and Health in US Cities (2023)

Hosts: Jonathan Jay, Assistant Professor of Community Health Sciences at the School of Public Health, and Jessica Simes, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the College of Arts & Sciences Community violence and the criminal legal system are gaining recognition as important determinants of health. An emerging literature demonstrates that these factors influence health not only […]

Research on Tap: China and the World (2023)

Co-sponsored by the Global Development Policy Center and the Center for the Study of Asia China has the world’s largest population, the world’s second largest economy, and is the third largest country in size. China’s Belt and Road Initiative is now also shaping trade and finance at the global level. Few nations have the same […]

Research on Tap: Health Misinformation: How it Affects Society and How We Can Deal With It (2022)

Co-sponsored by the Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering and the Office of Research. Hosted by Gianluca Stringhini, Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, College of Engineering. False or inaccurate information can influence how the public responds to health issues, and reduce the effectiveness of public health measures. To ensure an effective […]

Research on Tap: Human Flourishing in Diverse Populations and Contexts (2021)

What does it mean to flourish? How can people living in conditions of physical, psychological, or material adversity attain personal growth, purpose, happiness, social connectedness, and generativity – when these states may appear elusive, if not impossible? How can social institutions, including education, the workplace, and religion, as well as natural environments bolster or impede […]

Research on Tap: Improving Early Childhood Well-Being Locally & Globally (2021)

Faculty Hosts: Dina Castro, Director, BU Institute for Early Childhood Well-Being, and Ruth Paris, Associate Director for Research, BU Institute for Early Childhood Well-Being Investments in the development of young children benefit the social and economic vitality of every society. The new BU Institute for Early Childhood Well-Being works to address adverse conditions faced by children and families, here […]

Research on Tap: Migration: How Movement in the World Shapes Populations and Population Health (2021)

Hosted by Sandro Galea, Dean, School of Public Health Population migration is among the central catalysts shaping the demography of the world around us, a trend likely to accelerate in the coming years. Together with population aging and urbanization, the movement of people within countries and across international borders is rapidly coming to define the […]

Research on Tap: Pandemic Preparedness and Response (2021)

Faculty Host: Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, Founding Director, Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Policy & Research; Associate Director, NEIDL; Associate Professor, School of Medicine As the world continues to battle COVID and its variants, researchers and policy makers are already preparing for the next pandemic. Climate change, population growth, economic and ecological injustice, and microbial evolution […]

Research on Tap: Eliminating Health Disparities: Society & Biomedicine (2021)

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, health disparities adversely affect groups of people who have systematically experienced social or economic obstacles to health based on their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic-status, or other characteristics historically linked to discrimination or exclusion. Understanding and eliminating health disparities demands research on the causes of these health […]

Research on Tap: Initiative on Forced Displacement: Research, Pedagogy, Engagement, and Ethical Impact (2020)

Faculty Hosts: Carrie Preston & Muhammad Zaman Over 70 million people are currently forcibly displaced by wars and persecution, more than ever previously recorded. Most of these displaced individuals come from low income countries and are forced to flee to neighboring countries that are ill-equipped to provide for them, leading to massive challenges for displaced […]

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