Workshops and sessions for research trainees and their faculty mentors.

Developing Plans to Promote Equitable and Inclusive Research (2023)

Featuring Sarah Hokanson, Assistant Vice President and Assistant Provost for Research Development and PhD & Postdoctoral Affairs Federal funders, including the Department of Energy, are now asking principal investigators to describe their plans for making their funded research more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. The complexity and detail required of these plans often increases with the […]

Find Funding for Neuroscience Research and Youth Mental Health: Meet Klingenstein Philanthropies (2022)

The Klingenstein Philanthropies is comprised of three foundations whose interests reflect the passions and experiences of the Klingenstein family. Although the focus of each foundation differs, together they aim to improve every person’s health, well-being, and education, particularly those most in need. Klingenstein Philanthropies will present to Boston University faculty members and postdocs about two […]

Building and Supervising a Research Team (2021)

Whether you are a new faculty member building a research team for the first time or a current faculty member expanding your work across disciplines and/or institutions, creating an effective team environment requires intention and skill. In this workshop, hosted by Sarah Hokanson, Assistant Provost, Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs, participants will learn how to […]

Opportunities for Fellowships, Career Training, and Development, with Alison Gammie of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (2020)

In this talk geared towards postdoctoral scholars and junior faculty, Dr. Alison Gammie of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) will provide an overview of biomedical and behavioral research training activities, including those fellowships that promote diversity, trainee-centered outcomes, and career planning. The talk will focus on interdisciplinary fellowship opportunities and K-awards, including the […]

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