Memo: Lab Animal Per Diem Rate Changes, May 31, 2023

TO:Boston University Deans, Department Chairs, Principal Investigators, Department Administrators, and Grant Administrators
FROM:Gloria Waters, Vice President and Associate Provost for Research
Karen Antman, Provost, Medical Campus, and Dean, School of Medicine
DATE:May 31, 2023
SUBJECT:Lab Animal Per Diem Rate Changes

Boston University is committed to efficiently managing its animal care facilities and to reviewing costs annually to ensure that the re-charge rates for PIs are competitive. The University subsidizes the costs of animal housing and veterinary support as part of its investment in the research enterprise. However, as noted in the below table, subsidized rates are only applicable to research performed by BU investigators that is federally funded or supported by foundation/nonprofit grants that carry the full overhead rate (also known as the facilities and administrative (F&A) rate), currently set at 65 percent. Please note that BU’s F&A rate does not include the subsidized portion of the animal rate. This is a true cost to the University and is not reimbursed by any sponsor.

Grant # / IO#SubsidizedUnsubsidized
Federal 50xxxxxx/9500xxxxxX
Foundation, Private with Full Overhead55xxxxxx/9550xxxxxX
Foundation, Private without Full Overhead55xxxxxx/9550xxxxxX

Lab animal per diem rates can be found on the Office of Research website. The tables below reflect the costs for fiscal year 2024, beginning July 1, 2023, as well as proposed costs for the next four years. Please use these projected costs when preparing proposal budgets. Despite above average inflation rates, the BU Animal Science Center has worked diligently over the last year to build efficiency through staffing optimization and equipment upgrades. As a result, and as noted in the tables below, there will be no additional increases to the PI costs for FY24 for most species beyond those projected in the previous year’s memo. Starting in FY24, adjustments were made to ensure an equitable subsidy allocation between all species. Upon careful review of peer data from institutions within our region, BU’s subsidized researcher costs are still significantly below those of other institutions in the greater Boston area.

The first table below shows the University-subsidized cost charged to BU PIs for research funded by federal, foundation, or private grants that carry the full F&A rate as noted above.

The second table reflects the full cost of the per diems for the individual species for unsubsidized research. The full direct cost rates must be used for all non-federal grants that do not carry the full BU negotiated F&A rate, per diem services provided under federal and other sponsored research from other non-profit institutions, and for all industry-sponsored agreements. Please note that all start-up accounts, or other non-sponsored funding sources, must pay the full, unsubsidized cost, so please plan accordingly when submitting proposals and funding requests.

Please note these rates are exclusive of research within the NEIDL.

SpeciesFY24 – 7/1/2023FY25 – 
FY26 – 7/1/2025FY27 – 7/1/2026FY28 – 7/1/2027
Zebra Fish (per tank)$0.36$0.40$0.43$0.47$0.53
Frog/Salamander (per tank)$0.92$1.31$1.71$2.12$2.54
Marine (Cane) Toad$8.30$8.55$8.81$9.07$9.34
Naked Mole Rat$40.30$41.51$42.76$44.04$45.36
SpeciesFY24 – 7/1/2023FY25 – 
FY26 – 7/1/2025FY27 – 7/1/2026FY28 – 7/1/2027
Monkey$43.05$ 44.34$45.67$47.04$48.45
Zebra Fish (per tank)$1.58$1.63$1.68$1.73$1.78
Frog/Salamander (per tank)$7.79$8.02$8.26$8.51$8.77
Marine (Cane) Toad$36.71$37.81$38.95$40.11$41.32
Naked Mole Rat$82.08$84.54$87.08$89.69$92.38

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