Governance Councils & Committees

Research Council

Research Council is organized by the Office of Research and is made up of the associate deans for research from the schools and colleges across BU as well as representatives from Research Compliance and Sponsored Programs. The council meets on a monthly basis during the academic year to discuss research administration policies and processes. It is provides an important connection between the schools and colleges where research is carried out and the offices that support them.

Research & Scholarly Activities Committee

The Committee on Research and Scholarly Activity is a University Council subgroup (BU login required) that considers and votes on proposals for new and revised policies concerning research and scholarship. As required, the Committee presents proposals to the University Council for discussion and vote. The Committee meets at least once per month on the Charles River Campus. It is the first stage in developing policies that will be implemented University-wide.

Other Committees

  • Advisory Council for Research Administrators: A monthly meeting that brings together representatives from research-intensive schools and colleges with professional staff from related central offices to discuss administrative issues affecting the University-wide research community.
  • Compliance Committees: The Associate Vice President of Research Compliance appoints the members of BU’s compliance committees, which are comprised of mainly research faculty from both campuses with expertise in many areas.

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