Find session slides, video recordings, and other materials from past events related to neuroscience research.

Research on Tap: Neuroscience to Data Science and Back (2023)

The human brain has 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion synaptic connections. Making sense of the all the information being processed is one of the greatest challenges in neuroscience. To truly understand the brain, we need to harness the tools and methods of data science, including new computational, statistical, and analytical approaches. Furthermore, the relationship […]

Research on Tap: Neuromonitoring Brain Health and Recovery (2022)

Faculty Host: Swathi Kiran, James and Cecilia Tse Ying Professor in Neurorehabilitation This Research on Tap event will highlight the interdisciplinary work at Boston University that integrates health data, both brain data and behavioral data, with state of the art computing methods to develop models for precision medicine in neurological disease (e.g., stroke, dementia, traumatic […]

Research on Tap: Innovations in Brain Research from the Center for Systems Neuroscience (2020)

Faculty Host: Michael Hasselmo This Research On Tap event will present a range of exciting and innovative research from faculty at Boston University’s Center for Systems Neuroscience addressing how neural circuits mediate behavior. Talks will share results from cutting-edge research using a range of techniques that include imaging of activity in different areas of the human […]

Research on Tap: Illuminating How the Brain Works—With the Help of BU Neurophotonics (2017)

Advances in photonics technologies are driving a revolution in the neurosciences. Optical methods for imaging and manipulation of brain structure and function span from visualization of intracellular organelles and protein assemblies to noninvasive macroscopic investigation of cortical activity in human subjects. This session, hosted by David Boas, Professor, Biomedical Engineering, ENG, featured BU faculty who […]

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