Providing Doctoral Students Business Skills for Whatever Profession They May Pursue

Alexander Gold, a PhD candidate in microbiology at BU, described as “transformative” his time participating in BU Technology Development’s OTD Analyst program. Mengjie Yuan, a PhD candidate in BU’s School Medicine, described her participation in the Analyst program as a “very important experience for me”— one that helped her gain a coveted job offer from […]

Equity Conversations Between PIs and Graduate Students

Negotiating an Equity Split with Your PI It can be the most fraught of conversations. A graduate student working on research that shows commercial promise seeks a sit-down with his or her principal investigator (PI) about starting a company. How does that grad student or post-doc broach the topic of a university spin-out – and, […]

You Have an Idea for Impact. What’s Next?

Q&A with Rana K. Gupta, Director of Faculty Entrepreneurship Rana K. Gupta is Director of Faculty Entrepreneurship at Boston University, co-reporting to Technology Development and Innovate@BU. He helps BU researchers bring technology and other research breakthroughs to the marketplace to increase their impact. He also manages BU’s Ignition Award program, which offers faculty commercialization funding.   Rana can be reached […]

From Lab to Fab: How Analog Devices is Experimenting with a New Family of Products at BU

The Boston University Photonics Center is home to some of the finest on-campus business incubation facilities in the United States, including BU’s Business Innovation Center. BY GARY RIVLIN Mohamed Azize, a biomedical engineer and a senior manager at Analog Devices, the giant chip maker, had an idea for a new biomedical sensor that would improve […]

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