Power Outage at BUMC, October 7-9

In preparation for the planned electrical shutdown taking place from October 7-9, 2023, Facilities Management & Operations (FMO) has been coordinating with departments and occupants of affected buildings to take proactive steps to safeguard the integrity of valuable research, ensure the continuity of essential services, and minimize any potential inconvenience caused by the scheduled electrical shutdown.

The following buildings – L, R, A, B, K, E, C, & D – will be powered solely on life safety emergency/generator power. These buildings will be closed to the public and have restricted access during the utility interruption.

FMO has inventoried all scientific equipment that is on emergency power and equipment that will require emergency power over the past month.  Equipment that has been identified to require emergency power during utility interruption has been inventoried and identified.

  • A RED sticker indicates the equipment is currently on generator power.
  • A YELLOW sticker indicates equipment that is scheduled to have emergency power for the utility interruption.

FMO will be bringing temporary power to equipment identified with yellow stickers the week of October 2, prior to the outage.

Please contact FMO by September 27 if you have a piece of equipment that has not been identified for emergency power that may have been missed.

Please do not relocate equipment or add to emergency outlets without FMO review.  Overloading circuits could result in all equipment on that circuit not restarting on emergency power.

Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated as the University works to upgrade our infrastructure and enhance the reliability of our electrical systems.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact Joe Kajunski, assistant director of building systems, at kajunj@bu.edu, or Christopher Fernald, director of facilities operations at cfernald@bu.edu.

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