Research on Tap: Neuroscience to Data Science and Back (2023)

The human brain has 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion synaptic connections. Making sense of the all the information being processed is one of the greatest challenges in neuroscience. To truly understand the brain, we need to harness the tools and methods of data science, including new computational, statistical, and analytical approaches.

Furthermore, the relationship between these two academic disciplines is mutually beneficial. The human brain has the ability to analyze and interpret data more efficiently and elegantly than current data science approaches allow. The algorithms underlying our biological intelligence have potential for demystifying complex data sets across fields, and have already led to the development of artificial neural networks and machine learning algorithms with broad applications.

This Research on Tap will bring together faculty from across BU presenting cutting edge research in neuroscience and data science, and exploring how these fields are rapidly evolving—hand-in-hand. View event agenda and slides.

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Featuring: Jerry Chen and Bobak Nazer (hosts)| Sucheta Chakravarty | Chandramouli Chandrasekaran | Brian DePasquale | Michael Economo | Jeffrey Gavornik | Michael Hasselmo | Marc Howard | David Somers | Emily Stephen | Chantal Stern

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